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Found 3 results

  1. What is this? The sequel to the planet pack Low light levels Red. The pack adds in two binary stars and 11 planets and moons. Bodies: Rubo: A white dwarf that was once a mighty star like Kerbol. Loth: A fiery world with oceans of lava that are slowly cooling in the dim light of Rubo. Ufgo: A tidal locked desert with old dried up oceans and ice on the farside. Crof: A small world even more forgotten than Dres. It has a cratered cold surface. Giza: The biggest gas giant in the system, but still small. Most of its mass got lost in the past. Micry
  2. could we see Black Holes and/or neutron stars in KSP 2? I was going to add this to suggestions in KSP 1 and 2 but I decided that KSP 2 is more of the interstellar type and that if Black Holes where going to be in KSP 2, the devs would have decided by now. But if the Devs have decided to, how hard is it to implement into a game? Thoughts and theories are welcomed! Evidence:
  3. Recently, I have been crafting a cinematic-movie style Kerbal series called Kerbalkind. I have been longing for a good plot, or cool focus on a part of science that hasn't been explored much; instead of just planets something like black holes or wormholes. However, I thought a pulsar would be pretty awesome. So as for the science, 1) Do Pulsars have a low enough radius and high enough mass so that General Relativity is noticeable? 2) Could a Pulsar orbit Kerbin far away (Taking account for being 10x smaller) or would it just completely wreck the system?
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