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Found 4 results

  1. How will you use workspaces (the new VAB feature) to organize your assemblies and craft families? I shared some thoughts a while back on the subject. Now I'm wondering if we should have a workspace for sattelite / lander / rover types and another for stage 1 / 2 ... or we should have workspaces dedicated to specific destinations? I wonder how mixing workspaces will work also.. you just import everything in a new workspace? Or you select assemblies? Is there craft versioning and are changes to an assembly applied in cascade to all used versions of it?
  2. Hello, everyone! I'm making a Star Citizen organization that will be focusing on exploration and trade (to make money). We have a discord here: https://discord.gg/sRFrfaz . If anyone is interested, please join our discord. More details will be released soon!
  3. A shadow company that's been developing spaceplanes that run the razor's edge, and the edge of the presence of IntakeAir and possibly give even Jebediah the heebie keebies has finally shown its face. Its philosophy is to stretch the usability of IntakeAir like no one else ever can and spare every feasible design from carrying the unsavory bulk weight of Oxidizer, therefore NOX means No Oxidizer. To qualify to wear the Fort NOX flag, if you so desire (I'm not trying to make this a challenge thread but it's just turning out that way. The firm does have its rules.) :: The firm is quite intimate with the parts from, and has a very healthy partnership with the pre-existing brands, Orbit Portal Technologies, Insanity Aerospace, and N5 Aerodynamics and Space. The associated mods are known to possess true scramjet engines: OPT Spaceplane Parts, Mk2 Stockalike Expansion, Mk3 Stockalike Expansion, Mk3 Hypersonic Systems. The craft must have adequate thermal protection at the front-most part(s) and its pilot must be prepared to avoid asymmetric flameouts which can mean insta-death for the crew. A craft must be able to effectively blow holes in Kerbin's sky and reach high orbit to complete its mission. Not every craft actually needs to be hypersonic or to contain mods. Any stock craft that can get into space, preferably fast, and with the use of fuels other than Oxidizer are eligible. Now if only I had an example for a SolidFuel Hypersonic... That'd be great for Vanilla design. Craft Gallery.
  4. At the moment, there doesn't seem to be a way to sort the released Add-ons, and with 84 pages, and about ~14 pages of 1.05 stuff, it can be really frustrating to find what you are looking for. For instance, I wanted to add more planets, and although the Kopernicus mod is only on the second page, it has no indication of what it does without clicking on it, and clicking on every page to see what the mod does is not how I want to spend my time. The "Search" bar also fails to turn up what you are looking for about 90% of the time unless you know the exact term to search. The tag system is a start, but it needs to do what StackExchange does with tags, instead of typing what you want, "weapon", "weapons", "weaponry" are all different tags, that should all be the same. There should be a drop down for adding a tag "Weapons" "Engines" "Planets" "Flight Mechanics" "Overhaul" "Gauges" "Visuals" etc. and finally custom. There is also now way (that I know of) to sort the page by tags, and to only show the posts with certain tags. You can click on them, but it also includes search results where the tag name was in a paragraph. For instance, this post will show up if you click on a tag that says plugin, just because I used the word just then! TLDR; (suggestions for Released Add-ons page) Force at least one tag choice, because tons of posts have no tag, and the name is not descriptive Select, or recommended tags just like StackExchange Searching posts via tags It would improve every mods user base if people could more easily find what they were looking for.
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