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Found 4 results

  1. Craft files: Aurora Winged Booster (SPH) Block I Hurricane Solo Block I MLLV Hurricane Duo Block I HLLV Hurricane Trio Block I SHLLV Block II Hurricane Duo Block II HLLV Block III Hurricane Duo Block III HLLV Hurricane Trio Block III SHLLV Background: Those of you who tried to reproduce the Space Shuttle in KSP knows the number one problem is asymmetric thrust. There I was wrestling with the same problem when I had the brilliant idea of "why not just use more of them?" A pair of shuttles sandwiching an ET between them, now there's some symmetric thrust. But then I th
  2. So a while ago I created the Nova II Ultra Heavy Lift Launch Vehicle. But there was always a bit of nagging thought in my mind that it was a compromised solution. The main reason why the original Nova II had a reusable upper stage was that at the time I didn't think it was possible to recover the entire core stage of the asparagus. The reusable upper stage solved the problem of cost, but also introduced a structural weakness with its thin probe core / reaction wheel section that weakened the rocket and was only partially fixed by strut spam. Then, while working on my fully reusable launch v
  3. Having designed a low cost per ton launch vehicle for the Light Lift category and another one for Ultra Heavy Lift, it's now time to fill the big gap in the middle. Being in the middle can be a bit tricky though - they're too big for monolithic SSTO flyback booster and too small for highly optimised asparagus giants. Some new thinking is needed here. Of course to make the upper stage reusable is easy - Nova II already demonstrated this feasibility with its Reusable High Energy Upper Stage. The problem is the larger lower stage - they get left behind in the atmosphere and their tend to cos
  4. Edit: an updated version of this launcher, the Nova IIB UHLLV has been released. This version is now considered obsolete. Tired of launch vehicles that barely register as a blip next to the monster rockets built by aliens from the Sol system? No longer! Presenting: Nova II Ultra Heavy Lift Launch Vehicle Craft file: http://www./download/92j7fo82d2ecfj1/Nova_2_UHLLV.craft (Craft file contains proofing payload) Specifications: dry weight: 181 tons wet weight: 849 tons cost: √234,004 part count: 181 payload: 229 tons to 75km x 75km orbit payl
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