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Found 15 results

  1. Hello, I used to play KSP but quitted. Now that I started playing again I seem to have a problem. I can't add a maneuver. I can't click on the node and add a maneuver. It's really annoying cause I can't launch anything to other planets. I can get in orbit without it but I need to get to Minmus for some missions. Picture of it
  2. Node Alert 1.2.0 for KSP 1.4.1 Requires Kerbal Engineer Redux by cybutek The Mod plays an alarm sound everytime you are close to the burn start (1/2 burn time) and stops the timewarp. If the burn is close to completion it plays another alert. It requires KerbalEngineerRedux because it has better predictions than stock and I use the KER predictions. If you enable the KAC Alarm Mode you can press a button to create an KAC alarm with 3 - 60 seconds margin before the burn and warp to the alarm. It is similar to the stock "Warp to next maneuver" but it accounts the KER burn time. (T
  3. I’ve been having trouble with my interplanetary transfers that I’d been blaming on my own sloppy piloting. But this time it wasn’t me. Honest! Flight to Jool. Got my transfer window from AlexMoon, Found the departure angle, put my ship in an elliptical orbit (9000km x 100km) w/ Pe at the departure point. Plotted a perfect departure burn; intercept just at Ap, which was just at Acending Node (actually was plotted as collision w/ Jool) Ship has a low TWR, so it’s a 15 minute burn. Can’t start 8 minutes before the node, that too early, so I go 4 minutes early, and the burn is going to
  4. Hi, first of all: i have some mods installed! While playing around with some designs, i saw that with some tanks, the terrier engine glitched in the bottoms of the tanks and caused z-fighting. this didnt happen with other engines. so i tried other tanks - but almost no other tank than "KW Rocketry SA-4 LFT" showed this very good. (other tanks had no z-fighting, but sucked a few centimeters of the terrier's top. So i Investigated and came to the point, that the top-node is off by stock: Stock: node_stack_top = 0.0, 21.6498, 0.0, 0.0, 1.0, 0.0, 1 My correction(vi
  5. When I add a manoeuvre node, I would like to be able to give it a specific time. Years, Days, Hours, Minutes. Having given it a time the node moves to the correct place in the flight path, from where I can then tweak it accordingly. Setting the node for my planetary transfer for 1y 215d 6h 42m or even just 4d 3h 28m ,for example, would be much easier than having to work out how many times I have to press the increment orbits button in the current system.
  6. I'm having issues with mecjeb not working properly. it has worked perfectly but stopped doing so a week ago. it sets up a maneuver but... does not Automatically timewarp to the node anymore, nor does it execute at the node, although it does maneuver the craft around so it is in the right direction for the burn Can anyone make sense of what is happening here? this data is from the debug menu in Mechjeb. [Error]: MechJeb module MechJebModuleNodeExecutor threw an exception in OnFixedUpdate: System.MissingMethodException: Method not found: 'TimeWarp.SetRate'. at MuMec
  7. so i made a duplicate of the stock docking node and changed the config so that it locks to an orientation and the docking port worked perfectly. but as soon as i replaced it with the model i made the "decouple" button has disappeared from the GUI but the disable cross feed and control from here remain. nothing has changed except the model and i can find no explanation for it stopping working. has anyone experienced this issue or can offer a possible explanation?
  8. 1. KSP version build id = 01260 2016.04.30 at 12:23:12 CEST Branch: master Win7 - 64 running on STEAM 2. A detailed explanation - My craft Claw Machine 3 is in an intercept mission with Astroid HAY-187. However, I cannot create any maneuver nodes for this craft. Also, this craft is perma-locked on the target of astroid HAY-187. I cannot de-select the target or switch to a different target 3. A screenshot ofrelevant screens - 4. A .craft file or save files - https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/91268410/Debug_save.sfs 5. The ouput_log.txt or player.
  9. This mod adds a black outline to text on maneuvers. This should make text much more readable when it overlaps bright spots like the sun, and it should especially help when using mods that add clouds to Kerbin like EVE, SVE and lighting mods like Scatterer, or if you just have bad eyes, like me. It works fine in 1.1.3 Code was supplied by xEvilReeperx on the KSP forum upon request, edits, compilation and uploading was done by me. Read nodes easily while using EVE, SVE and/or Scatterer (or when KSP implements clouds): Objects are easy to read, even at bad angles while using
  10. I've found reading nodes incredibly hard, if not impossible when using Scatterer, or other visual enhancement mods like EVE or SVE. It would help very much to have a font outline in game to add contrast between the font color and a planet's surface. Here is an image of Kerbin using Scatterer and SVE. The font is virtually unreadable. I simply can't use Scatterer anymore because of this issue. And a mock-up of what it would look like if an outline was applied to the font: I looked into this for several weeks, but I am no programmer, so I can't execute this myself. Heck, I don
  11. Hi everyone, I am wondering how to correctly edit the orientation of a node within the cfg I under stand that the first 3 values 0.0, 0.0, 0.0 are for entering location of the node and that the second 0.0, 0.0, 0.0 are for entering orientation. What I don't understand is what the units in these values are equal to? is 1.0 = to 360 degrees? and 0.0 equal to 0 degrees? or does 1.0 represent something else? I am trying to get the connections for the part in the video below to work correctly. The angle at the ends is 22.5 degrees from the centre of the circle the 8 pa
  12. Here's a small suggestion that would make things just a little nicer. Why not replace the AN and DN symbols for the ascending and descending nodes in the map screen with their actual symbols ☊ and ☋? I for one think that this small change would make the map screen look even cooler.
  13. I’d love to have a mod that did nothing more than modified the change rate on maneuver nodes through keyboard modifiers. My first thought is that holding down [option] while dragging a node handle causes changes at one-tenth the normal rate, and holding down [⌘] causes changes at ten times the normal rate. No UI needed, just those modifiers. Of course, that means I’m on a Mac and the modifiers might not work for Windows, so I’m open to any modifiers that would make this a thing. [ b ] and [ n ], maybe? I know this capability is covered in Alshain’s excellent idea for a new maneuver no
  14. Hi, I've been playing KSP for about 90 hours, never experienced this problem before.But now I've started a new career mode game. And I cannot seem to create any maneuver nodes, the little blue dot on my current orbital trajectory does not appear at all and neither left or right clicking on the trajectory provides any options. My Tracking Station is currently level 3. Am I missing something? Here's what I've tried so far: Reloading Save - Fail Rebooting KSP - Fail Rebooting PC - Fail Uninstalling and Reinstalling KSP - Fail Please help lol, I really like this game
  15. Hi, I'm very confused and getting tired of a problem with stackSymmetry and mirror mode. I'm getting very different results from different parts and I don't understand why. It works fine with stock parts: Then it almost works with a custom part ( it was rotated 180 degrees instead of being mirrored) And sometimes it doesn't even rotate. It just copies it! They are all mirror symmetry. Radial symmetry works as it should. And I can't seem to find a difference between those parts that would explain the different results. Any ideas? The node confi
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