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  1. I have been trying to figure out what is causing this issue for days. Sometimes, when I load my career save, I get a bunch of craft loading errors saying that various mod parts are missing. I can go into sandbox and sure enough they're gone. The thing is, it doesn't do it every time, so I can't figure out what to do to even start troubleshooting this. I thought it was running out of memory at first, but really haven't had any failure to load problems or crashes. Every now and then it will crash after a few hours of playing but memory usage usually stays around 1.6 to 2 Gb, which should be well
  2. so um i need some help my game loads up good but when i open up space station or space plane hanger no parts load
  3. I don't know about everyone else, but I really want to get out of my Command chair and stretch my legs during a long flight. Currently the only way to do this is to leave your ship (at least so far as I have found) even though some pods are quite roomy. This project is aimed at remedying this problem and hopefully adding some interesting new parts. What I've done so far: The Command Chair Basically, this is a very minimal command pod. Still working out the black background in portrait cam. Mk3 Bridge conversion The Bridge is a hollow probe core so you
  4. Hello guys, TP here. Before you read on you have to understand a few things about the way I play this game. I have 3 rules which are cast onto everything I do: The costs have to be kept down to absolute minimal. Part count has the same policy - minimal. Weight must be pushed to the absolute minimal. These rules are "liquid" so to speak, they can give sway to each other if the benefit from breaking them supports the final goal or target. You might quickly draw the conclusion that I am not having a lot of fun, that'd be where you are very wrong. I love to challe
  5. This happens reliably - three times in a row, now, which is frustrating. I have a space station with a small docking port, and when I carefully put a new station mast onto the dock, it seems to "take" correctly. However, when I then decouple the tug that brought the mast, it is taking the mast's deployable radiator, and in two of three cases the deployable solar panel as well. These parts then float in front of the tug as if attached where they were when the mast was being carried. I am running stock v1.0.5.1028 on a Windows 10 64-bit machine, though task manager says KSP is 32-bit. I ins
  6. Hey could you guys just throw in a 2.5 m Liquid fuel tank. Nuclear engines running only on liquid fuel messed up the usefulness of a lot of my interplanetary mother-ships. I would just like to see a 2.5 m liquid fuel tank or the ability to fill up the oxidizer space with more liquid fuel in the existing parts. Thank you. -PBW
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