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Found 4 results

  1. Due to an ongoing strike in the "hammers and welders guild" over conditions in the SPH/VAB (something about trucks constantly driving in a reckless manner through the workshop, apparently), the KSC has called for mission proposals which requires the fewest number of parts to be joined together. Two missions are planned: to Minmus, and Laythe. Both must be manned by at least one Kerbal, and both require surface samples (or in the case of Laythe a proven ocean sample may be substituted if desired) to be returned to the lab for testing. You are invited to submit your simulated mission results for one/both targets. Rules: Stock (+DLC) only parts please No physics abuse (including ladder/Kraken/drain valve drives) or excessive part clipping Mission must deliver a Kerbal from Kerbin to the target surface and back to Kerbin Number of parts is as defined in the VAB There will be a leaderboard for each mission, ranked by number of parts used. In case of ties, the lowest (launch) mass solution will take precedence. Per the official requirements for submitting, here is where a minimum of 42 parts has already been proven...
  2. Hi there, I'd like to suggest a small and easy contest, which is all about launch efficiency, trajectories, gravity turn, etc. You'll find below a Full Stock Craft : https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/706948521735225374/753224100033462372/KSC_-_SLG4_-_MunAr.craft A quick VAB pic of this very basic rocket : What you can do : - tweak every contextual parts menu : engine's gimbal, booster's power, fuel capacity, fairing jettison option, Autostruts, Rigid connection, fuel consumption priority... Etc. - modify the staging : fairing separation sooner, synchronize a decouple with the upper engine, etc. - fly the way you want, provided that you're not using dirty alpacas, bug using, AltF12, etc. - you can use any AutoPilot mod or script you want : be sure to avoid adding Parts, I know there is Partless version of MechJeb for instance. Otherwise that would add some mass / drag. - mods are generally okay, they do not alter physic in any way and you're not adding any parts, etc, see previous rules :p What you cannot do : - obviously, you can't add or remove any parts. And you can't do anything to the Payload. - do not unlock the upper tank of the last stage, it's here for a reason : you should be able to put that craft into orbit without touching the locked tank, with margin. If you don't, you're in the good place to ask for tips, do not hesitate - do not use any mods / thing that is altering the Stock Physic. Provide some screenshots you want, but one them must be the Orbit View, after reaching 100x100km circular orbit, minimum, just like the next image : If you're using some AutoPilot mod, please provide a Screenshot of the settings panel as well, as it's one of the thing that i'm personally interested in : i've never find any one beating me at this challenge using autopilot :p Your goal : preserve as much DeltaV you can ! We will only look at the Stock indicator, at the lower left corner ! You should provide : a screenshots of the orbital view showing the 100x100 circular orbit minimum and the Lower Left corner DeltaV Stock indicator, and any other screenshots or information regarding what you've tweaked / change, according to the rules, as well as AutoPilot Settings Panel, if you're using one. Try to use a recent version of KSP, at least from 1.7.1 since this is the one that brought the Stock DeltaV indicator. Any feedback appreciated if there is questions, suggestions, etc !
  3. Hello Everyone, I looked up to the developers show case yesterday but one thing ravages me THE HARDWARE REQUIREMENTS OF THE NEW KSP 2.As the graphics are awesome so it may be a problem for many AMD and Intel low end processors and graphics card like GT 730 or GT 710.Will KSP 2 run on low end system like mine(for reference) I3 9100F GT 1030 16GB ddr4 ram. Thanks
  4. Once I was flying around in 1.2 prerelase and I have witnessed a bug that was in fact very useful. My computer is very old and I usually play on lowest textures quality - having 256MB's of VRAM is a terrible thing. Everything was normal until i went IVA - textures of Artificial Horizon and all the other gauges were set to maximum and I havent noticed any performance losses. Usually I can't enjoy flying from FPP because I am unable to read my instruments - on lowest settings textures are very blurry. I have double-checked my settings and there were as usual - texture quality was set to one-eight. Since it worked this way I would like to ask Devs to either split texture settings for internals and externals, or to always force maxmimal quality for instruments - if my computer can run it, every single one should be able to. I think this small change would be appriceated by many owners of low-end computers. I hope to see something like this in upcoming update. Sorry for my English
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