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Found 14 results

  1. The year is 9302. The Mun has been impacted by a huge asteroid and Kerbin is flooded. Begin on an evolved Kerbin. Its continents have moved, its mountains and topography vary drastically. Set many millenia after the Kerbals first took to space, the general culture of former 'Kerbin' has changed drastically. Because of this change, the planet is significantly different - it's known as Gaia and all interplanetary voyages are strictly forbidden by the global government - You must convince them to fly once more. The entire planetary system has overcome a drastic change. A near miss with anoth
  2. Hello everyone! I have decided to start a long term project of adding parts to RP-0 and creating RO patches. I will update this thread as I edit and add new files. Any feedback on RP-0 pricing or tips you can give me is welcomed! I know there is an RP-0 Part Configuration tool however, I like the idea of using MM patches so it will allow people to run a stock setup if they please and/or remove parts from the patch if they want to. As parts are updated the filenames will reflect the version and date so if you want to rollback you can. If you like the part and want to add it to the Configuratio
  3. Development Thread for Ramesses System Overhaul (RSO) What is RSO? As the name suggests, the mod will replace all of the planets and add a bit more. RSO will be situated around a K-type star which is orbited by 14 planets (3 minor), with an early L-type orbited by 5 planets. All of which are listed below The Planets Ra System Seker System Pics Click for Imgur album Keep in mind that this mod is still a work in progress and will not be uploaded until I feel like it's ready for release.
  4. Ah, the Skipper! What a nice looking engine... But does it need an overhaul? or should we leave it alone? that is up to you to decide. I vow to have it be unchanged, and that other parts should base their design on this, but that is my opinion. Do you have any thoughts?
  5. Introduction "Kerbal Mods Overhaul" (KMO) is nothing more than a set of patches initially made to cope with the personal desire to simplify/modify a number of very popular mods, MKS in primis, in order to bring a slightly different gameplay experience to KSP. KMO has initially been made exclusively for myself, however, since the number of patches has greatly increased over the time, I have eventually decided to make a public release of this mods overhaul for anyone that may be interested in such a reconfiguration work. Disclaimer This mod is NOT an updated version of MKS-L
  6. Good morning everyone. I'm a longtime player and fan of Kerbal Space Program (even if I've been far more active in the Discord than this forum), and have long admired the work that Squad has done to make this wonderful game, and been astonished by the powerful and incredible efforts of modders to make this game truly beautiful. There are mods that do just about everything, from airplanes, to mecha, to other star systems. There's one thing that feels left out of all this. One thing that should be important, but feels perpetually neglected. The planet Kerbin. I feel like this
  7. Right, so I can't get any engine plumes in my modded KSP 1.2 install which I have kept for realism overhaul with real solar system. So basically, there's no engine smoke/exhaust or plume and that's pretty much it. I hope someone can guide me on what I need to make them work. I first had RealPlume put in my Gamedata folder and then I tried putting the realplume configs in the Realism Overhaul folder into the Gamedata folder itself with no luck. Also I do have smokescreen installed and I have also tried keeping the RealPlume_stockconfig something folder in Gamedata as well. I would r
  8. Hi Guys,I decided to make a new wishlist as a master thread that has my own complete wishlist of new parts and some new features. I know a lot of these have probably been requested by many other players, but I thought it would be a good idea to showcase them all in one place. Feel free to add your own ideas below. Barely any of these are major things that definitely need to be added, I'm simply thinking everything I myself can think of that I'd personally like.Most, if not all of these can be solved with mods. However, I think some of these would be a very nice to have added the base game
  9. RELEASE THREAD BELOW: have you ever wanted a 6.4k scale config mod Like RO? ALSO WORKS WITH GGP 6.4 SCALE AND ANY OTHER MOD WITH A 6.4 SCALE KERBIN SIZED BODY well here it is in good form released now! INFO: this is like RO but for KScale64 (a.k.a 6.4k) it currently contains all liquid engines and LF-T fuel tanks with the jumbo All rights Reserved If you want your mod featured in this just ask and ill get on it ASAP and add you to the 6.4k/KScale64 PM discussion i must stress this is alpha alpha release Requires MM (not included beca
  10. I heard on the 24-hour KSP twitch stream that there was a download for overhauled 1.25 m. parts in the devs. Anyone have a location? Or a link? Or anything???
  11. I was just wondering which style of KSP gameplay the community prefers: stock or realistic . Personal, I like playing in Realism Overhaul because of the challenge. But with stock, you can go crazy and create truly kerbal machines. What is you all's choice and why? Edit: Sorry guys for any misunderstanding, I forgot the Overhaul part of the title I'll be making an edit to the title. Edit: Just realized that I can't edit the title. I really should stop speed typing Edit: I just wanted to say that I'm not trying to see which style is superior to the other, but to see the pros
  12. Hi, So I installed Realism overhaul and all the prerequisites using CKan. Everything installed fine, no crashes or problems. Once I had started, I noticed the first set of solid boosters, couldn't lift the command pod despite having enough thrust. They always "stuck" to the launch pad, including the 2nd upgraded launch pad and would only take off after using 1/3 of the "fuel". Also, the contracts to "haul thing" in to space, doesn't work, I completed "haul the 30X" solid booster to 40km and got nothing despite all green ticks ... :EDIT: Twealscale doesn't seem t
  13. My game continuously crashes after updated the game(and the mods of course) to 1.0.5. I had no problem in 1.0.4 but after I updated the RO mod (before 1.0.5) some parts of game disappeared like Aerobee Engine.I can send modlist. Crash Reports
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