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Found 3 results

  1. I’ve been thinking about music I’ve heard recently while browsing the forums and looking at KSP 2 show and tell highlight videos. I’m wondering if Intercept will use the music in those show and tell highlight videos, as I really like it (for some reason reminds me of OG Fortnite music (I know FORTNITE CRINGE but that og song went hard)), if they have already decided on a soundtrack, or are open to suggestions. In that case, I would definitely recommend Askerad’s Home. Does anyone have any information regarding this?
  2. Transfer Windows - A Fanmade Soundtrack To Kerbal Space Program SoundtrackEditor Forked Expansion - 1.7.3, 1.8.X, 1.9.X - Current version v0.2.0 Download on Spacedock I. What is it? TRANSFER WINDOWS is a collection of tracks that i custom made for Kerbal Space Program. It's goal is to achieve a very soft yet grandiose mood, and to be overall more coherent than the default soundtrack. The archive download also contains a config file to use with SoundtrackEditor Forked setting up all the music ingame for you. This collection aims to grow bigger and bigger in size over time, as new volumes of music will be added. Take a listen for yourself over on youtube! II. Track List Transfer Windows, Vol. 1 Home Purple Queen Curvature One Small Step VAB Vibes (VAB/SPH Theme) Lullaby for a Planetarium (Tracking Station Theme) Balcony Moongazing My Capsule, My Snacks and Me Labcoats Galore (Research Station Theme) - To be released in 1.0.0 Not Yet Released - To be released in 1.0.0 III. Installation Instructions 1. Follow the instalation procedures over on https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/191467-173-18x-19x-soundtrack-editor-forked to install SoundtrackEditorForked 2. Drop the "SKRD_Transfer_Windows" folder in your GameData Folder 3. Copy the "playlists.cfg" file which is in the "SKRD_Transfer_Windows" folder you just dropped 4. Go back at the root of your KSP install. There you'll find a Playlists folder. If you can't find it, just create it. Then paste the "playlists.cfg" file inside that folder. If a playlist.cfg file already exist, override it. 5. ??? 6. Profit. Warning : When updating, make sure to go over step 3 & 4 again. If you don't you won't have the new songs. IV. Credits & License The soundtrack and mod are made and maintained by @Askerad (AKA me) SoundtrackEditor Forked is maintained by @linuxgurugamer, and was originally made by @pizzaoverhead This mod is licenced under Creative Commons 4.0 BY-SA. Commercial use is permitted but with attribution. V. Changelog v0.2.0 - December 12, 2020 Added three new Tracks : Lullaby for a Planetarium (Tracking Station) Balcony Moongazing (Space) My Capsule, My Snacks and Me (Space) Fixed some issues in the music's file names Fixed an issue where the main theme didn't play in the main menu Added proper metadata tagging to music files for those who want to add them to their library Added the changelog in the README File v0.1.0 - August 23, 2020 Added five new Tracks : Home (Main Menu, Space) VAB Vibes (Construction) One Small Step (Space) Purple Queen (Space) Curvature (Space)
  3. How would the Minecraft OST fare in a game like KSP? The exploration factor in KSP and Minecraft might be same enough where the OST works. But again, how would the Minecraft OST fit into KSP
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