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  1. I am trying to build a refueling station around Minmus and I both times I landed at my spot, my drills said there was no ground contact. I thought they were placed pretty well so I started tinkering with them on the launchpad and got the same errors no matter where I placed them. I built this contraption quick just to make sure it wasn't an issue with my launchpad or my ship: https://streamable.com/utuj5y None of them work. I've restarted the game and all that, I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. I've tried somewhere around 50 different placements and only one dril
  2. Says harvest asteroid, but there is no gain in ores, even with time warp. any ideas? Thanks.
  3. Helll all - Have tried numerous online searches to no avail - so here goes: Working through the science progress tree in career mode - recently started mining ore - and had a “return 1100 units of ore from Mun mission... Fly to Mun - mined ore w/ no issues - topped up all fuel - and added “just enough” ore + small reserve....Flew back to Kerbin - reentry and landed - but no mission credit?!? The ore amount had dropped by @ 300 units in flight?!? Luckily I do plenty of game saves - so able to return to Mun - “overmined” - and then monitored ore reserves in flight (time war
  4. I had thought the maximum concentration of ore for a planet was 12% (80% of 15), but today I landed a tanker on Minmus and found 14.61%. Just wondering how high of a percentage is possible for a specific location.
  5. Two quick and simple questions that I figured I'd stuff into one thread 1. When gathering science data around KSC in Career (or Science probably too), how in the world do you gather science from some of the places that only show up after upgrading buildings: The Pod monument at VAB, Round Tanks at VAB, each of the 3 satellites at Tracking Station..... I know there that science is available there, but, it seems like there is maybe a 1x1 pixel size you need to have your craft touch to be considered at those locations. I built a small rover that could go under the Round Tanks, and
  6. So while I wait for Squad to get a handle on the suddenly-fragile/explosive landing gear in 1.4.2, I've put my Career save on hold and I've been experimenting with designs and concepts for a Laythe colony with an associated Ore miner/refinery infrastructure in the Jool system. I've got a Jool window coming up and I want to send a flotilla of missions to establish a permanent presence there. At first glance, Vall looks ideal to support a Laythe base. It's in the same plane as Laythe; it's close in terms of dV, and there's no atmosphere to complicate precision landing or cause ascent drag l
  7. It looks like it's time for me to set up a Minmus Base, I wasn't planning to but I went and accepted some Minmus contracts and one of which was to return a sample of ore. Easy enough I thought, clicking away. Now Babylon K is in orbit of the Mun and has it's own mobile mining base I thought I'd revisit the Minmus contracts. I've already got a station in orbit and a survey sat out there. Errr, that Ore Requirement - I'm sure that said 50 units of ore not 3050 units! I'm going to need a bigger boat!. So like I say I am going to have to build a full on Minmus Base. Me being me
  8. So spacestation and lander is on its way to laythe. How can i refuel this , looking for a good solution. I have a spacestation , refuelers , ore at pol , medium grabber 5000dV Should i land at Laythe , produce fuel the rendezvous with space station. Or refuel at pol , transfer the fuel to laythe ? Or build a huge grabber with a Kerbodyne S3-14400 Tank & Rhino / Vector ?
  9. I would like to build lightweight mining ships. The problem is that I can't ever seem to get the miniature refinery to work. The normal one seems to operate just fine. I only need to use 4 small rotating radiators and the refinery will always operate at optimal temperature. If I use the same radiators for the small one, it always overheats and eventually shuts down. Even 4 medium rot-radiatiors don't seem to help it maintain optimal temperature and it overheats and shuts down. How the hell do people use the mini refineries without any trouble?? I like building heavy but I sometimes
  10. On Rura Penthe I am running a convert-o-tron 250 which requires 200 KW of Cooling and a Max Cooling of 750 KW two Drill'o'matic excavators requiring 200 KW between them and a max of 200KW between each this seems to be a total of 400kw required my base has 4 x Medium Thermal Control System fins - each with a core heat xfer of 250 KW, max cooling of 19494 KW surely this would be more than enough to keep everything cool, so why are the fins glowing red hot, running at more than 100% ( keeps flickering to 100.5%) and sparking? I shut down the drills and ore processing ( the ta
  11. There was a mod that let you mine ore from asteroids and convert it into TAC Life Support resources, but for the life of me I can't find it. Does anyone remember what it's called?
  12. Hello! Today I made something that I thought was impossible, I made a very high part count (yes it's laggy from time to time) ore extractor meant for low-gravity planets such as the Mün or Minmus. I'd like to share a few screenshots of it for you. Extracting ore Demonstrating the ore extractor on the launchpad It works even at night!
  13. I put a surface base down on Minmus with a drill, but it's in a location with no ore to drill up. I don't really care about the difficulty of locating biomes with resources and such, so is there a way I can edit the game files or install a mod to make the entire Minmus surface covered in recoverable ore or make the drill always dig up ore anywhere at the fastest rate possible? Thanks.
  14. I recently got a mining base at Vall. Whenever I am at a seperate craft, and I come into range of the base, it always seems on the verge of exploding. Many parts are always on the verge of exploding, including the many radiators I have mounted. Notably, my drills and my refinery are not overheating. What the heck is happening here? None of my other bases (which all use practically the same design) do this.
  15. So, after completing a Survey Scan on Minmus in both my Career and Science, I've noticed that ore seems to be in the same locations. There's 90 percent ore at the poles and one equatorial lake, and no 100 percent. Ore seems to be quite consistently the same. The wiki does mention that ore is randomly placed, but so far it seems like it isn't. Is this simply a coincidence?
  16. I watched a great movie called MOON (which i heartly recomend you) So the mission is simple : You build your moon base and find the very good place to mine ore. you're supposed to collect ore with a rover (How?-Just use MechJeb set up coordinates and let youre rover(s) move .when finally obtain a 9 large cannisters of ore the real challenge begins!You're supposed to take all of the ore and return it back to kerbin but not converted.Dont use cheats but youre still alowed to use mods instead. If you manage to obtain more ore and make video /footage of it send it somewhere...i dont know ...jus
  17. [WIP] This is a mod that adds extra Ore holding tanks for KSP, notably smaller ones. The stock Ore tanks in KSP, in my opinion, are too big for smaller landing craft (with the radial holding tank as an exception). Therefore, I am making a mod pack for myself that will give more Ore tank sizes, and also thought about releasing it to the public. Furthermore, the game has two inline-mounted ore tanks, both 1.25m and 2.5m, respectively. However, I do believe that they are too long to fit on a lander of some sort and I would like to make a half-version of the 1.25m ore tank, wi
  18. This is my first mod that I am considering making. The stock Ore tanks in KSP, in my opinion, are too big for smaller landing craft (with the radial holding tank as an exception). Therefore, I am planning on making a mod pack for myself that will give more Ore tank sizes, and also thought about releasing it to the public. Furthermore, the game has two inline-mounted ore tanks, both 1.25m and 2.5m, respectively. However, I do believe that they are too long to fit on a lander of some sort and I would like to make a half-version of the 1.25m ore tank, with exactly half the storage capacity.
  19. Hi guys! I'm trying to land on Eve and refueling there with ore from de surface. But I don't know why, while entering atmosphere (at 80k meters aprox) my two 'Drill-O-Matic' Mining Excavator overheat and explode, making the rocket unable to refuel. Here's a picture of the rocket, does anyone know what I'm doing wrong? Thanks! http://imgur.com/IocxELw
  20. Hello, I have contract to collect 500 ore from the Mun. Thats all just drill it and leave it there. So I built this... However for some reason the drill won't transfer into the side mounted tanks. The decoupler is set to crossfeed so I'm stuck. Here's the craft file; http://pastebin.com/wKALBTa5 Could someone tell me why this is not working please? Many thanks in advance
  21. This is my ship can hover it is for mining enjoy! please comment what you think! i let the video at the bottom enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y5lvAqdChDU
  22. This was fun, has gotten multiple contracts mining ore on Duna and transfer to Ike. Has done this with an ore carrier probe, however once I got complete before the ore carrier arrived at Ike, it was completed just by going to my Ike base This got me thinking so the next time I did not launch I just had enough ore on both places and switched to Ike base, contract fulfilled. Requirements are. 1) Mine 2000 fresh ore on source location, 2) have 2000 ore on source location 3) have 2000 ore on target location if its transported from source, is mined locally or earlier does not matter.
  23. I am trying to mine on the Mun, and using the orbital scanner, i set the cutoff to 70% and found a good spot to land. When I landed, I used the surface scanner and it said 2.34% concentration. I tried again with another spot, and it only said 7%. Why is it saying 7% when the orbital scanner said 70%? Is there any way to get the concentration up even higher?
  24. Is there a way (or mod) to find ore on a planet without having to send a scanner over to your destination? This is what takes up alot of my time and it can get boring
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