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Found 5 results

  1. After few days experimenting with mining spaceplanes, i've found this is not really suits my needs. 200t+ spaceplane with VTOL engines blocks that able to carry convert-o-tron 250 and few Nerv engines is too bulky and have not really good delta-v (so, requires refuelling at orbit with other ships often) with very slow acceleration rate and quite hard to operate. So, i've decided to switch to copter-style ships. Build simple one with 16x nerv engines (in 8x blocks with two engines), 28t Mk3 liquid tank, 14.57 Mk3-2.5m adapter with LF+OX, 4.57t Mk3 monopropellant tank, some Mk1 LF tanks, two lar
  2. So , my most recent creation was based off @lodger 's Xkos. https://kerbalx.com/AeroGav/ASES-SP2-Xkos-Dual-Nukes It weighs about 30 tons, and it's a 3 holer. My rule of thumb is that you want one Rapier or Whiplash for every 30 tons and 60kn Closed cycle power for every 15 tons mass (if nuclear) or every 10 tons mass (if chemical). So, it's got about the right amount of jet engine power by my book. In rocket mode, we have an embarrassment of riches. With 120kn nuke power in a 30 ton ship, that is sufficient by itself. But it also has a Rapier producing 180kn in
  3. Hi all, I've conceived a medium SSTO this morning based on an aircraft I really like, it is absolutely inefficient but should be able to reach a 200x200 km orbit. It's only about the look. My main problem is due to personnal choice, appearance and aerodynamic reasons I tried to place 4 Whiplash and 4 Nerv in tandem but the Whiplash explode due to overheating each time. When I'm making ground test on the runway I can run the Nerv at full power with just the ramjets overheating just a bit, but when I'm reaching 15-16 km of altitude and ignitiate the Nerv all ramjets explode ista
  4. Just looking for some engineering input here- I'm thinking of making a MM config that would add TWR to the Nerv (and maybe the ion engine) while keeping the in game balance of it. So, if one has a 30 minute burn with the Nerv, can we reduce it to 3 minutes while keeping the same amount of dV used? I'd only want to change the vacuum settings just to keep transfer burns shorter. Again, not a stock game request, just looking to tweak my own experience and perhaps free up time in other players lives as well
  5. https://kerbalx.com/AeroGav/Astrojet-Citation 5 Kerbals. 2200 dv in orbit. Inline clamp o tron. Vernier engines, fly by wire hub. Able to horizontally land on Minmus and Duna. This project arose from two inspirations. The first was a design sent to me by Bewing. It still shares the basic layout , but you could say I stretched it a bit The other was a project of mine to try and achieve the best possible handling for manual control. I wanted to avoid CG shifts as fuel burns off, without relying on any fuel balancer mods and keeping draggy struts to a minimum. W
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