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Found 11 results

  1. I have a quadcopter part thats basically a probe core with 4 attachment points and it works fine except the model doesnt show up so i cant select it. Ill upload a few pics here Also how do i 'assign KSP shaders', i cant find any ksp shaders other than the particle shaders also also what is the 'File URL' in the Part tools script
  2. If you press the LEFT ARROW key and press the RIGHT ARROW key, the right will react preferentially. Conversely, if you press the RIGHT ARROW key and then press the LEFT ARROW key, the left will not be the priority but the right will still be the priority. Devloper HATE LEFT?(?) (This bug(?) is real) Plz stop the left disgust!
  3. So as i said in the title when i launch my game a title showes up and says ; Incompetible Mods Detected update your mods bla bla by DarkMultiPlayer~~~i dleated all my mods exept DMP but i still get this mesage and mod dosen't start i tried 64x and 32x launch opinions but same result please help asap. ( i tried updateing)
  4. what are some tips on keeping a space plane stable and easy to maneuver?
  5. how to install mods? just wondering
  6. how to enable cheats ex, infinite fuel or is it a mod?
  7. It's been a while since Ive played ksp so I jumped on the other day and had seen that the game was updated to 1.3. I began playing and as soon as I started up a game I was on the ksc screen(where you can choose buildings) and I noticed that the sun didnt move around smoothly like it always had done, it was jerking around (heres a video of it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=icTd8nG9cpM) This issue also happens when you are in orbit around other bodies. I put a random probe in a close orbit around the sun and it still proceded to jerk around in its spot( a video for that https://youtu.be/f3
  8. i am currently making a city for kerbal konstruct a concept that many have tried, failed or succeeded on, the problem is that most people get caught up in real life, but i am a student with loads of free time to work on stuff like this. the problem is i don't know how to get what i have made into ksp, i know there is modeling then unity and last coding but i don't know how to perform the last two steps. and help designing or even modeling or texturing buildings would be great. thanks
  9. Ok, so I want to make a ksp video kinda movie style like Nassault and I need some good kerbal voices, kinda like from his "Emerald Sunrise" video. If anyone has any ways to get these pls say so! Thanks.
  10. Ok, so, I've built myself a rocket to go to the moon in RO/RSS using the SLS mod with a launch system. Its having trouble lifting off (not because of low TWR) but its kinda tipping but the center of mass and thrust are at the middle and its being really sensitive and very hard to control because of that (it also kinda gets out of wack if im using Mechjeb 2). I can link both the mod and my craft file for some experienced SLS user or RO/RSS players to have a look at. I'm a new player to RO/RSS so thats probably why. It would be VERY appreciated if you could tell me why its having trouble. Ksp ve
  11. Currently had to start a new save because of the recent update deleting my previous save. I started a new save that I am quite proud of but I've come across a bug I have no answer to fixing. My contracts get wiped (archives, actives, and available.) It seems this problem only happens when I open up the tracker station and the map in general when I'm flying as well. I have no way to fix this currently and I've tried everything I can to find a way including googling this problem that happened on the PC. No luck so far, just need some help with this so I can go back to enjoying the game bug-free.
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