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Found 2 results

  1. Thread of the Month May 2020 This is a challenge designed for all players - whether new or experienced. The premise is simple: get a Kerbal into Kerbin orbit and back again safely, for less than5,000. Those that succeed will earn the humble 'Kerbin Crescent' medallion, and pass-out of Orbit Boot Camp. You'll get your name on the Honour Roll, and can use the Orbit Boot Camp badge in your signature. Particular hotshots can earn additional adornments to their medallion. Some are unique - so only one player can hold them at a time. Others can be collected to challenge yourself to obtain
  2. Post your crafts here and compare them! It is optional to help new players. Please notify a Mod if there is any Trouble. Mods are important and please do not ignore them. 2.5 rockets are now the topic of the compare and share.
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