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Found 3 results

  1. One day i found an ancient version of Ksp. There are only mun near kerbin,sounds boring? BUT,its very hard to land on it,because there are only 1.25m tanks and LV-T series engines! And also , parts can be easily torn off by the spacecraft's own weight.What’more? SAS can only lock spacecraft's direction,without any other things! Although there are many difficulties , I still made a spacecraft that can land and return in theory. Mun 3 alt. 1 launch it(and decoupling) Its a heavily crossfeeded spacecraft,in order to save fuel. 2 meet mun and orbit insertion the transfer angle is about 50 degree,just like picture. 3 release lander 4 landing we have to use rcs to kill horizional speed via the lack of accurate retrograde locking SAS AAAnnnnd~~~ Successfully landed! Landing spot near the point where mun terrian meets its orbit's retrograde. 5 Return Decoupled 3 fueltank in pic 2(lander is also crossfeeded) returning orbit splashing down End
  2. I was looking for archives of old mods for old KSP, and i found this website: Kerbal Space Yard Package List (kspyard.com) If you want an old version to play for these mods, look for a forum about archiving old versions of the game. If you were nostalgic for these mods and wanted to use these again, thank me!
  3. So does ANYONE remember the VERY old days of KSP, when every explosion was basically napalm and the space center had palm trees? It seems like most of the current players are either people who are obsessed with Delta-V numbers, or total noobs that just make a plane and manage to make it into an orbit with .5 eccentricity. There are very players left that I can find that aren't hardcore or just bad. I mean, Grand Tour missions are cool and all, but the KSP dev team has added something to destabilize the way people used to play the game: They have added all of these heavier and heavier boosters, with more and more efficient engines, but no new planets or moons. We have enough Delta-V with these new things to go interstellar, but the dev team hasn't yet added anything past Eeloo. Sorry if I am being a bit ranty and insulting. Like, if spent enough time, I could easily build a Grand Tour craft. But, I find it more fun to land a rover on a planet than a manned mission, in my opinion. Even though I have had tons of Duna missions, sunrise on another planet still amazes me in KSP. So why has the spirit of exploration and wonder gone over to the spirit of sounding accomplished and having large amounts of Delta-V? I mean, I still only use basic rockets, just because the acceleration feels more exciting than any ion engine. It still makes me anxious when I see re-entry heating lighting up my heat shield, even though I have gone through hundreds of re-entries. No matter how many parachutes I deploy, it will always relive me to see the g-meter rise and the chutes grow wider as they fully deploy. So what I'm saying is, why act like going to another planet is a routine thing that you get a little picture badge for when you can be thrilled by dust kicked up by your engine as you land on an alien world? Why settle for a tiny blue glow when you can see the trail of flame and smoke from a rocket? Why go for Delta-V when you can go for a craft that makes you happy? So put the wonder and adventure back in KSP!
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