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Found 13 results

  1. This is the Official API documentation. Here are the Doxygen docs for KSP 1.11.0
  2. The PartTools package is a set of utilities used by modders to import 3D models into KSP. PartTools also includes the coloranimation tool and the KSPAssetCompiler tool (for compiling asset bundles). PartTools have been updated and re-compiled for Unity 2019.2.2f1 for KSP 1.10+ to include all of these tools in one unity asset bundle. Current latest version can be downloaded here. To install: Uninstall the built-in TMPro from Unity 2019.2.2f1 - Go to Window - Package Manager. Select TMPro and uninstall it. Download "TextMesh Pro Release 1.0.56 - Unity 2017.3 " fro
  3. Here’s some notes and details from the team with regards to the changes that come with KSP 1.9.0 Atlas Terrain Shader (Ultra Detail Shader) Quick Guide: I want to use the fancy new shader on a celestial body that doesn't support it. Teach me how! 1. (Offline) Create a texture map detailing the texture indices and strengths of the textures to be shown on the celestial body. (Rules are provided below.) 2. (Runtime) Find the PQS component for the celestial body that you want to change the shader on. Create a new GameObject, attach a PQSMod_TextureAtlas component to it, th
  4. The wiki seems to be missing a few of the available modules. For example, one which I need to use is: ModuleDeployableAntenna and it's not in it
  5. Welcome to the Official Kopernicus Discord. First and foremost, Discord is a means of communicating rapidly through instant messages, voice and images. This is definitely suitable for helping others and showing off your own work. We have decided to make this discord because we feel as if a central hub for planet modders is necessary when it comes to helping others - focusing aid is a good idea when creating mods. Features: Communicate with other modders and share ideas Help others to become better at creating planets and visuals for them Suggest ideas or report
  6. KSP Font system. With the introduction of 1.3 and Localization several changes have been made inside KSP that set the base for the localization process. One of these changes is the introduction of a font system. The purpose of this document is to set a handy guide on how it works and what modders can do with this new font system. How does it work? All the game texts have been changed to use only 2 fonts, one for the MainMenu (JD-LCD) and another for all the rest of the KSP UI (NotoSans). These two fonts are considered the stock fonts of KSP and cannot be changed. That
  7. Here are the Doxygen docs for KSP 1.2 (NOTE: IN PROGRESS) Note they are current as of a couple days ago, we will continue to update them as interfaces change during the prerelease process.
  8. The following describes how you can setup your mod to support Localization languages for KSPedia asset bundles and static files. KSPedia With only the free version of TMPro available to modders unfortunately this means modders cannot use TMPro/AutoLoc language tags in KSPedia pages. The current solution for modders is to create separate KSPedia asset bundles for each language you wish to support and then to implement your own patching files as per the following patching section below. Static Files (such as textures) Static files for Localization cannot be automatically r
  9. Hi folks, here are the modders notes for KSP 1.2.9/1.3 as they stand for the latest prerelease. Any updates and changes will be posted in this thread. Localisation Localisation is done using a system of tags. The format of these tags is #autoLOC_xxxxxxx. It is suggested you use a similar format so you can easily detect if a tag is not loaded in the system. Tags are used as keys in a dictionary so they should be unique over all .cfg files in a single language, otherwise the first one found will override any other duplicated keys. You will find these
  10. Due to the public backlash surrounding the newly designed ground launched BGM-86 Cruise Missile, it was decided by the military branch of the KSC that the prototype would be destroyed immediately and all data surrounding it wiped from the record So all the info was erased from the computers and all the schematics were shredded, every bit of information was scrubbed from existence (sometimes you can catch a whisper of 'The Missile That Shall Not Be Named' muttered under hushed voices in the halls of the KSC ... getting caught talking about it is punishable by flames and salty tears) H
  11. Hello everyone! I have a request from the devs to find saves and craft that will really put KSP through its paces, so they can narrow down on the best places to focus on optimisation. And as we want to make KSP the best it can be for you, the players, it stands to reason to use saves and ships that you girls and guys use in KSP. So what better way could there be than to make this a challenge to the community? The challenge is simple, submit a craft or a save file that stresses the stock game in some way and tell us about it, high part count vessels is an obvious one but we'
  12. General: Unity Engine has been upgraded to 5.4.0p4 - This is a patch version. Go to the Unity site and "get Unity" then go to the patch releases page. KSPUtil.dll has been merged into Assembly-CSharp.dll - change references in your Project. A LOT of redudant classes that were not being used any more have been removed. KSP now uses 9.80665 and 6.67408e-11 instead of 9.81 and 6.674e-11 for gravity equations. KSPedia and asset bundles generation still has to be built in Unity 5.2.4 editor. GameEvents: Change
  13. The PartTools package is a set of utilities used by modders to import 3D models into KSP. PartTools have been updated for KSP 1.1 and can be downloaded here.
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