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Found 3 results

  1. With @steedcrugeon permission im Re-releasing Spacedock. The goal of this isnt to completely redo the mod. But simply bring it up to date and consolidate some models into one pack. I dont have the experience or knowledge to redo models or textures but am certainly willing to accept any done by other members with credits given of course. I hope you guys enjoy! Please Let me know if I missed anything! SpaceDock is a mod that provides a few parts that..combined with some other mods, make it possible for very stylish orbital construction, or if you wish..a nice looking 'garage' for your space planes and rockets To take full advantage of these parts, you will need to combine this with a few other mods listed below. This 'ReBoxed' version has a few additional Docks as well as updated modules for supported mods to their more current versions. I've also added a few other minor changes. Please feel free to give me advise on balancing or future update suggestions! CKAN install for now isnt available ..for now you'll just have to make due by installing manually from the github repo. Download (GitHub) Dependencies: ModuleManager Supported Mods: ExtraPlanetary Launchpads KAS and KIS ConnectedLivingSpace Mods that pair well: Global Construction @RoverDude plethora of USI golden mods Stockalike Station Parts Expansion Redux NearFutureTech UniversalStorage II Credit: @Stevie_D for his contribution of meshes and artwork @steedcrugeon for his amazing modeling and animation work; as well as his permission to update and rebox this for you all!! Thanks Dude!! @Fendrin for his contributions during the original development phases The supported and 'pair well' mod Developers and Maintainers; without you guys, this mod wouldn't have much purpose to begin with. Original Thread: Original Development Thread A couple screenshots of the extra docks added (taken from the DevThread) License:
  2. Hallo folks - I rarely build in orbit, this is my first time really trying it. My ship - Project Deepstar - is built from science labs, Hitchhikers and sufficient fuel/electrical/utility parts to allow it to operate independently. The problem is, they're all connected via docking ports, which to my knowledge is not the most rigid form of construction. Is there a way to build in orbit that allows for really rigid, strong connections? Thanks
  3. I've been kicking around the idea of developing some self-imposed gameplay rules that might allow for the following... Orbital Construction Jump Gate Hyper-Drive So my idea is, for each case above, I have the Hyper-Edit mod, and what I'm thinking is... Orbital Construction: Create an orbital base that can receive parts via normal transport and docking. Once I've transported and docked the parts needed to construct a given vessel, I then just allow myself to use hyper-edit to put the craft in orbit next to the orbital construction base, last step would be to undock and delete all the parts used for construction. Jump Gate: I was thinking of constructing a ring-type station in orbit via the normal process. Likewise, creating another jump gate in orbit somewhere else, and by flying my craft through the ring, I allow myself the use of Hyper-Edit again to move the craft to a different Jump Gate location. I have not decided whether the Jump Gates in this situation would be linked, but I'm leaning toward that... so I might need to make use of multiple gates to branch my way to a given location. Hyper-Drive: The Jedi Starfighter comes to mind... where docking a craft to a hyperdrive ring would allow transport via Hyper-Edit to any location of my choosing. The only caveat here is that unlike the other two scenarios noted above, fuel consumption doesn't really come into play. So in this case, I would be using a hyper-drive system that carries no fuel use implications, which is somewhat less appealing to me but I haven't ruled it out yet. Anyone else given this any thought? ...or maybe have additional ideas along these lines?
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