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Found 3 results

  1. So @Nucleartaxi created a novel challenge: get Jeb to Eve and back, using only Oscar-B fuel tanks! Of course, given the high part counts when you're trying to build something with the tiniest propellant tanks in the game, only the lander itself needed to be restricted to Oscar-Bs, though there are higher levels for making the transfer stage and/or lifter with Oscar-Bs only. I decided to just do the transfer stage and the lander with Oscar-Bs. In doing so, I think I inadvertently created one of the smallest fully-stock no-hacks Eve Ascent Vehicles ever...certainly smaller than I've e
  2. Compared to an FLT-100, both the Oscar-B and ROUND-8 contain far too much fuel for their size. The volume of an Oscar-B for example is roughly about 1/6 that of the FLT-100, yet it contains 2/5 of the fuel. The fuel and corresponding weight of both tanks should probably be adjusted to roughly half their current values, something like 1/5 - 1/6 of the FLT100 for the Oscar-B and 1/3 - 3/10 of an FLT100 for the ROUND-8.
  3. Something's not right here. The Oscar B is the same diameter as, and one third the length of, the mk0 liquid fuel fuselage. Yet, it has nearly the same capacity - 18 LF and 22 OX , versus 50 LF for the mk0. Granted , the empty mass of the two tanks is the same, which comes out slightly in favour of the Mk0. Perhaps the Oscar is highly pressurised, enabling it to store 80% of the mk0's liquid volume in only 33% of the space The kicker however, is that the Oscar has only 20% of the drag. Given that the Mk0 is more likely to see service on air aircraft or spaceplane an
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