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Found 1 result

  1. So here is my list that I though should be implemented in KSP2, most of ideas are improving "quality of life" for kerbal games. Missing core features: - sorting save files by game time (WHY its not in ksp1? :D,) - sorting engines by other parameters, isp or thrust force (or maximal thrust force, because it can change) - better camera movement in rocket hangar (sometimes I could not see the inner side of outer booster and it was painful to build) - when building, camera orbits around some point, it would be nice to see this point or allow it in settings, its very handy, you can't zoom more sometimes and its confusing, it will improve feeling, trust me. - help with hotkeys, its on wiki, but I think it should be in game - reset / center camera during flight - load save is only available after clicking "load game", to load specific save you must load last saved point, should be available right from main menu -pause time and interact, or at least inspect parts status. this would be nice to check fuel status, other parts, in ksp1 you can pause but only look at ship with F2 - Kerbal rcs stabilization relative to ship, it is always annoying when you wan't to reset some science part, or rearange things in space, you just float away from ship Fuel tanks: If I had tank for example with 2 fuel containers inside, liquid fuel and oxidizer, I wish I could fill both with same fuel. ( I am not sure if some fuel has to be under pressure, I just treat them both as 2 liquid, but even then it would be nice to fill other container ). Container that keeps fuel under preassure could be filled with fuel that does not require pressure. Wings: I always struggled with selecting right wing for plane and there is essentialy no data on lift but I assume that "wing area" is the only thing that is useful, also area weight ratio could be there (more numbers!) It would be nice to see drag vaule caused by front side of parts ( or something similar), I mean only in building mode, when you browse parts. Advanced staging: Once I had this idea, that there could be more advanced stages, for example stage is made of few actions that execute one after another or with small delay. I would love to have this tool in my box. Firing decouplers every 0.1 s SAS Tuning: I don't like when my station wiggles for no reason, and can't stabilize and its a bit annoying. I do know if you gonna fix it somehow or did it, or leave it as it was But this suggestion would fix it. So if I could change sas params like params of PID controller, to stabilze faster, slower, or don't overshoot, this would allow players to adjust it for their needs, for bigger rockets, or smaller. For example having bigger rockets with very high inertia would be best to tune to not overshoot position, but slowly get there (lower D, increase I component). You can always have 2 modes of SAS. pid comonents comparison picture: Automated SAS: Going further with SAS, you can use markers (prograde etc.). I suggest locking some axis of navball to hold some values, maybe one angle, or maybe pitch and yaw, custom markers. I just like automation. Kerbals EVA: Kerbal attached to ship in space with lines. Why not? Its just an idea, ant its pretty cool (or maybe you can do that? and I have not gone that far into kerbals yet).
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