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Found 5 results

  1. In the current base game, a lot of the Contracts we see relate to testing out different parts. Yet, these parts are infallible no matter how much they are tested. I am proposing that all parts in Career mode exclusively be given a reliability rating, like 90, 80, or 70%. This value determines if a part is to fail, however, with increased testing and flight-proven success, that rating increases. What are your thoughts?
  2. Just a quick thought: It would be cool if the iva chairs that kerbals sit in had interactive handles (the joystick would move with the wasd commands etc.) Share your thoughts in comments!
  3. So I was thinking... It would be cool if you could actualy walk around and interact with parts inside the spaceship, right? Well, Basicaly it would mean that, upon takeoff, they would be in their seats. Then you push a button to let them out and do science experiments. Or mybe just send them to bed after the exhausting journey... P.S. I am New to the Forums
  4. One thing I would love to see is a collaboration version. Something were multiple people can participate on the setup sharing the same model. Each part you add carries your name on it as it was your addition. It would be great if others could join as an observer so people can watch but not limited to watch only because streaming would do that easily but also for people to have read only rights where they can inspect and visualize but not modify. It would be also great if the people playing together could see when someone added something new... for example, when you log in everything that was added new shows up in a list and you can clean the list after you see. I think this would leave to fantastic ships been built and could even be an additional module/expansion. I would definitely pay for that.
  5. Hi All! If I have some bug in KSP with plugins, but I don't know which plugin causes it, then I: uninstall all plugins in CKAN; check "vanilla" KSP (without any plugins) for lack of the bug; search and install plugins in CKAN one by one and check KSP for the bug. Very uncomfortable. Has anyone some ideas for good sequence of actions? It will be nice if I don't have to uninstall all my plugins in CKAN but just disable all of them and enable one by one? Is it possible now in current version of CKAN or is it possible for new CKAN's releases? Thanks!
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