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Found 5 results

  1. Mat's Aerospace Allotment - Kerbalised Soyuz Mod v0.9 ARTICHOKE SPACECRAFT AND LAUNCH VEHICLE v0.9 (Stock-a-like / Kerbalised Soyuz mod) By DairyLee Hello Everyone! So in my spare time, I have been making a Kerbalised Soyuz mod. It started as just a small scale thing to mess about in unity and ended up being a complete (ish) Soyuz spacecraft and launch vehicle. It's far from finished, especially when it comes to behind the scenes config stuff, but I wanted to let people try it So what does this mod feature? Well we've got 11 or so parts to build a Soyuz or Progress
  2. The stock launch escape system is really weird. Instead of flying directly up it fires to the side resulting in an uncontrollable spin and imparted high G. The fuel burn is also way too fast and far too short. If you try to abort on the pad, you cant gain enough altitude to safety deploy parachutes. I've been trying to modify the part file so that it the thrust vector is straight up, there is no lateral force and increase the fuel load so it burns for longer. I can't figure out how to do this. Id appreciate some input.
  3. Researching the KSP API, I found that the status property of an Antenna is not settable, which is a bugger when I want the ability to set it to be broken for a mod idea. Are there any other ways to set an antenna to the stock status of "broken"? Or is the only option to write a new Module (like DangIt) for all antennas that allow it to be broken "on purpose"? For the battery values - is there a way to set an unloaded ship entire EC value to 0? Ie I'm wanting the vessel to have zero EC upon in loading into physics range / becoming active vessel? Or would resource catch-up mecha
  4. I don't have very much experience coding, I have only learned HTML and a bit of Javascript. The only mods I'm able to create are basic part mods and I use textures from other mods (No, I don't release any of them...) and I also use their configs and stuff.What am interested in is Mods to edit terrain and create parts and add Moar physics! So, Does anyone have a recommended language to write these mods? Also what 3d editing software? (Paint 3d?) How to put Everything together? And how the heck to you use unity?
  5. I am going to be making a series of new rocket motors which are inefficient or in times, border line insane to use. These will be rockets powered by pure black powder, sugar, poo, alcohol, carbon and so on. These will be in solid, liquid or monopropellant styles. Each of these (as insane as they may be), have some basis on real propellants. I will even in the future make aircraft parts using these fuels. So enjoy the stinky strange fun of these outlandishly insane rockets! Note, until I can have someone make me proper models, I will be using ones made be Squad. The models are their design
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