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Found 1 result

  1. Part one: Seed of an idea This is a story about what might have happened before the founding of the KSC. I hope you will enjoy it. We start a long time a go, with some kerbal youths, playing in a park near Kerbin City: Jebediah Kerman: "This is going to be awesome!" Bob: "Guys, I'm really not sure this is safe. I'm really not sure we should be doing this." Bill: "I still say we should stick on my gyroscope. These fins, too, for better stability." Jeb: "That's just gonna weigh it down! Come on, let's just do this! Who's got the matches? Harv?" Harvester Kerman: "Over here!" Meanwhile, a short distance away: Wernher: "Did you hear? Some astronomers are saying the Mun is a moon, like those dots that move around the wandering stars." Gene: "The Mun? Oh, that new sky circle thing you were telling me about. Sure." Wernher: "Some think that there is a whole world up there, and the stars big objects, separated from us by vast amounts of empty space. That could be it. The Mun could be a big ball. It looks like it is a ball." Gene: "Yeah, right. I don't believe it. The stars, the clouds, they're all intangible, and changeable.. they might as well be pictures on a screen. " Wernher: "Well, I am going to prove that there is something up there! " Gene: "And how do you plan to do that? By jumping?" At this point, they were interrupted: Wernher: "I have an idea..." Wernher got up, and followed the rocket. * * * * * Next time: "A meeting of minds."
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