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Found 5 results

  1. Upon loading a new save/world I encounter a black screen. It's not frozen, I can still move around my cursor and the thingy spinning around in the bottom right corner still spins. I've tried waiting 20 min once and it didn't change. Also when KSP has loaded, into the main menu, it gives me a error of kopernicus which is my only clue. Could this error message have something to do with this? I am playing with mods, in version 1.7.3 After Kerbin/Beyond Kerbin. I want to include my KSP log but I could not find it so please help me find this aswell so I can include it. I found something called "output_log.txt" in "AppData/LocalLow/KSP" or whatever. I think I should also say that I am using CKAN. I've tried finding a solution for this, for a while now, nothing has worked. Some things I've tried: Changing the desktop size and position to see if it was some problem with KSP not finding my monitor, I tried removing Module Manager Cache. It's really getting to me that everytime I try something new it doesn't work. At all. Crashes, errors, Black Screens, Infinite Loading, etc... Again, if you could help me find the KSP logs too that'd be awesome. I mean it doesn't seem to be here? https://gyazo.com/776ab82faf33f804278e314d9a73d90e - The Logs folder. EDIT: KSP Logs: "output_log" and "Player.log" - https://www.dropbox.com/sh/u0dedbj8fj61i56/AACjxRQx2NM4p3QwWJsOemg9a?dl=0 (I think this should work, first time using dropbox )
  2. Can developers put a way on steam to have all versions of the game ? We can find on the net the 6.0 to 18.1 (demo) Especially the 0.17 on steam when we bought one copy of KSP.... Do not say that's illegal because it will be added to all previously versions available on steam. Unfortunately we can't get versions before 1.0.5. on steam.
  3. Hi everyone, I know that this question has already been asked for Windows users, but I know how to download older version of the game on windows, both with Steam and the launcher of Galaxy of Gaming. The problem is that on Linux there is no Launcher for GoG and on the website I have not managed to download the 1.7.3. (I like to play RP-1) I could do it on Steam, but on steam I do not own the extensions. I tried with Lutris, and the website. No luck so far. I asked this question on the Lutris forum last week, no answer. I just asked this question on the customer support of GoG, and still no answer. I have the feeling that this forum might be my best chance. Thanks.
  4. Hi, after I made this popular thread (You can comment on it too if you want), I have another question for you guys on the Kerbal forums... What was your first KSP Image that you took, and if you still have it, can you show me it in your post? Here is mine, which is an image of the Title Screen for the KSP 0.18.3 Demo that I still have to this day...
  5. I need a tutorial on how to build Kraken Drives in the versions mentioned in the title. If someone has a download that'll fit inside a mk2 cargo bay, that would also be acceptable
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