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Found 3 results

  1. In the interests of helping those new to creating parts (and I hope to learn something too) I've put together some “Demo Parts” projects. Each part is a separate project in a separate zip file containing the Blender, GIMP, Unity directories, and a GameData folder. The models and texturing are very basic as the point is to provide a example of part structure from Blender to “in game” (translation: the parts are functional but not pretty). The license is MIT and I'll be adding more parts - to the extent of my abilities/free time. I welcome feedback and hope to be able to improve the examples/cor
  2. 首先,我要制作一个命令舱+ 4个rcs引擎+ 4个液体引擎零件。然后我在unity3D中进行以下布局 然后我打开游戏,发现只有两个rcs引擎和一个液体燃料引擎正常工作(推力,烟气和火焰) 我将在下面列出我的cfg文件的内容,希望得到您的帮助并回复 部分 { //-一般参数- 名称 = 112command 模块 =零件 作者 = garyhoover //-资产参数- 网格 = NewModel.mu 比例 = 1 rescaleFactor = 1 //-节点定义- // definition format is Position X, Position Y, Position Z, Up X, Up Y, Up Z, [node size], [crossfeed, def=1 i.e. true], [rigid attach, def=0 i.e. false] node_stack_bottom = 1.0, 0.0, -1.5, 0.0
  3. Is there a mod that allows players to manufacture new parts on a base outside of Kerbin? The best way to do this would be to convert ores into metals using factories, and then having factories convert these metals into parts. Along with KAS and KIS, this would be really useful. Any ideas of plugins I can use?
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