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Found 7 results

  1. This add-on adds details to the game to create the Soviet super-heavy carrier rocket Energia. The rocket is made according to a two-step scheme “package” with a parallel arrangement of four first-stage oxygen-kerosene rocket blocks (blocks A) around a central second-stage oxygen-hydrogen rocket block (block C) and an asymmetrical side arrangement of the payload. Due to its layout, the Energia is universal and capable of launching a payload weighing more than 100 tons (65t in stock) into near-earth orbits, both in the form of a reusable orbital spacecraft (OK) and in the form of independ
  2. THE MULLETEX MISSIONS A MISSION REPORT THREAD FOR THE LUNEX CHALLENGE THREAD I haven't played KSP since August 2019. My last mission was an Elcano of Duna, along with a Von Braun of Duna and fly by return to Kerbin via Eve. Given I hadn't booted up KSP in anger in well over a year (and its been a rough year or two) I trawled the forums and happened across the Lunex Challenge thread. Its something very familiar to me as a one time (Self considered) Shuttle connoisseur and I thought it'd give me a nice easy route back into playing the game again that wouldn't put me off, a
  3. Hey! Recently, I've been messing around with using Ion engines powered by fuel cells. As it happens, the combined ISP of ion engines powered exclusively by fuel cells is a pretty respectable 1293 seconds. One large fuel cell can power two ion engines, so I built an all-purpose crew vehicle that uses 16 large fuel cells and 32 ion engines, allowing all 32 of them to be run at full throttle for as long as one's heart desires, and at any distance or occlusion to the Sun. It also comes with RCS thrusters and a forward mounted docking port. The command module has the standard decoupler, heat
  4. Hey Guys, So, my kind of favourite Orbiter right now is the space shuttle. After I found some good ones in the internet that fly reasonably well to orbit, I have problems reentering Kerbin. So I have a few questions. I'm reentering Kerbin at about 2500-3000 Km/h. Where should I do a manuever node to safely land at the "Main Base", you know, the rollway. I'm always missing the rollway for about a few hundred kilometers every time (or I crash). Is there a kOs Script you guys have that'll do something like that? Because I believe the whole landing thing is complicated.
  5. post Your Space Shuttle ideas below for this Challenge genovast is the winner
  6. Space Shuttle Mod Release Page updated to work with 1.1.2 now with less dependencies, required mods included changelog: added reflections to radiators (requires texture replacer - reflections version) airlock docking port working (tested) looking for feedback. please note I know the wheels may be bugged, waiting for next ksp update MUST WATCH VIDEOS! screenshots Features Realistic simulation of the NASA Space Shuttle Energy Generation requires the use
  7. Hi all for a challenge thread of mine, Lightest craft to Orbit, one of the challenges is to create the lightest manned orbiter that is recoverable, so for my own submission I created this, and I thought I would share it with the spacecraft exchange. The Pram 5: It weighs in at a feather-weight of 2.821 Tonnes, can reach a ~71k orbit with 300 D/v left over for maneuvering, rendezvousing, and de-orbiting, carries a Single Kerbal, and can survive a shallow re-entry with the right piloting. There is a bit of room to shave off excess fuel in the first stage, the challeng
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