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Found 7 results

  1. Download on SpaceDock or Github or Curseforge. Also available on CKAN. Alternative Resource Panel (ARP) by TriggerTech An alternate view of vessel resources plugin for Kerbal Space Program Adopted by @zer0Kerbal, originally by @TriggerAu Do not bother @TriggerAu with anything concerning this. Documentation / Manual Documentation Manual Preamble by @TriggerAu: About Basically the Alternate Resource panel displays a view of resources in the current vessel with a bit more clarity. It also lets you see the remaining value in the current
  2. Hello all, Today I want to share with you our development process of making two control panels and I’ll try to answer your most frequent questions. Me and my friend (Ferrdo_Kerman on this forum) always wanted to build control panel for Kerbal Space Program, so we can have even greater experience while playing this fantastic game. This year we finally had this opportunity and time to make this happen. Ferrdo is very skilled in HW and SW so he is the one who decided which HW do we need, how to put it together and also rewrote the base code that we have used from another project. My jo
  3. Hello I'm Crawcik. This mod is did not come out. Come back later But I show you the prototype for testing mod:
  4. ">View post on imgur.com">Album will appear when post is submitted The triangle structural panels are not mirroring correctly and aren't symmetrical.
  5. I've been enjoying KSP since at least 2013. While I haven't posted much (only once, Intrepid E Series Interplanetary Ship) I have spent a lot of time lurking and reading these forums. Recently, I was looking at all of the neat control panel designs and decided to start my own. I decided to make it modular so that if I want to change something in the future, it will be as easy as removing one set of controls and replacing it with another. Today, I finished up some gcode and milled out the main panel. While it is only 12 inches by 6 inches, I can envision stacking them. He
  6. Hi everyone, Yesterday, I have just finished programming my Arduino Leonardo card to make my control panel send ALT combination keys to make it easier to avoid conflicts with other keys. Unfortunately, it doesn't work on KSP. It detects "left alt" then "numpad [number]" and once again "left alt". So, I just wanted to know if there is a trick or an add-on that make KSP able to get ALT combinations. Regards, Mopikel
  7. I would like a new structural panel. This would not be a square panel but a procedural triangle. I would want to be able to move two of the points of the triangle to change the form and size. Once created in the editor it could be moved and placed much the same as a regular construction panel. The whole of the panel would be mapped for surface attachment of any surface attachable objects. Similar in weight and thickness to the existing structural panel. The same texture as the small lander can would be fine. It would be a bonus if once completed I could then
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