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Found 3 results

  1. Now, i know that Bobcat's Industries mod has long since vanished alongside Spaceport, buf if any good soul around here managed to save it alongside its .craft files (especially the MIR space station) would anyone be so kind as to send them over to me? i know there is a mir space station in Tantares but its modules .craft files are missing from the dropbox folder ( incompatible with latest tantares release, gotta remake them) also accepting the Mir Modules.craft from tantares (latest known compatible version)
  2. A lot of players are still using older versions of KSP, especially after a new release drops. Sometimes these players are wanting to add or update a mod to that older game. But with the modders updating the mods to the current version, it can be confusing as to how to acquire older versions. This post will help these players find those older mods. I'll be addressing the three most common ways of acquiring mods, GitHub, SpaceDock, and CurseForge. There are also some modders who host their mods differently for various reasons, you'll have to do your own digging for those. This thread
  3. Hey guys! I'm trying to find old mod versions for 1.1.3. Everything on github like raster prop monitor or mechjeb isn't a problem. But I can't find ASET Avionics ASET Props Is there a mod archive website I haven't found yet? Or can anyone upload the ASET versions compatible with 1.1.3? In case you're wondering why, the Kerbal VR mod only works for 1.1.3 and I got it working with my Rift Thanks!
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