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  1. KSP Trajectory Optimization Tool v1.6.7 As of v1.5.9, KSPTOT requires the use of the MATLAB Compiler Runtime R2017b! If you are upgrading from a version older than v1.5.9, please download the new MCR below! Description The KSP Trajectory Optimization Tool (KSP TOT) is a piece of MATLAB-based software I've written to help plan and execute space missions. It's functions are many: Using a Lambert solver, generate "porkchop plots" that assist with determining proper departure and arrival times of interplanetary transfer orbits. Using the d
  2. i rescued a spacecraft that ran out of fuel in kerbin orbit. i re-entered two capsules at the same time. the top capsule was the capsule that was rescued.
  3. Not 100% sure this is the right place to post this, but I created a single-use widget for calculating resonant orbits to deploy satellites into a circular orbit at regular intervals along that orbit. It’s at http://meyerweb.com/eric/ksp/resonant-orbits/. In case you’re wondering “what the heck is this?”, a resonant orbit is most commonly used to set up CommNet constellations around non-Kerbin bodies. Suppose you want to put three relay satellites into circular polar orbit around Minmus. You could launch them one at a time from Kerbin and do all kinds of shenanigans to get them into a c
  4. I'm trying to use the built-in orbit renderer system to draw an arbitrary orbit in the mapview without any vessel attached to it. The method shown below (by @TMarkos) used to work pre-1.1, but the orbit renderer was changed in that update. This method doesn't throw any errors, but neither does any orbit show up. Any suggestions for how to make this work with the new orbit renderer or what I'm doing wrong (I'm pretty new to Unity)? Vector3d exitTraj = getJumpOffset(near, far, model); // orbit velocity oPredictDriver = new OrbitDriver(); oPredictDriver.orbit = new Orbit(); oPredictDrive
  5. I use MechJeb2 and a big rocket to land into a 200km orbit (repeatedly due to ongoing space station build). All good, first burn takes me to 65-70km, with 2300m/s horizontal velocity. Then I wait until 200km and make a small burn to circularise. Nothing to complain really but I am wondering if all can be done at one go ? I mean how can I adjust MechJeb to fly to 200km at once and keep firing to complete circularising ? I feel like there must be an ascent profile such that correct vertical velocity is achieved at the desired altitude. Hope it is not a silly question. Thanks, Char
  6. KSP Transfer Illustrator Links KSP Transfer Illustrator KSP Trajectory Illustrator Description Inspired by existing mission planning tools (alexmoon's Launch Window Planner and Arrowstar's Trajectory Optimization Tool), I have made a couple of web apps to help visualize trajectories for mission planning. While the KSP Trajectory Optimization Tool is much more powerful and has many more features, the idea is that Transfer Illustrator can be used without downloading or installing any software and has an unintimidating user interface. I've also tried to make t
  7. Your objective: Build the smallest rocket possible that can get into orbit. There are 2 categories, each with 2 sub-categories. I will judge each rocket in 2 separate ways, cost and mass. Each one will have its own leader board. The rules are simple. No cheating with Hyperedit, debug menu, ect. The rocket must be completely stock. No mods that alter physics and no clipping parts to exploit physics. The rocket can be manned or unmanned, each will have their own leader board. Make sure to post pictures showing your rocket in flight and showing it's mass and cost. ALSO: The rocket must be a
  8. Ok, So I just got started in a new 1.9.1 modded save after mostly staying in version 1.7.3 pretty much since 1.7.3 was released. When I was planning a maneuver node to transfer to another body, the patched conics were showing encounters several orbits in the future. This is the reason why I don't play versions past at most 1.8.1. In my opinion, it makes KSP unplayable for all Intents and Purposes. I hugely prefer for the orbital predictions to show what happens on the first and only the first orbit. I have done many, many, gravity assists in versions 1.8.1 and before, and how the game predicts
  9. I'm trying to figure out how reach a couple of ships that in a solar orbit that's slightly higher than Kerbin's, and I'm having a difficult time trying to get a good intercept. I figured I'd use the alexmoon launch window planner, but when I go to the 'add a body' window to add the vessel information, I don't know where to find all of the information it's asking for; some of it is clear in the Orbit Information widget (or whatever it's called, lower left corner under the staging icons), but other info is a mystery to me. If anyone can point me to where I'll find the following (or which fields
  10. Hi there, I'd like to suggest a small and easy contest, which is all about launch efficiency, trajectories, gravity turn, etc. You'll find below a Full Stock Craft : https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/706948521735225374/753224100033462372/KSC_-_SLG4_-_MunAr.craft A quick VAB pic of this very basic rocket : What you can do : - tweak every contextual parts menu : engine's gimbal, booster's power, fuel capacity, fairing jettison option, Autostruts, Rigid connection, fuel consumption priority... Etc. - modify the staging : fairing separation so
  11. Sometimes, with KSP 1.9.1 modded With KSP Interstellar Extended and Kerbal Alarm Clock, the orbit changes from circular to highly elliptical with all engines off if the ship is between apoapsis and periapsis.
  12. Good evening/morning everyone, So I have recently managed to get into a co planer orbit with my temporary space station, however, I am co planer with it but at opposite sides of Kerbin. Watching the tutorials, it looks like I was meant to get co planer with it, but quite near it in order to rendezvous and then obviously dock. Is there a way I can rendezvous with it currently or will I need to drop my orbit altitude in order to slow down and then rendezvous? Many thanks, Joe.
  13. Alright, so it took me far longer than I care to admit to figure this out. ...maybe I never figured it out and someone told me how to do it. :-D As with all things, once you know the trick, it does seem painfully obvious. I felt a little dumbstruck when it was shown to me, so I figured it might be worthwhile to post a "How To" for everyone. Given a Kerbin day is 6 hours... Every 3 hours the KSC is in the perfect launch window to fly your craft directly into a Minmus inclined orbit. So at any given time, you are no more than a few hours worth of game time acceleration away from a M
  14. Video link: (pay attention to the Apoapsis marker position and altitude) I have no idea of what's causing this. It's happening to every craft I have in orbit, although not with the same intensity (smaller crafts seem to be affected less) This issue is really messing up my game though. Not only Rendezvous/SOI Interceptions can be lost because the plotted course simply changes after the time warp; but in this specific example in the video, I need the AP/PE markers to stay in the same place as I'm deploying a satellite every time the main ship passed through it's AP, this way
  15. A while ago I had a question that went a little like this: "Planet Kerbin has a radius of r from its center and gravity of G. Two identical rockets launch from the equator at opposite sides, and start accelerating along the rotation of the planet with the velocity of V. At what time after they finished acceleration did they reach maximum distance from each other, and what was the distance?" It also said in its prefix that "people attempting this question might want to find out a little about Kepler's laws." I think I got the answer, but I am not sure if it is right, as I didn't
  16. So, when I'm doing a gravity turn. I always have SAS on, I know how to get into orbit and do a gravity turn. Though, recently when I've been doing a gravity turn. My pro grade pitches slightly up, note that i'm not giving any input for it to be doing that. Not sure why, and like I said. I've done this so many times before, and i've done it really good. Though now that I do a gravity turn, I have this problem. I usually use stock KSP rockets as I'm not very creative. And if its built by the KSP team, its impossible to be a design flaw. The only thing I add onto the stock ksp rockets is
  17. I am doing a mission where I have to launch a satellite into a specific orbit in Minmus, Although I have matched up the specific orbits, It doesn't say I complete the mission. Please possibly upload tutorial on how you do it around Minmus.
  18. Hello. I am looking for a mod that allows me to freeze a ship in orbit. I want to make a movie and use the ships as anchor points for the cameras. But if the ships are in orbit, they drift away from each other. The mod Airpark allows this, but it doesn't work outside the atmosphere. Is there a mod similar to it that will work for ships in orbit? Thanks.
  19. I'm not sure if it used to do this, but I began noticing it after the update. I'm noticing that my orbit is changing very slightly over time. The orbit is outside of the atmosphere, and the option "Orbital Drift Compensation" is checked, but my orbit still changes gradually over time. The tendency is to lower both Apoapsis and Periapsis, but on occasion I have seen one or the other raised slightly. I have removed all mods and DLC, and I'm still getting this. So it's not being caused by mods. Over the course of 20 minutes, I saw my space station orbit go from 72.6998 km, 72.6686 km |
  20. I have two objects, a main station with no RCS, or engine, and a power plant part with a poodle engine, RCS, and about half a tank of fuel. They are both is a similar orbit but have a similar velocity and seem to stay the same distance away from each other. Any tips to fix this? Thanks and have a great day!!!
  21. So basically... i’m not new to the game. I have a hefty 200 hours on it already. I may seem like i know most basics of the game, and i do, but one thing i never knew really was getting to orbit. I have a basic understanding of delta-v and thrust to weight ratios and aerodynamics in this game, but every rocket i design just doesnt get the 4300 delta v to get into orbit. And if it does its because the rocket is very fuel consuming and just plain bad or i use hyperedit. This sucks because i still cant get my stages of the mun lander to orbit in career. While i dont have many problems with stabili
  22. Is there an equation to calculate the heading I need to fly to reach an orbit of a certain inclination, based of the latitude of the launch site?
  23. Kopernicus has an option for the Orbit parser called mode, I know that you can use it to hide orbits, but does it do anything else? I ask because no matter what I set it to the orbit is hidden, and I couldn't find any documentation
  24. SpaceY's (Not SpaceX) Falcon 9 booster broke. Since they need it to get space crafts into orbit, they came to us. But Elon Kerman is a very impatient Kerbal and wants the spacecraft up there ASAP. Since our designers won't get off of "Human space program", we asked the internet to design and test a fast enough rocket. There isn't a specific time you have to compete the challenge by. Just try and do it as fast as possible. CONTRACTS: Basic Contract: Get something to space as soon as ASAP Basic Orbital Contractl: Get something into a low Kerbin orbit ASAP Advanced Orbit Contr
  25. My kerbal has gone on EVA while his ship was in orbit around Kerbin. (It's still in orbit, just unmanned and uncontrolled now.) When getting off the ship he lost it. When he finally figured out how to manoeuvre with his EVA suit's thruster pack, he tried to catch up with it but found it is impossible. Then he activated his parachute and tried to deorbit. And ran out of propellant. "Huston, we have a problem!" he finally called. Now we are planning a rescue mission as soon as the crew compartment will become available. Meanwhile, could you share your experience with EVA in o
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