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Found 2 results

  1. TL;DR Multi stage rockets are generally more efficient, but what size should the stages be? I found this cool demo that calculates the final delta-v of a 2-stage rocket, depending on the size of the stages relative to each other. I just wanted to share this with KSP players, and if a good discussion comes out of this, even better https://www.desmos.com/calculator/9dhepscogp (original link found in stackexchange https://space.stackexchange.com/a/56105) It is an interactive equation that lets you drag around the mass ratio (b) of 1st stage to 2nd stage, and see the results on the final dv. My optimal ratio between stages are usually 2/3. To get this. look at the mass of the entire 1st upper stage. Then build a 2nd lower stage that masses 2x the 1st upper stage's mass. Continue doing this for even more stages... I think the included price of engines have an effect here. But it looks like perfect stage size could get more complicated than that, depending on the specific mission that you have in mind.
  2. Gillermoo's Kerbal Engine Mapper is a tool that can help you determine the optimal rocket for your mission. Optimize for either lowest mass or lowest cost. Install here: [snip]
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