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  1. Tell me some music that would be good for being in KSP videos. It can be cinematic, space-themed, or anything else that suits being in a video. Make sure to say the artist along with the title.
  2. Hello, everyone! I'm very excited to release this. Thanks to @linuxgurugamer and @pizzaoverhead, I was able to create almost an entirely new soundtrack to Kerbal Space Program. I'll give a little bit of background about myself later, but here's what's included in the download. Description Over two hours of original music, composed and mixed by myself - inspired by Kerbal Space Program. There are specific songs for in and out of atmosphere on different worlds, specific songs for construction or space, specific songs for the influence of different bodies, and re-orchestrated and recorded/mixe
  3. This is kind of a stupid question, but I really like the tracking station music, and was considering using it in a project of mine since I thought the KSP soundtrack was all Kevin MacLeod royalty-free stuff. Unfortunately, the wiki lists the source of the track in question as "unknown," and Google doesn't turn up anything either. So would any of y'all happen to know the source?
  4. Transfer Windows - A Fanmade Soundtrack To Kerbal Space Program SoundtrackEditor Forked Expansion - 1.7.3, 1.8.X, 1.9.X - Current version v0.2.0 Download on Spacedock I. What is it? TRANSFER WINDOWS is a collection of tracks that i custom made for Kerbal Space Program. It's goal is to achieve a very soft yet grandiose mood, and to be overall more coherent than the default soundtrack. The archive download also contains a config file to use with SoundtrackEditor Forked setting up all the music ingame for you. This collection aims to grow bigger and
  5. As title. I've got a bit tired of the repetitive royalty free music in the game and wanted to come up with my own compilation. I'm probably going to have a bunch of Test Shot Starfish in there, since it's good space-y music, and maybe Starman, Space Oddity etc (this is going to be a mishmash), but beyond that I'm open to suggestions. What music is good for playing KSP?
  6. Red Stapler's Music Melomania Mod (RSMMM) Stock-alike Instrumental & Ambient Tracks for KSP RSMMM is a mod/add-on to Soundtrack Editor/Forked that adds 169 stockalike music and 57 ambient sounds in order to further enhance and add a bit of groove to your Kerbal Space Program experience. All tracks are instrumental, some are whimsical, some are loungy...all approved by the Kerbin Instrumental Sound Society (KISS). Reggae/Dub, Funk, Jazz, Disco, World, Classic Guitar, Latin/Brazilian, Blues, Mellow Rock, Loungy Stand up Bass Types, Groovy Space Rock, Futuristic Modern Spa
  7. Soundtrack Editor The latest result of the Kerbal Sound Overhaul Project, this mod allows you to add and remove music from the game, and set up playlists which decide when each song plays. Always wanted to hear Blue Danube when docking with a space station, a metal version of KSP's theme song when you start up the game, or Danger Zone while you buzz the control tower? This is the mod for you! Just drop some music files in the KSP\Music\ directory, launch the game, and use the in-game playlist editor to choose when you want them to be played. A selection of free stockalike tracks ar
  8. Hey there, To immediately get to the core of my post – I would like to share with you a handcrafted 13+ hours playlist with the finest, strangest, most epic and most remote tunes for endless Kerbal Space Program sessions (and other space adventures): https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2Tso1b4pgou9GFyJ6q4Lry I know that attitudes towards background music for playing KSP vary greatly. For me, atmospheric background music was always something to greatly increase my rocketry pleasure – especially on these very long deep space missions. However, I could not find a playlist anywhe
  9. KMX 1.1 contains 120 music tracks. 23 original tracks, plus around 100 tracks that I personally liked a lot, which originate from Jahzzar and Red Stapler's Music Melomania Mod. It does not replace stock KSP menu or stock tracks, but expands on them. Download KMX Version 1.1 Prerequisites Soundtrack Editor Video demonstration [ click here ] Installation Instructions included in the archive. Licensing Mod is licensed under CC-BY, some included soundtracks are under CC0 original license. Detailed information about license for every single music file and co
  10. Where are the game files for music? How do I change them? Thank you!
  11. Looking for music that appeal to the Ksp community for a channel debuting in April, Music Requirements: -Copyright free -free -preferably without lyrics If you have any suggestions give me a song title and link below, -theLizard
  12. So I find that the background music for KSP isn't the most exciting stuff in the world. I'm making a playlist for while I'm playing. Does anyone have a similar playlist, and if so, what all is on it? ALSO, COME SUPPORT OUT ME KERBAL CHANNEL!!! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkrhECdyyuDUReHIGkchbUQ
  13. I want to know how you replace the game's music (or even just sound) files with my own audio files, if this is possible.
  14. Hi, we all know music is one of the worst features of the game. In fact, many players (including me sometimes) play without any music neither sound. But more flavor would be added to the game if each celestial body had its own music,..
  15. Until someone comes out with a band named The Boosters, could there possibly be a more Kerbal group than; The Struts ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hc3XIbUuTMc
  16. Well that was fun.
  17. So, what songs or soundtracks do you listen to while playing KSP or any other games? I listen to an epic music Spotify playlist while playing Star Wars Empire At War
  18. Hey everyone I'm in a band called Mean Siders we're a punk rock band from byk nyc. see https://www.facebook.com/meansiders/ I am also (slowly) working on a space themed concept album chronicling an interplanetary mission that I will set to video. I would love the opportunity to compose music for your KSP videos! just hit me up! so, who else makes music?
  19. Here's the first verse and the chorus: solid booster delta wing heat shield gimbal ring supersonic rapid unplanned disassembly canard rudder elevator solar panel radiator northern Mohole southern Mohole instability rendezvous aileron RCS clamp-o-tron oxidizer kerosene and dimethyl hydrazine chamber pressure corkscrew rocket cockpit Eeloo kilopascal engine failure emergency landing We didn't buzz the tower we were always flying since the sun's been shining we didn't bu
  20. Don't stop me now! A ksp music video! Ignore the editing skills, it's my first time using Resolve! Car:
  21. I made a Bandcamp account yesterday to post my compositions on. I'm curious if anyone else here has compositions of their own to share and talk about!
  22. Hey! I made YTPMV with KSP! Anyone didn't think about it right? And here is a one. Have fun!
  23. The soundtrack outside of Kerbin's atmosphere gets old after a while, we all know that. What I've been trying to do is create a soundtrack of sorts for each planet's SOI (possibly excluding moons) just for me and whoever wants fitting music to listen to. The primary challenge I face is to compose unique, extended themes without having them be tiresome or repetitive. The lesser challenge is that my only musical software is Musescore, which means no mix tracks or smooth gradients of pitches. For instance I want Jool to have a grand brassy chorus in the key of C and Eve to have an orchestral
  24. Function MusicMute is an addon that lets you mute and unmute KSP's music, using a user-configurable hotkey. Download GitHub Usage By default, you can mute music in-game at any time by pressing F8. This key can be configured by editing the Settings.cfg file found in GameData\MusicMute\Config. You can change the toggle key, as well as configure a modifier key that has to be pressed at the same time, like LeftAlt, LeftControl or whatever you want. For the full list of keys you can use, see Unity Script Reference. You can now also choose wether you want
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