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Found 1 result

  1. I think initially having limited information about celestial bodies and having to orbit and scan them first is a really good idea from ScanSat: generating 2D maps and high resolution 3D overlays shown directly on the celestial body. Telescopes should also help with this as the game progresses. Is there any use for KerbNet as it was in KSP1? I found hunting for anomalies kind of interactive / interesting and annoying at the same time. Maybe automating the process like ScanSat does and then analyzing maps / overlays would be better. Also I think a tool like the Trajectories mod should be in the game as a high tech part to unlock. And I have not seen anything about spiraling orbits displayed in map view (as KSP2 should display orbits that change while under constant acceleration, and maneuver nodes should care about where the acceleration phase starts and where it ends). PS: Are we going to have a system similar to Research Bodies where we progressively discover celestial bodies (and improve the way they look in map view) with telescopes? Any info about these topics?
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