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Found 6 results

  1. I usually go with Greek gods and other ancient mythologies for rocket and/or spacecraft names. Here are some: - Artemis II Heavy Rocket - Osiris IV Medium Rocket - Hercules Crew Pod - Phoenix Mun Lander - Icarus Rescue Capsule - Atlas Duna Landing Vehicle - Capricorn Eve Ascent Rocket Anybody got something better? I'd like to hear them.
  2. This is small, just a little idea I had: the scientific classification of Kerbals. Domain Eukarya- cells have nuclei Kingdom Animalia- moves, eats Phylum Chordata- Has a spinal chord Class Virentia- Latin for "green things"; a cross between Mammals and plants Order Primates- walks upright Family Kerbalidae- Kerbal-Like Genus Kerbo- Kerbalized version of Homo Species hebes- Latin word suggesting at Kerbals' not-all-that-intelligent-ness. Thus concludes the scientific classification of Kerbo hebes.
  3. That's pretty much it. What do you think the adjective to describe [body]'s [thing] should be? Here's my personal list Kerbol => Kerbolar Moho => Mohite Eve => Evian; Gilly => Gillic Kerbin => Kerbian, Mun => Munar, Minmus => Minmal Duna => Dunian, Ike => [?] This one's tricky... Dres => Drian Jool => Joolian, Laythe => Laythian, Vall => Valic, Tylo => Tyloite, Bop => Bopic, Pol => Pollar Eeloo => Eelite So, what do you guys think? (I may update my list if you find good names for some)
  4. I need help naming a gas giant system in Universe Sandbox 2. I'm stumped with names: I've used names for Greek and Roman deities, important French figures, art objects, minerals, elements, Russian names. You name it, I've done it. Here's the list of bodies that I need help naming: Entesti: A rainbow-colored gas giant that has a geosynchronous ring system and rotates on a near-90 degree angle. It is the 7th planet in the Sena System, so basically an Uranus analogue. Also, it sounds like a body part, like Uranus. Spes: A large blue moon orbiting close to Entesti, even closer in th
  5. Currently this is my naming list: Base Aztec Gods https://namingschemes.com/Aztec_gods Manned Aerial Vehicle Hindu Deities https://namingschemes.com/Hindu_Deities Manned Space Flight Famous Generals https://namingschemes.com/Generals Relay Sat Greek Islands https://namingschemes.com/Greek_islands Rescue Mission Cuban Ci
  6. So, I have this small problem of what theme I should use for my rockets? My themes of the last game: Manned: Aztec gods (not a good idea, quite long names like Quetzalcoatl or Huitzilopotchli) Unmanned: Lakes Relay System: Indian tribe names Exploration: Officers of World War 2 Testing: Gemstones Any ideas for my new vessels? New Naming scheme: Manned: Greek gods (Gaia: mother of all flights, Artemis: God of the moon) Unmanned: officers of ww2 (Nimitz, Eisenhower you name it) Relay systems: Capital cities (
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