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Found 6 results

  1. Explorer: An Extended Grand Tour WHAT'S NEW? - I added part 6 After over two years of development, testing, failure, and rebounding, I am proud to finally show off my grand tour of Kerbal Space Program. This is an extended grand tour, so in addition to the stock planets and moons, I also hit up some planet packs. It took about 2-3 months to complete, and one of the most difficult things about it was launching all the fuel I would need in one go, as this was one single launch. In the end I didn't return to Kerbin as I still have lots of fuel left and plan on traveling to more planet packs in the future with this same mission. Basic Mission Profile - Launch - Separate craft into main hub and two fuel reserves, keep launch stage in orbit to use it's fuel if needed. - Decide to keep Hub attached to one of the fuel reserves - Land everywhere PART 1 - Stock System and Outer Planets (33 landings) Planets and Moons visited: - Stock planets - All OPM moons/ planets (by @Galileo) - The Spud Moon mod (by @MrChumley) - The More Gas Giants Mod (by @Alaygrounds) - The Apollo System Mod (by hihowareya) To everyone who made these planets, thank you for making the ride more interesting. PART 2 - Dwarf Planets (34 landings) Planets and Moons visited: - The Trans-Keptunian Mod by @Gravitasi - The Dwarf Planets Plus Mod by @UranianBlue - The Plod System by @JacobJHC - The Planet Nine Mod by @GregroxMun - The Morimee System Mod by @Mythical Donuts - The Kluto System Mod by @Alaygrounds - The Ripple Moon Mod by @JacobJHC (Currently unreleased) To everyone who made these planets, thank you for making the ride more interesting. PART 3 - Many Moons of Kerbin (10 landings) Planets and Moons visited: - The Scott Münley Mod by Linecraftman - The Trike Mod by Throwhound - The Corxet Mod by @Mythical Donuts - The Systemic Body Collection by @DeltaDizzy - The Outer Kerbin Mod by @dxeh - The Stock Planet Expansion Mod by @The White Guardian - The Muun Mod by SimogKerman and RoB9 - The Gemini Mod by @daniel l. - The Moao Mod by Throwhound PART 4 - (9 landings) Planets and Moons visited: - The Asclepius Mod by @MrChumley - The Moons of Eve Mod by @Xenonclave - The Strangely Recognizable Eve Moons Mod by @GregroxMun - The Stock Planet Expansion Mod by @The White Guardian, broken worlds repaired by me and @Shawn Kerman PART 4.5 - (0 landings) Planets and Moons visited: - None. This video only served to get the ships from part 4 back to Kerbin, so part 5 didn't have clutter in the beginning. PART 5 - The 100th Landing (20 Landings) Planets and Moons visited: - The Kronkus Mod by @MrChumley - The Corelian Mod by @WarriorSabe - The Dreskiller Base Mod by @RJVB09 - The KIP-2995 Mod (A Special variant that only includes Retrorsum, and reparents it to Kerbol) by @Heliocentric - The Saru Planet Pack Mod by @tygoo7 (The forum page states it is a dead mod, but it worked pretty well when I tried it!) - The Mios System Mod by @Xenonclave, Revived by @Shawn Kerman PART 6 - (29 Landings) Planets and Moons visited: - The More Moons mod by... Unknown (if you know who made this please tell me!) - The Stockalike Martian Moons Anaglogues Mod by @Beale - The Moons of Duna Mod by @Xenonclave - The Stock Planet Expansion by @The White Guardian, broken worlds repaired by me and @Shawn Kerman - The Heroilis Planet Pack by @kramken - The Miranda Moons Pack by @TomPN - The 6th Planet Renewed Mod by @RJVB09 - The Salus Mod by @JacobJHC - The Crankyjedi's Planet Pack by @CrankyJedi - The Kerbol Expanded Bodies mod by @Andem - The Paradox Mod by @Heliocentric
  2. This is it, I have finally built a ship that should be able to complete a grand tour. The mission has no drills and will not mine, nor will it refuel from a craft on Kerbin. The ship will be completely on it's own. Here I will list the images of the mission while I edit the videos for it. Part 1: Launch of the Artemis Part 2: Jool Departure
  3. I made my Dres SSTO longer so that it could have the capabilities to land on Thatmo from the Outer Planets mod.
  4. Over the last few days I designed, launched and returned a craft carrying 50 Kerbals to the surface of Moho and back, since mining takes the aww away I didn't bring any mining equipment. Oh yeah, and it only took 1 launch
  5. Hello viewer, Today I am sharing my biggest accomplishment as far as SSTOs go to the forum. I sent an SSTO out to 2 of Sarnus's moons, named Hale and Ovok. I have never been to the Sarnus system otherwise, so be weary that this is my first time I have gone to and returned from the planet's SOI. This is also the furthest I have ever gotten an SSTO to go before. I'm done talking now, if you want to watch it, the link is below.
  6. To celebrate 25 Subscribers I decided to send a kerbal for each one out to Eeloo. What should I do if I get to 50? Tell me below.
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