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  1. I need some outside the box thinking Have tried almost everything and I do mean everything 8, 9 or 10 have not had any textures works fine otherwise and I've installed no mods. please help please please please help!!! https://imgur.com/a/A5hJeHh https://www.dropbox.com/sh/2lkfnpltzuysexv/AABtDkX84gedBCdbaUpBsrmHa?dl=0 [config] build id = 02917 2020.06.29 at 15:18:37 PDT Branch: master language = en-us distribution name = Steam
  2. Proton-M / Breeze-M A realistic and highly detailed parts pack for Kerbal Space Program. See more images of the Proton M with Breeze-M Proton Medium, Proton Light and 5 Meter Fairings for Proton M+ (included) See more images of the Proton Medium, Light and 5 Meter Fairings Proton launch pad (included) See more images of the Proton Launch Pad Features Proton-M booster Proton Medium Variant (new) Proton Light Variant (new) 5 Meter Fairings for Proton M+ Variant Breeze-M upper stage Proton launch pad Procedural and and fixed size fairings in different sizes and style Payload adapters for various TKS and DOS payloads Supported Mods Realplume Firespitter Core Realfuels stockalike Realism Overhaul OldscoolFairings Filter Extension Tantares (as Payloads) Fairing Logo Template Download the Template as a .psd file. Qestions and Answers Changes License Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)
  3. Here's a couple of stock-alike station hubs. These are stylistically derived from the stock six port station hub. However, these two have three and six side ports instead of four. Good for building alien themed stations. There may be more parts in this pack later or this might be a one off thing. Now with GingerCorp as a contract dispensing entity! Download: http://mods.curse.com/ksp-mods/kerbal/220639-gingercorp-stock-alike-station-hubs If you find this mod helpful and want to throw some money away, feel free to click the donate button below! GingerCorp Stock-Alike by Starwaster is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
  4. KRE has a new maintainer! See the new forum post: Tired of throwing away your rocket every time you launch? Look no further! This collection of parts will help you build reusable rockets, SpaceX-style. Includes: Falcon 9 Landing Legs in three different sizes. Firespitter required for black variant. New Glenn Landing Legs in two different sizes. ITS Landing Legs in two different sizes. New Shepard Landing Legs in two different sizes. Grid Fins for control and additional drag on descent. Deployable Wings to fly back stages. SuperDraco Engines to land your capsules and provide in-flight abort capability Fuel Tank with ladder extension Heat Shield with integrated shroud, decoupler and deployable landing gear Docking Port compatible with stock docking ports Recommended mods: Flight Manager for Reusable Stages Trajectories Compatible with: TweakScale RealPlume Ferram Aerospace Research Installation: Move the "KerbalReusabilityExpansion" folder to KerbalSpaceProgram/GameData/ and you're good to go. With CKAN CLI: ckan.exe install SpaceXLegs License: MIT License How to: Build a reusable first stage Special thanks to: @nli2work for making the legs work initially for 1.1. The setup has since been redone but it would have been much harder without that help. @DerpyFirework for contributing the "DeployableAeroSurfaces" plug-in for the grid fins. It is in the public domain and the source code can be found here. Good luck landing stages!
  5. I have just found that some old parts variant (like srbs and probes) are still in ksp 1.10, and I found that cool so I make a topic . But I am still confused.. why didn't ksp team remove them ?
  6. Version 2.4 - Released 2020-06-25 Compatible with KSP 1.0 - 1.12.x [ ] NOTICE TO KLPH USERS This is a re-release of @CaptainKipard's Low Profile Hubs. Original forum thread. ABOUT Low Profile Hubs is a collection of station hubs in various sizes and shapes useful for the construction of stations and outposts. PICTURES AND VIDEOS TODO DOWNLOADS via CKAN - automatic updates and dependencies (recommended) GitHub - always the latest release. Also access to the source code, pre-releases, the bug-tracker, and the Wiki. Spacedock CurseForge Installation Instructions Simply download the archive and extract the contents of the "GameData" folder into your KSP's "GameData" directory. Mod Compatibility / Recommendations ModuleManager - to enable the support for the various mods below. Connected Living Spaces - the docking ports contain CLS configurations. ECLSS - appears to no longer be active/supported? IFILS - Interstellar Flight Inc. Life Support, a comprehensive life support mod. Snacks! - a simple and fun life support mod. TACLS - Thunder Aerospace Corporation Life Support, a comprehensive life support mod. SUPPORT No logs, no support. Unless it's a feature-request, of course.. If you find a problem, try to reproduce it first with NO OTHER MODS installed. If the problem goes away, please try to identify which mod is causing the problem. If possible, please raise the issue on GitHub. CHANGELOG The full changelog is here. v2.4 Changed mod file layout; added some agency details; fixed CLS configs (again) CONTRIBUTORS @CaptainKipard - the original author LICENSE This mod is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
  7. A while ago there was this excellent discussion on air intakes and drag in KSP: This is still an important topic (would be even more so if the dev's could give us some larger airbreathing/jet engines, so spaceplanes are actually useful without massive engine-spam!) and I wanted to continue to draw attention to the idea, discuss it, and see if anything has changed. Also, there were some nuances to Right's graph (re-posted below for convenience) that I don't think really got any proper discussion- and couldn't be discussed there now without nero'ing a very old thread... Note, for instance, the shape of the Shock Cone Intake performance curve (or lack thereof). I think many players sub-optimally assumed the most efficient Spaceplane ascents involve keeping all your engines lit throughout your entire ascent. However I have increasingly found this is NOT the case-especially with the 2 stage spaceplane designs I have been experimenting with lately (a smaller Spaceplane optimized for high-altitude, high-speed operation rides piggyback atop a larger plane that breaks off. Awesome in Sandbox/Science, but requires a mod like Flight Manager for Reusable Stages so you can fly the lower stage back to actually be useful in Career...) Often it is better to have some engines- particularly Ramjet engines- you only ignite at higher altitudes and speeds, keeping your demand for IntakeAir (and Thrust production) relatively flat as you ascend... (this is even MORE true with modded parts like the Air-Augmented rockets from, I think, Mk2 Expansion: which, realistically for a ducted rocket, perform better at high speeds not only in terms of Thrust, but ISP...) If you have engines you only ignite at high altitude+speed (or simply don't throttle all the way up until you reach high speed/altitude due to heating issues, aerodynamic stability- particularly with dynamically unstable designs that become less stable at higher speeds, or not having your wings rip off due to aero forces in FAR!) then the Shock Intake curve suddenly looks a lot more appealing: note these curves are for constant altitude- the Shock curve ends up being flattened (in terms of rate of IntakeAir production) by reduced air density at higher altitude... Other things notable: - The Divertless Radial Supersonic Intakes appear to have the smallest performance-drop of any intake other than the Shock Intakes between Mach 3 and higher speeds (the slope of their curve is much more gradual, even controlling for their lower peak), making them often the second-best choice for high-speed planes (as well as great for fine-tuning *precisely* how much intake you have, so you don't have any more than needed...) - Engine Pre-coolers have, surprisingly (and unrealistically, given the whole POINT of using them in real life would be high speed+altitude performance) a steeper curve relative to the amplitude of their peak than the Adjustable Ramp Intake (aka the stock RAM-effect intakes). This makes them more poorly suited for high speed/altitude operations, at least as intakes (again, this is unrealistic- and the dev's ought to rebalance these to make them more useful). That being said, form-drag (from frontal cross-section mainly) becomes much more punishing at higher speeds, at least in FAR, so they actually do work well at high speed planes- but for all the wrong reasons (in real life, Pre-Coolers aren't even intakes at all, but allow you to cool/compress airflow before it reaches the engines so they "think" they're actually operating at lower speeds/altitudes. This would be easily simulated in KSP by simply having them decrease the airflow speed and altitude any engines they are connected too "see"- and indeed this is EXACTLY how they used to or still do work in KSP-Interstellar, which included special code to make pre-coolers work realistically: at least in older versions for sure...) In real life, they would produce a lot of intake Drag (as you slow the airflow more) and provide no direct intake functionality- yet be CRITICAL for a horizontal-takeoff spaceplane ascent... - On the topic of pre-coolers, again: there has been some mention that they are highly heat-conductive (wicking heat away from engines), yet this is somehow a BAD thing (as it causes them to absorb more heat from the atmosphere). It seems to me most players don't understand the Stock heat conduction system well, or how to use this properly. The best parts to attach pre-coolers to (on the other side of the engine) are large, heavy parts with a lot of cross-sectional area (so these parts in turn can pass the heat they absorb from the pre-coolers to other parts). This is entirely because the Stock heat model assumes an entire part is all at a constant temperature, to make the calculations manageable. Anyways, this makes good parts to attach Pre-Coolers to things like the long Mk2-Mk1 adapter, the Mk2 Bicoupler, the flat (rear) end of Mk3 parts, or especially large cross-section mod parts with inline 1.25 meter nodes (like the "Stail" to 2.5 meter adapter with shoulders in OPT Aerospace, or the Mk4 Adapters in Mk4 Expansion...) The parts they are attached to should, ideally, in turn be attached to even larger parts (like a Mk2-3 adapter in front of a Mk2 Bicoupler). The key is to wick heat away from the pre-coolers as quickly as possible so they can wick more heat away from the engines in turn. Not that engine overheating is THAT big of a problem in Stock (except for with the NERVA nuclear rockets- a part intake air precoolers would be USELESS for in real life, unless you were air-augmenting them... Or modded nuclear turbojets, like those in Mk2 Expansion- where at least the use of pre-coolers is realistic) - The Small Circular Intake has a relatively flat curve that LOOKS like it would be well-suited to high-speed operations: but in reality they tend to explode at high speeds, as they have terrible heat-tolerances...
  8. Is there a mod that allows players to manufacture new parts on a base outside of Kerbin? The best way to do this would be to convert ores into metals using factories, and then having factories convert these metals into parts. Along with KAS and KIS, this would be really useful. Any ideas of plugins I can use?
  9. Hyper Propulsion "CYREX" Sci-Fi parts pack (Current ver. 0.0.3) Say hello to the lineup of the "CYREX" thermonuclear engines! Utilizing super efficient Thermonuclear reactors, these engines are capable of many useful things! Why don't u give them a try yourself? A bit about the mod This pack includes many Sci-Fi inspired parts for KSP! Take on a journey to explore other planets with ease using the "CYREX" engines! Based on fictional resources, HyperProp utilizes the use of ThermoNuclear reactors in the name of space propulsion systems and many more interesting parts! This pack will be updated from time to time, so be sure to stick around for some cool updates in the future! Main CYREX album https://imgur.com/a/oSxBB7u Parts in this modpack Well know Issues CYREX-S slightly offset from center node. (doesn't affect use) VRTX-1 Jet engine has a problem of not jumping to low thrust mode upon flame-out of the atmospheric jet Tech Tree not yet configured for the parts Required Mods Smart Actuators Module Manager Kerbal Joint Reinforcement (recommended) B9 part switch Installation Place the folders from the downloaded folder into your game's "GameData" folder. If asked to replace files, do so. Get it here: GitHub: https://github.com/KerboNerd/KNI-HP-CYREX/releases SpaceDock: https://spacedock.info/mod/2137/Hyper Propulsion Sci-Fi engine pack Thanks Kottabos for reviewing the mod! Be sure let me know about the bugs you run into! That really helps the further development of the mod! Post any issues/bugs/errors here: https://github.com/KerboNerd/KNI-HP-CYREX/issues
  10. UNDER CONSTRUCTION Download on SpaceDock, Github or Curseforge. Available on CKAN. Mk2Y - Two Kerbal Command Pod formerly Yarbrough08's Mk. 1-1 A2 Two Kerbal Command Pod A mod that adds three parts - two versions of a two-kerbal pod, and a matching RCS enabled heat shield *** Author Mk2Y [M2Y] adopts Yarbrough08's Mk. 1-1 A2 Two Kerbal Command Pod for curation by zer0Kerbal*** Originally created by Yarbrough08 Description This is a 2.5m to 1.25m, 2-kerbal, command module. Yarbrough08 used the dimensions of kerbals to determine this size. The 3-kerbal Mk 1-2 pod crams too many kerbals in, and doesn't leave room for them to move around or even exit. It will be compensated for in a mass reduction, as not as much(insert your ideals of life support or equipment) is needed to contain 2 vs 3 kerbals. This comes with a dedicated IVA. Mk2Y-036 is the version which has integrated heat shield Mk2Y-040 is the version which does NOT have integrated heat shield Mk2Y-040-HS is RCS inabled heat shield for the M2Y-040 2 Kerbal Command Pod [Yarbrough08] became interested in modeling a 2 person CP that was not historic in nature. I am looking for feedback at the moment, as well as interest in the project. So, with that being said... RCS ports are working, as well as a very basic IVA implementation. Windows are zoomable, airlock/ladder functions, and compatibility with DRE and RF (RCS Ports). Has (at the moment) an almost non-existent Texture footprint in RAM because of placeholder textures. Includes a shroud to smooth transition to decouplers, which are still needed. IVA layout changed (Stock Props Complete). I used at least one of each of the stock props. Added lights to the IVA Interior model touch up and UV'd. Ready for when I produce textures. Airlock wall, hatch, and cover added Of course this is a WIP and nowhere near finished. Although it looks pretty good, I have not finished creating proper textures for it. Mk. 1-1 A2 Two Kerbal Command Pod This is a 2.5m, 2 Kerbal, command pod. It includes the IVA, as well as, attachable heatshield with RCS ports. The heatshield is equipped with a shroud to smooth the transition to whatever 2.5m part you choose to place under it. Although the current version is a WIP, most of the pod is complete (todo: some visual and minor .cfg tweaking). The RCS ports do work, as does the heatshield (stock ablative protection). On the IVA side I have working stock props, IVA lights, front and side windows that are 'clickable', and a front window docking guide ('iron sights'). NOTE: TEXTURES ARE SEPERATE NOW! YOU WILL NEED TO DOWNLOAD A TEXTURE PACK! PICK ONLY ONE! I created high, medium, and low textures (both diffuse and normal map) for the pod exterior shell. I also am giving an ultra low choice that will make the pod appear as it was before - no detail. AGAIN, THE TEXTURES ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THE POD DOWNLOAD. I have uploaded and linked several texture packs for the pod. These packs contain the textures for the exterior (previously white) "shell," as well as the interior and exterior windows. The packs are divided up based off of the exterior shell texture size, and include: (Note: Main Textures are the exterior shell's diffuse and normal map. -Size listed is for each texture) Main textures = 4096x4096 Window textures = 512x512 Main textures = 2048x2048 Window textures = 512x512 Main textures = 1024x1024 Window textures = 512x512 Main textures = 4x4 Window textures = 4x4 Cabin Sticky Notes: NOTE: Might be issues with hatch and currently the pod doesn't have lights. There are no plans to improve them unless someone submits new ones via PR on github. Installation Directions Use CKAN (best way) — or — Before installation please delete Yarbrough/Mk2Y/ folder in KSP/Gamedata/. Then copy .zip content into your GameData folder. Changelog Summary See ChangeLog for full details of mod changes Requires Kerbal Space Program Supports Kerbal Change Log Module Manager Replaces Duopods Original Author: Yarbrough08 Mod Website: Forum Thread License is: Legal Mumbo Jumbo Source: GitHub License: CC 4.0 BY-NC-SA Mk2Y is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International license, which in layman's terms means: You are permitted to use, copy and redistribute my work as-is. You may remix your own derivatives (new models, alternative textures, etc.) and release them under your own name. You may not use the material for any commercial purposes. You must use the same license as the original work. You must credit the following people when publishing your derivative: riocrokite (Stork Delivery System). All bundled mods are distributed under their own licenses All art assets (textures, models, animations) are distributed under their own licenses v0.0.5.0 original: 17 Jul 2018 zed'K | updated: 2020 03 02 zed'K Source: GitHub License: CC BY-SA-NC 4.0
  11. Download on SpaceDock, Github or Curseforge. Available on CKAN. Stork Delivery System (SDS) This is the new thread. Original thread here. zer0Kerbal adopts for curation the mod known as Stork Delivery System (SDS) by Kermangeddon industries. Created by @riocrokite A Payload parts mod that Delivers your big cargo to the planet surface without flipping! Vertical frames with integrated legs for interstage and planetary delivery. Stork Delivery System (SDS) Kermangeddon Industries A Payload parts mod that Delivers your big cargo to the planet surface without flipping! Author Stork Delivery System [SDS] adopted for curation by zer0Kerbal Originally created by riocrokite Description Vertical frames with integrated legs for interstage and planetary delivery. Mod characteristics allows you to deliver tall 2.5m or 3.75m diameter parts to planet surface thanks to 6m long, extendable legs. [NEW] introducing the Jumbo sized models - capable of handling 5.0m and 7.5m parts. (24m and 14m tall) lightweight - reusing same textures wherever possible integrated approach - one integrated part for frame and legs to increase stability and reduce part count Example usages: Delivery of cargo trucks (with an assistance of JebPush TM at the end:)) Warnings or 'cabin sticky notes' When placing engines above center of mass be sure to either lock gimbals or not use SAS because of KSP bug {you might try to solve it using Tweakable Everything mod and reversing thrust of engines that are above center of mass} Avoid rocket/jet blast directed at the legs when they are extended. Prolonged blast will destroy the frame. Extending process take some time so you have to account for that when preparing to land. Installation Directions Use CKAN (best way) — or — Before installation please delete StorkDeliverySystem folder in KermangeddonIndustries catalog. (GameData/KermangeddonIndustries/StorkDeliverySystem/) Then copy .zip content into your GameData folder. Changelog Summary See ChangeLog for full details of mod changes Requires Kerbal Space Program v1.8.1, may work on earlier versions Suggests Biomatic MoarKerbals SimpleLogistics SimpleConstruction) Not So SimpleConstruction (NSSC) Hot Beverages Irradiated KGEx (coming soon) B9StockPatches Mobile Frame System - Stork legs are designed primarily to ease delivering of vehicles to the planetary surface. Supports Kerbal Change Log License CC 4.0 BY-NC-SA Stork Delivery System is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International license, which in layman's terms means: You are permitted to use, copy and redistribute my work as-is. You may remix your own derivatives (new models, alternative textures, etc.) and release them under your own name. You may not use the material for any commercial purposes. You must use the same license as the original work. You must credit the following people when publishing your derivative: riocrokite (Stork Delivery System). All bundled mods are distributed under their own licenses All art assets (textures, models, animations) are distributed under their own licenses Content originally created by . forum thread SOURCE: GitHub License: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 v0.0.4.0 original: 17 Jul 2018 zed'K | updated: 24 Feb 2020 zed'K
  12. Download on SpaceDock, Github or Curseforge. Available on CKAN. DuoPods (part duex) (2xP) formerly DuoPods This is the new thread. There is no original thread. zer0Kerbal adopts for curation the mod known as DuoPods. created by @duopods A stockalike parts mod that supplies up to three two occupant command pods with minimal performance impact Author DuoPods [2xP] adopted for curation by zer0Kerbal Originally created by duopods Description So you got that first rescue contract but where to put your passenger? If you like to play stock, but need a 2 person command pod Duopods is for you. It consists of three 2 kerbal command pods: - mk2a is an extruded version of the MK1-2 bringing it to 1.25m. Use included Windows batch file to copy MK1-2 pod files. - mk2b is a larger version of the mk1 pod that measures 1.825 meters. - mk2c is a restored version of StarVisions' legacy pod. Rebalanced and reworked cfg. - mk2b-heatsheld is a 1.875m heat shield. Cabin Sticky Notes: NOTE: IVA's included are only placeholders. There are no plans to improve them unless someone submits new ones via PR on github. use the included windows batch file to copy depreciated (and therefore unavailable) mk1-2 textures/models Installation Directions Use CKAN (best way) — or — Before installation please delete Duopods folder in KSP/Gamedata/. Then copy .zip content into your GameData folder. Finally, run Windows_CopyTextures.bat (located in GameData/Duopods/) to copy depreciated mk1-2 Changelog Summary See ChangeLog for full details of mod changes Requires Kerbal Space Program Module Manager Supports Kerbal Change Log Replaces Duopods from left to right: mk1 (Squad) — mk2a — mk2b — mk2c — mk1-3 Legal Mumbo Jumbo Source: GitHub License: GPLv2 All bundled mods are distributed under their own licenses All art assets (textures, models, animations) are distributed under their own licenses Original License: MIT [Source] v1.0.2.0 original: 17 Jul 2018 zed'K | updated: 02 Mar 2020 zed'K
  13. PicoPort is a small parts mod pack which contains a set of very small Docking Ports intended for use with tiny probes. Presently, this mod comprises four parts: Coupling: 1. PicoPortBasic - This is an orientation specific, ungendered docking port. It will mate with other PicoPortBasics in only 4 positons (90 degree rotations). This is useful if you wish to use balanced RCS from porbes connecting to the mother vessel. 2. PicoPortPlus - This is an ungendered docking port, similar to Clamp-o-Tron. 3. PicoPortM -This is a Male PicoPort, non-orientation specific and will only dock with the femal counterpart. 4. PicoPortF - This is a Female PicoPort, non-orientation specific and will only dock with the male counterpart. DOWNLOAD: Primary: Github Secondary: SpaceDock download and copy the SHED folder directly into the your KSP GameData folder. Licensing: The contents of this mod are distributed a CC-BY-NC-SA International License (please refer to the license file on github for further details). Highly Recommended Supporting Mods: PicoPort is a stand-alone parts mod and does not have any other mod dependencies, that said, it has been designed around the utilisation of supporting mods and it is highly recommended that you add them to your collection (they are very useful in their own right). IndicatorLights by @Snark Thanks: I must say thank you to @DStaal for setting me off down the path of this pack, its been a good learning experience (basically blame him). Also thanks to him and @linuxgurugamer for helping with testing and development ideas. Change Log: Feedback and suggestion: Always welcome, if you have any ideas which you might like to see implemented let me know and i'll see what can be done! Localisation now supported! Any translations would be greatly appreciated.
  14. Hey guys, There are already some mods on my list for a new RO-safe. I found some mods that are proved to be RO compatible (FASA, Raidernick's mods). But I wondered whether anybody has more specific information, about RO-compatible mods, because the section in the RO-thread for parts-mods has been removed and I can't find reliable Information in the wiki. Thanks in advance
  15. UNDER CONSTRUCTION PRE-RELEASE Beta Testers Wanted Download on SpaceDock, Github or Curseforge. Available on CKAN. ProbiTronics This is the new thread. Original thread here. zer0Kerbal adopts for curation the mod known as ProbiTronics — created by @tdubic ProbiTronics is all about specialized probe parts and reusability. ProbiTronics is [@tdubic's] first add on for Kerbal Space Program. Mod is more focused on specialized probes, and parts that help you with reusability of rocket stages. I have great ideas and if everything goes well I will continue to improve and add new parts to this add on. It is currently in alpha version so if you find some bugs please contact me. New 0.22 version is ready for First Contract 0.21 version is more about science. Ball and G-probe now have custom science experiments, also on all parts configurations are changed. ProbiTronics includes: [NEW] SP-1- reusable sample probe for bringing samples back to Kerbin. [NEW] LA-2m - Big Leg Adapter give you ability to use stock legs with longer engines. LA-1m - Leg Adapter give you ability to use stock legs with longer engines. SM Mk I (service module for Command Pod Mk1) SM Mk II (service module for Command Pod Mk1) RU-3m MK O probe, decoupler and parachute compartment in one. Add two Mk16 parachutes in middle attachment points. RB-721 (more than just rover body) RU-1m (probe, decoupler and parachute compartment in one) RU-2m (probe, decoupler and parachute compartment in one) Ball Probe G-Probe ProbiTronics ATV mk I Ball Shield Ball Parachute (just scaled down stock item Mk16-XL Parachute made by HarvesteR ) 1m=1.25m, 2m= 2,5m, 3m =3,75m Check for more information, images and download: More info + DOWNLOAD v0.22 my website DOWNLOAD on CURSE v0.22(Under Review) Probitronics on Twitter and Youtube SP-1 - reusable sample probe for bringing samples back to Kerbin. LA-1m and LA -2m - Leg Adapter give you ability to use stock legs on longer engines. RB-721 - more than just rover body SM Mk I and SM Mk II are Service Modules for Command Pod Mk I and Command pod MK 2-3 RU-1m and RU-2m are probe, decoupler and parachute compartment in one. With this parts you can make your 1m and 2m stock rocket reusable. Ball Probe is small probe for taking data from planets atmosphere.Include barometer sensor an also have custom science experiment (advanced atmospheric research). On top put ball probe parachute and on bottom heat shield. G-probe is probe for measuring gravitational and magnetic fields. Include custom magnetic field scanner and com antenna (Jeb insisted). Include SAS and XenonGas Tank. ATV (Automatic Transport Vehicle) is used for transport food, oxygen, fuel and other stuff in to the space. Don’t forget to attach some engine, thrusters, and solar panels. ProbiTronics is all about specialized probe parts and reusability. Installation Directions (assumes basic KSP mod installation knowledge): Extract to your KSP folder. Install related ModuleManager patches. Changelog Summary See ChangeLog for full details of mod changes Requires Kerbal Space Program v1.8.1, may work on earlier versions Dependencies Module Manager Recomends Community Resource Pack Supports Kerbal Change Log Suggests Hot Beverages Irradiated KGEx (coming soon) B9StockPatches Source: GitHub License: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 (Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License) http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/
  16. Dunno if somebody published this before, but I made a little Mod that brings back the old Mk 1-2 Pod. I liked it's more modern Look than the Mk 1-3, especially the IVA, so I kept using it (you still found it when you know where to look) after it has been hidden from the TechTree and was disappointed when it was completely removed from the Game. The "Mod" is just the Part Files copypasted from an older KSP Version without any Changes, except setting "TechHidden" to false in the .cfg File. So it should run fine with any Game Version. https://spacedock.info/mod/2310/Mk 1-2 Pod To any new Players who don't know the Mk 1-2 anymore, it's a 2.5 m Command Pod for three Kerbals. It has pretty much the same Characteristics as the Mk 1-3 but is a bit havier. I'd guess that this is due to better Radiation Shileding in modern Spacecraft compared to the 60s. I'm not registered to any Photo sharing Sites so no Images but you can see the Mk 1-2 in Action here in this Video that I made: If I violated any Squad/Take Two Copyrights please warn me immidately. I am no Lawyer and don't see any Problem in bringing back old Parts to the Community but the Fact that I didn't find similar Mods like this gave me Concerns that this might be due to legal Reasons.
  17. The pttachment point is on the sde is this normal I only just started with ro with rp-1 and have been having alot of fun with but this is stopping me from making anything. Thankyou in advance.
  18. Noticing the Huge lack of 4 kerbal pods and 3.75m command pods in the game I decided to start work on a mod. Its called the onion mpcv because it was 1am when I started this and that was the best thing i could think of that sounded kinda like Orion don't judge me. This is Orion: Ultimate goal is to make all the parts for the orion mpcv, possibly the SLS and eventually more 3.75m command pods and cool stuff. So far I've been able to get the command module into the game. Here's the OnionCM next to the 1.25 and 2.5 pods for comparison. Going for stock-alike when it comes to textures though those windows are really pretty bad i'll have to work on my texturing. Holds 4 kerbs so you can bring Val along Top is made to fit your standard docking port and stock heat shield fits pretty snug. I'm considering integrating parachutes into the pod similarly to the way the actual Orion pod functions. I've also managed to create a LES shroud for the command pod which manages to fit the docking port on top and I have confirmed that the stock LES can lift the onion far from disaster if needed. I'm currently lost as to how to make my models appear smooth other than increasing tri count which is obviously not the way to do things, If anyone can point me in the right direction It would be very much appreciated. (the command pod looks smooth because its somewhere in the range of 3000 tris and has a dark texture. I hope to bring that number down to the 2000 range if possible so I have more wiggle room to actually recess the windows like on the real pod.) Last thing that's worth showing off at the moment is this un-textured model for a 3.75m nuclear engine. (I've seen many mods that include 2.5m variants but not 3.75m) I have many other models that I've whipped up but ill show those off once they have textures and are a bit more interesting to look at. Any advice is welcome, since this is my first attempt at developing a mod.
  19. Today is my dads birthday and we went out
  20. Hello everyone, my problem is all in the title, honestly. I am not a fan of the appearance of the Scan Sat parts, they're not very stock-alike and quite boxy imho. It is however a wonderful mod and I need it in every of my campaigns. Now before you tell me that there are no remakes of these parts, I call jack on that because I used to have such a mod in a previous install of the game, but I have no idea which one it was... Maybe it even was part of a mod for al I know. So what I'm asking you today is if you know where this is from ? Thanks alot for your help ! picture as reference :
  21. Hi, I've started work on a collection of parts that are remakes of the really, really old parts that existed from around 0.7-0.13 or something, as well as recreating some of their functionality. More images of the current parts made. Current parts and features done: Current Release GitHub page with source and plans Things I need help with: Next part on my hit-list: Old stack decoupler (I love the look of these things, despite their tall stature. I plan on having a 1/2-1/4th height variant that looks like the recently depreciated 1m stack decoupler, as well as a stack separator version) Feedback on the current models and textures I've made would be great. I'm trying to teach myself texture making because I've felt I've relied on procedural textures as a crutch for too long, so anything I could do in that dept. would be greatly appreciated. (Also terribly sorry this post is ugly, I haven't used this forum interface before, or really made a release page in general.)
  22. What is it? Universal Storage is a parts pack that allows you to build Apollo Service Module style sections with various resource wedges attached around central cores. The pack is designed to work with many life support mods. More information http://www.kingtiger.online/ Download SpaceDock or CKAN or OneDrive Universal Storage is set of parts to help you build service modules for your craft. Two core parts for 1.25 and 2.5 meter stacks provide a number of attachment points where you can fit various wedges. These wedges can store resources, provide KAS containers and even be used to create Apollo style science bays. In addition a number of reactors and processors are included to help you make the most of your resources. Each of these parts are balanced based on real world examples used in the Apollo space program or on the International Space Station. Designed to work with other mods Universal Storage is designed to work with lots of other mods, Universal Storage will automatically detect these mods and add / adjust parts to match. For the best experience we recommend the following: Kerbal Inventory System Universal Storage works with Kerbal Inventory System. With KIS installed you can pick up wedges and place them in cores. You’ll also get access to new parts designed for KIS. DMagic Orbital Science This amazing mod adds lots of new science parts and contracts, giving you lots of new opportunities to advance Kerbal knowledge. The Orbital Science mod includes some science experiment wedges that will be available with Universal Storage and Orbital Science both installed. Life support mods Universal Storage includes config files to work with the populate life support mods, providing the resources required to keep your Kerbals alive. New parts will be available depending on what life support mod you have installed. Supported mods include: TAC Life Support Asmi's ECLSS IonCross Life Support IFI Life Support Snacks! USI Life Support Change Log You can access the latest change log at SpaceDock Installation instructions The mod is very easy to install. Download the file from SpaceDock Unzip the file and follow the included .pdf documentation For more information and alternative download check out www.kingtiger.online You can also download and instal from CKAN Licence The full licence is included in the download or at ksp.kingtiger.co.uk The short version is: Models and images: All rights reserved .cfg files: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 Packaged 3rd part mods are covered by their own licences (details in full licence) COPYRIGHT All models and textures are copyright of the original creator, all rights reserved. SCREEN SHOTS, IMAGES AND VIDEOS You may create and publish screen shots, images and videos featuring Universal Storage running as part of KSP, including for commercial or financial gain. This does not include the texture image files, except when viewed in-game as part of Kerbal Space Program. Note: this license does not override or supersede any existing license regarding Kerbal Space Program or Squad 3RD PARTY MODS AND PLUG-INS PACKAGED WITH UNIVERSAL STORAGE ARE COVERED BY THEIR OWN LICENCE Module Manager: CC share-alike license Mini-AVC: GNU General Public License v3 Universal Storage is created by New Horizons and NOX Industrial Initial concept, coding, lifesupport balancing, and supporting materials Paul Kingtiger Asset modelling, texturing, animations, Unity work and visual development Daishi
  23. You guys know the BD Armorys Armor Plates i want to duplicate them and give different texture to them. I using armor plates as structural parts for my star destroyers . I did copy armor plates folder and edit needed things in cfg. Except one thing; texture. Cfg file has not texture file name and directory line. But even so it is always using bd armory texture file directory. I want to change directory and texture file name. How to do this? (Please speak simple, my english not eough to understand complicated sentences)
  24. Parts Pack that includes ION RCS thrusters and Pulsed Plasma Thrusters. These parts used to be included in my AmpYear mod, but moving forward they will now be available as a separate parts pack via this thread and no longer available in future versions of AmpYear. But will be completely supported by AmpYear. Ion RCS Thrusters that use Xenon-gas and electricity for incredibly efficient RCS. Some limitations: Has half the Isp of normal Ion engines. One quarter of the thrust of normal monopropellant RCS thrusters. Available in one-way linear thruster, 4-way ION RCS block and 4-way 45degrees ION RCS block. Integrated to TechTree at ionPropulsion. Pulsed Plasma Thrusters RCS Each thruster contains a fixed amount of Teflon and uses this along with Electric Charge for incredibly efficient propulsion for small craft or maneuvering. Some limitations: Has roughly quarter the ISP of normal RCS thrusters. One eighth of the thrust of normal monopropellant RCS thrusters. Only linear thrusters are available. Integrated to TechTree at advFlightControl. * See (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pulsed_plasma_thruster). Planned Changes: Re-texture the parts. Fix AVC files in distribution (I left them out of the initial release). Add better emissives and blue thruster effects. Changelog: License: GPL This mod includes version checking using MiniAVC. If you opt-in, it will use the internet to check whether there is a new version available. Data is only read from the internet and no personal information is sent. For a more comprehensive version checking experience, please download the KSP-AVC Plugin Source Code available on GitHub. If you like my mods and you want to show your support, then you can support me on Patreon: Download from SpaceDock, CurseForge or GitHub SpaceDock runs and makes mods available to you based purely on donation. If you don't want to pledge to me at least Consider pledging to keep SpaceDock going if you use it. Support: Be a COOL PERSON and help me by raising bugs and feature requests on GitHub here. For support please ensure you are following these instructions. From now on I will NOT respond to requests for support if you have not at least attempted to follow these simple steps. NO LOG = NO SUPPORT. Whilst I agree CKAN is a great mod for those that can't use Zip tools. I take no part, nor am I interested in maintaining the CKAN mod metadata for my mods. Please don't ask me about it but refer to the CKAN mod thread if you are having issues with CKAN or the metadata it maintains. Author: JPLRepo : Plugin design and development, C# coding, Graphic design, 3D Models, textures, Implementation and releases.
  25. Bin Chicken Inc. WIP Thread I present to you my FIRST EVER ATTEMPT AT 3D MODELING AND PART MODDING! Service Modules: Somewhat inspired by SHDI Service Module System and a very old (5+ years ago) mod, that from memory was called "SM Service Module" and somewhat inspired by real life, i have decided to give this a go. The scope i have set for myself is for a family of stock-a-like service modules similar to that found on Apollo, Orion and also some of my own concepts. being an Australian i have decided to name these after Aussie birds I plan on making a few different 2m variants for different missions. but to start with ill be just doing some intended for Kerbin orbit and for operations within Kerbin's SOI. These modules will contain a verity of consumables and may or may not include other functions such as built in decouplers and other functions as i learn how to implement them. I use 3ds Max as my 3d modeling software as it is available to me for free through my university. I have tried blender, however i cant stand it! I would be interested to hear any criticism weather it would be about game balance or about the models themselves. I also would like to say that i have absolutely NO SKILL IN MAKING TEXTURES AND SKINS! If anyone would be interested in texturing these models please let me know. You would have a free hand in creating stock-a-like textures and i would be happy to credit you for your work . So without further ado, lets get started.... SM-16 "Kookaburra" Service Module: The SM-16 is intended to be like the Apollo service module. It is designed for Munar and Minimus Operations SM-2 "Bell Bird" Service Module The SM-2 is currently being modeled, but is based of the Orions service module. it is designed for Kerbin Orbital Operations Also Planned are other service modules designed for long duration missions such as interplanetary transfers and also remote controlled modules for cargo and utility purposes
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