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  1. I have recently started with Kerbal Space Program (roughly a month ago), and I decided to start with career mode. The start of my career, having no experience with KSP, was tough. Many failed launches, a poor Kerbonaut lost(R.I.P. Jeb), and many a fail orbit. Just yesterday I recieved a little bit of science I could scrape off of one last Mun orbit, to get the upgrades I felt necessary for a Mun Landing. The ship went through 2 variations, that ended in utter failure, until I came to this design. It was perfect, and glorious to behold, a modern marvel for Kerbin. http://imgur.com/Jl
  2. Hey, I was playing yesterday and I accepted some contracts and when I got up today, they weren't in my list. Nor where they in the unaccepted list. What happened here? BTW the mods I have installed are: Contracts Pack (all of them), Firespitter, Historic Missions, Planet Base Inc, Kerbaltek, Active Texture Manager, and Final Frontier, so if you know of a bug please tell me.
  3. Hello everyone, I am new and although I have been playing ksp for a while I got 6 kerbals stuck on the mun in two spots with only their capsule. Can I get them back to kerbin or at least my space station with an apoapsis of 130,000 and periapsis of 100,000 wihout cheats? Thank you in advance -Ribby Kerman
  4. MatttheCzar


    Prologue The rovers had driven for 80 km, when out on the horizon, the glint of metal appeared, glistening, bright enough to outshine even the bright münar soil. Valentina turned to Seanfel, who was busy warming up chili in the rover's microwave. "We finally made it!" To that, the entire cabin perked up. Copilot Wehrton started to get a little giddy at the thought, while engineer Megta broke into questions immediately. "Is the descent module intact? Is it true that the flag was knocked over in ascent? Why, I can't wait to see the effects of the münar heat cycle after so many ye
  5. Hello, KSP forum members! I have the demo (want to buy the full game soon) and I want to land on the mun, and I've gotten pretty close, but never quite landed there. The demo rockets I found online all have parts that I don't have on the demo. Does anyone have a demo mun rocket they can show? I would appreciate it.
  6. My encounters with not just the Mun but Minmus appear out of their orbits in seemingly random position between Kerbin and the Mun or Kerbin and Minmus. It's not the hugest issue but it's an annoying bug for sure. Here's an image... Mun Encounter Image The mods I have installed include: Kerbal Engineer Redux DMagicOrbitalScience Distant Object ScanSAT Hyperedit Community Resource Pack (Not sure where I got this from) NearFutureConstruction/Electrical/Propulsion/Solar/Spacecraft/Props InterstellarFuelSwitch (Not sure where I got this from)
  7. Hi all, just registered here! Would like some suggestions on how to design a small Mun lander and return craft. Is this good or bad design? Any suggestions? 32 tonnes. 52 parts. - It reaches 20 km circular Mun orbit and then lands, does the science possible, plants flag etc. Then reaches 20 km circular orbit again. Returns to Kerbin with about 300-400 dV left.
  8. Hi! I wanted to show you what I did today. I made an SSTO capable of reaching orbit with a lot of Delta-V. Making use of that, I plotted a Mun mission. Here are some pictures: Ascending into space: Almost there! : Yeah! : Look at those numbers!! : Preparing a free return manouver. This wasn't difficult at all since the mun's orbit has no inclination: Sweet! : See you in about 3 days! : Look at those views! (taken a little further away than the original closest approach because of time warp issues) : Secon
  9. As light as you can make it to Mun, plant a flag and get back home safely. Stock and Mechjab only. I did it with 124.4 tons
  10. Hi! I'm pretty new to KSP and just made my first Mun landing. I'm afraid, however, that I may have made a bit of a mistake here. I'm playing career mode and have been really starved for science points. My lander module was equipped with a lot of instruments and I took readings when I landed. I have a good deal of science stored however transmitting it only offers me 25-30% of its potential value. The lander itself is not designed for reentry to Kerbin. I sent it to the moon and am taking it back on a payload, which is just a large engine with a lot of fuel tanks with which I dock. This i
  11. We have many challenges about reusable, single-staged, and/or airbreathing vehicles. This one is about the viability of reusable multistage transport on a non-atmospheric body, the Mun. Create a lander consisting of two parts A and B. Part A must hold one or more kerbals, all in pressurized modules. Part B must contain some fuel and at least one engine. Neither A nor B may disassemble themselves any further. There are two ways to perform the mission, "ascent first" and "descent first". Ascent first: Launch from the Mun. While suborbital, detach part B and have it land b
  12. I just got the full version of KSP for Christmas, so I'm pretty new at this, but I have started the Muna Project. The basic idea is to send probes and manned spacecraft to the Mun, which is the easiest body to get to in KSP. Below are the craft that have been launched. Munar Station 1: Success. Is a 5-kerbal single rocket in munar orbit. Command module is a Cupola with one HSC attached as well as a battery pack and 2 giant solar panels. Launched with a modified Kerbal X rocket. Muna 1: Success. Is a probe on the Mun. Has an OKBT with solar panels and a Com 88-88. Laun
  13. So, here are some images of my mission with KSB. It was very fun! Hope you enjoy it too! Mods used: Distant Object Enhancement TextureReplacer (Markus1002's Galaxy Skybox and some own suits) Magic Smoke Industries Infernal Robotics (Model Rework & Expansion) EvironmentalVisualEnchancements OPT Space Plane Parts Kerbal Planetary Base Systems PlanetShine Hyperedit (To get KSB to space)
  14. Reworked Kerbin System Greetings kerbonauts! This is first beta version of the "Reworked Kerbin System" - small modification that changes space center location, Mun and Minmus orbits. Mod require Kopernicus [included in zip file]. Changelog: 0.0.1 Space center has been moved Added 28 degree Mun inclination Added 14 degree Minmus inclination. Upper limit of the Kerbin atmosphere has been moved to 100 km. Download: KerbalStuff License: MIT
  15. Hello, Any tips on getting to the mun and back with the demo? I do plan on getting the full game after Christmas, I just want to bide my time slinging kerbals to the mun and back.
  16. This is the beginning of a soon to start series of rockets, the Sirius program. Presenting the first of the Sirius Program, the Sirius I: Capable of unmanned flight and delivery, it can be modified for a variety of 1m missions. It has so far been tested to reach the Mun. Minmus? Probably likely. Planets? Feel free to modify it for that. Ascent is quite speedy and stable. No wobbling here. More than enough RCS fuel. Boosters have a 99.9% no chance of collision with the main rocket body, even in a gravity turn. Here's a fine example. After separating, this stage is for orbit circulation and
  17. Hello, first topic here. Anyway I have been trying to make a to-the-Mun-and-back kind of spaceplane. I use 2m rocket parts as the shuttle is meant to have a crewtank onboard. This is to facillitate passenger transfers to the Mun and back. It's supposed to be reusable, thus it can only have one stage. Refuelling is not a problem. That can be taken care of. Basicly, I need to know how to make a spaceplane that follows the specified conditions below: - 1 Stage - Nothing that has to be decoupled (No SRBs etc) - Has enough fuel at start to get into orbit - Has at least 1 Crew Tank - Must have landi
  18. Hello KSP community It is me, Karl, I am here to collect all my stuff on a single page for easy access of my work. + ERRYTING IZ STOCK (Instructions are inside the folder) My spaceplanes My first and best SpacePlane, The Megawing! Facts: Can go to the south pole. (My flight was not optimized) Holds one Kerbal pilot Lifts off at 70 m/s Low atmospheric flight speed 150 m/s ca 10 km speed ca 500 m/s Great gliding Download: http://www./?3o7mf92gtp3qc8t Second up, my other spaceplane, designed for the highest royalties (and gas bills) The World-Conquerors personal jet. Facts: Lifts off at
  19. This is a poll in which you get to decide which of the following three rocket ships I will be using for my future Manned Mun landings. Hello fellow Kerbalnauts, Engineers, and Explosion Enthusiasts! I have finally built a rocket that has fulfilled the following criteria for getting to the mun: -three man pod - No debris in orbit - No debris on Mun or munar orbit I present to you, the Ozymandias IV Munar Launch System! Though the maiden Voyage of the Ozymandias IV was a success, KASA went back to the drawing board concluding that "Moar Boosters" was not the cheapest solution to getting to Mun
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