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Found 5 results

  1. The source code is available on GitHub under the MIT license. Abstract This mod aims to replace KSP's unstable physics integration with a higher-order symplectic integrator, adding n-body Newtonian gravitation in the process. Acronyms Documentation and download Principia is not built in the same way as most other mods (most of it is native code, with a thin C# interface layer), so that compatibility issues may arise depending on the platform. Binaries are available for Windows, Linux (built on Ubuntu, your mileage may vary when using these on other distributions
  2. Has anyone come up with an implementation of Principia that does 3-body gravitation instead of n-body? This would be where the ship's only gravitational influences are its orbital body and that body's parent (e.g. if you were in orbit around the Mun, you'd be affected by the Mun and Kerbin only). This would make Lagrange points possible without adding too much complexity, I think.
  3. Hi. I found this amazing mod that generates n-body orbital mechanics known as Principia, by @eggrobin. Even the planets work with the new mechanics, knocking each other's orbits around in a quite interesting fashion, the same way it's done in real life. It even reworks the Jool system to make sure the moons don't go completely out of whack. The problem is, it only seems to work with stock KSP. There are many planet packs out there which do not get reworked for compatibility with this mod. What I am doing with Planet Patches is adding a patch for each planet mod I come across that has unst
  4. This thread is devoted to people who want to build Principia themselves, either for security reasons, because they want to build from the latest commit, or because they use a platform other than Windows, Ubuntu, or MacOS. Please post your questions/concerns/flames here and do not pollute the main Principia thread. ― The Principia co-authors, @pleroy and @eggrobin.
  5. Seeing as Principia is getting to the point where it is quite useable, it seems to be a good time to do this. The challenge is fairly straight forward. A space station has been placed in a magical square orbit around Mun. The objective is to pilot the cargo vessel, which is in low Kerbin orbit, and rendezvous with the station, using as little delta V as possible. You will need a 1.2.2 installation of KSP with a stock planetary setup, and Principia Catalan, then load this save file. https://www.dropbox.com/s/d9vbdw0wba0jkxv/rendezvous.zip Rules: No use of ch
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