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  1. Please note the following mods also require the installation of SM Industries SM Armory, SMI Missiles and Launchers, SM OST and T , SM AFV's Failure to install SM Industries will result in names and descriptions being displayed incorrectly and other related features will not work(don't panic the correct version of SMI is included in every download) Latest Update v0.99.99.93 Further enhancements, localisation. texture updates SM Armory for KSP 1.4.X and BDA 1.2.X ONLY Important note regarding recent BDA changes specifically BDA see spoiler
  2. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx NOTE TO ALL USERS OF SM MARINE There are issues in KSP 1.6.x with certain parts containing multiple animations . These issues display as broken information in the PAW (right click menu) and the animations being inoperative . The fix is fairly simple but time consuming to do and will be dealt with in a small update shortly. This and the broken IR aside all parts appear to be working well and fully functional in
  3. SM Stryker Armory and Aerospace combined Continued from the fine start by @strykersm link for prvious version 122 SM_Stryker Aerospace and Armory KSP 1.4.3 BDA 1.2.1 ONLY This update brings you Updates and fixes to IVA's 2 level IVA for JSI/RPM and stock ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Current parts: Cockpits: BF-109 ; Mig ; Hyperion (P-80 lookalike) ; Razor ; Jetfire (SR-71/F-106 look
  4. Large Boat Parts Pack KSP 1.4.x V3.9.3 BB2 and BDA damage overhaul IMPORTANT Please read post below before downloading or installing ALWAYS USE LBP IN CONJUNCTION WITH KJR (KERBAL JOINT REINFORCEMENT) STRUTS AND AUTOSTRUT ARE TOTALLY INEFFECTIVE ON OBJECTS OF THIS SIZE LBP now shares a unified EN_US dictionary with all other SM mods , this dictionary comes in the form of a folder called SM_Industries, this is not an optional install, this folder must also be installed, before reporting part name and description autoloc errors check you have installed everything re
  5. STAR HORIZONS INDUSTRIES DEVELOPMENT THREAD Current: Sci-Fi Engines Engines from "relatively" realistic films and shows. All stats and performance are not final. Previews/Pictures (Imgur) Parts list: To-do List Smaller 2.5m "Eilanda" Engine Pre-"Eilanda" Fusion Engines Plasma Chemical Rocket Engines (From Interstellar) more engines i guess HEAVY WIP/PREVIEW: Star Horizons Industries: Sci-fi Spacecrafts (Imgur)
  6. Beta release now available! Download from CurseForge NOTE: Default light settings in KSP only allow for 8 lights due to the added resource loads lights can cause. To increase the number of lights available, go to Settings/Graphics/Pixel Light Count and adjust it according to your system's abilities. ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Compatible with @Li0n's Crew Light License is: a modified Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International Public License and view-able on Curse. ________________
  7. KSP Wishlist (Parts only) These are all the parts that I would love to be added into KSP at one point or another. Yes, I know there are mods that add these, but I simply like it better when these things are Stock so that they won't break with updates, I never have to worry about managing my mods everytime and that I don't have to worry about mods becoming outdated or discontinued. Please leave feedback or your own suggestions on what things you'd like to see. Parts: *Requires Making History DLC Engines: Paid: · Merlin 1-D equivalent w
  8. Hello, I have tried to design a very small Spaceprobe, when i saw that the Mass of it more than doubled when i tested it inflight. I have then experimented a bit, a the weight bonus is added to every Command part ingame inflight (+49kg). I am using a RSS/RP1 install in KSP 1.3.1 (via CKAN) . I have tried to trace it down to to a Mod, it should be somewhere in the RP1/Realism Overhaul in their dependencies. Ckan Modlist is linked there: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6uxbrf2xp7xnprw/RSS49KGBug.ckan?dl=0 . This bug, which is obviously greatly hurting my ability to make small Stages and Probes,
  9. I personally really want a stock centrifuge habitat to be implemented into the newer ksp versions. I would like to see your ideas though too. @UomoCapra please consider doing this
  10. BETA Version (v0.4.5.1) I feel happy enough with the state the mod is in at present to open this up for a 'Beta-test'. Without further ado I present my first Mod release: Introducing the Recoverable Emergency Kerbal Transport (REKT) escape pod mod. This part mod pack is designed to introduce another means of safely recovering your Kerbals from a mission which may have gone wrong, or possible as a deliberate means of evacuating an orbital station as it makes its graceful descent on a sub-orbital trajectory. Command: REKT mk1A - Single Kerbal pod wit
  11. Parts to fill stock niches, including 0.625m LFO engines and tanks, a full suite of monopropellant engines ranging from 2.5m to sub-0.625m, brand new 0.625m SRBs, 0.625m high efficiency engines using LiquidFuel, Monopropellant or Xenon, a number of new probe cores with varied specialisations and shapes, more ways to produce electricity, a range of RCS blocks both large and small, and structural parts to glue it all together with. [snip] Changelog Thanks A big thankyou to @ArcFurnace, @blowfish, @BobCat, @Borklund, @CardBoardBoxProcessor, @Devo, @EndlessWaves, @Init
  12. KERBAL KRISTMAS PACK Provided by Santa Gift Industries, a subsidiary of Integrated Phoenix Industries. DOWNLOAD: https://spacedock.info/mod/2034/Kerbal Kristmas Pack - Lights and presents DESCRIPTION: Just a fun little silly festive mod which adds attachable lights and a KIS container present. Requires Kerbal Inventory System (KIS) to function. You can get KIS here: NOTES: - I haven't figured out how to do colour changes on one part, so the lights are separate parts for each colour. CHANGELOG: v1.0 -Firs
  13. Still THE pack of select vanilla-inspired parts for your aircrafting needs! UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT For further info please visit the thread linked below Kerbal Aircraft Expansion V2.7.2 The continuation of the Kerbal Aircraft Expansion created by @keptin Currently under management by SpannerMonkey and the SM TestGroup Special thanks go in this update to @DoctorDavinci for overhauling all the textures . @inigma for testing and advice. and the guys on the overwhelmed test team. Thanks muchly all Previous version listed for KSP 1.2.2 has
  14. Does anyone have any hard data for the height of each part (Ideally in meters)? I've been trying to find them, but I can't find any kind of list with that information. The parts list on the wiki has radial size, but not height. Does anyone have a personal or public link they can post?
  15. Station Parts. (Ver 1.2) Parts pack for building orbital space stations. This mod is meant to be used with TAC Life Support. If you have TAC Life Support installed the part "Station Waste Container Module" will only store waste products. Without TAC Life Support the part is renamed to "Station Alternate Propellants Storage" and will contain Liquid Fuel, Oxidizer and Monopropellant. Features 2 different habitation modules, a science lab, probe core, a cupola, a fuel and resurces storage module, a waste container module, an airlock, an access tunnel, a PMA extender, solar panels, an
  16. The mod would consist of 2 parts: they will be Environmental Exposure Laboratories (E.E.Ls ). There will be a space and surface version of that part. Space E.E.L : Would be a deployable 2.5m wide module. when deployed, it would still be able to fit inside a 3.75 container. The main idea would be able to conduct 3 experiments (one on a plant, the other on an animal, the other on a fungus) by exposing them to the environment around them. Unlike any other experiments though, It would have a capacity of 2 kerbals, (0 when undeployed) and would have to have at least one scientist to conduct. T
  17. I recently reinstalled KSP on my laptop as I had to get Windows reinstalled and it wiped everything. Whenever I try to attach something radially it won't attach perpendicular to the surface and I have to rotate it manually. It's really annoying, and ideas?
  18. I seem to recall that a long time ago, someone suggested a simplified part selection UI. The gist is that instead of having to pick from tens of different but similar-looking fuel tanks, you just pick any fuel tank, right click on it, pick the length and radial size, and the part changes accordingly. Kind of like tweakscale, but the part actually switches to another part instead of simply altering the size of part. It's also not procedural parts, because it uses the parts already in the game. Now that part variants are a thing, I think this is not too far off. It could be like that, but w
  19. To whom it may be helpful, I like to share a small tool I have written in Java / JavaFX to "manage" part configuration files of my KSP installation. There are certain parts in the game and some of the mods which I personally tend to ignore because of several reasons. Instead of using other mods like "Janitors Closet" to remove those parts from the game, I wanted a small tool which just renames some part configuration files so the game does not load them at all. The tool has to make it easy to find the parts by name or title and shall give an overview of what is active and purged in an ins
  20. I had an idea for a part which would enable simulating the Korolev Cross in KSP both for roleplaying and strategic purposes. This part should make for a useful type of decoupler/sepratron. The part is a small radial piece much like a radial RCS thruster, and it can only attach a fuel tank to its root. When activated, it detaches like a decoupler but then adds a radial point of thrust to the separating (away from root) fuel tank, causing the fuel tank to expend its remaining fuel at very low dV to produce non-damaging thrust. This will use the fuel remaining in the tank to push the tank aw
  21. I'm finding as I am gaining more hours and experience playing Kerbal Space Program, that I am starting to impose rules, or at least methods of play on myself. For example, I don't like using additional reaction wheels in most aircraft (and I usually turn off stability-except for long distance cruising). I feel like my planes should at least be able to fly with as little aid as possible. That is not an absolute (I break that rule for some of my really weird ones), but it is an ideal. I know some people only play in stock. Others may eschew certain mods or only use mods like Realism Over
  22. Now with over 50 steampunk parts! WARNING: If you have version 1.7 or earlier of Maritime Pack installed, delete this directory: GameData/Maritime Pack/MPUtils before installing!!! If you have the alpha test of the MP CVL, you will need to ONLY delete the MPUtils.dll file in that directory. You can determine which version you have by looking in that directory. If you have the MPUtils.dll file in that directory, you can delete it. This pack contains a much updated version of MPUtils used in the Maritime Pack. As a result of both mods sharing this plugin, MPUtils wil
  23. Apr 08, 2018 - Now on CKAN. Based on what I've seen, I will not be supporting CKAN problems. it's supposed to be a 'one click and done' on Spacedock, according to the Spacedock FAQs. So please address any questions/problems with CKAN installations to the CKAN team. Thanks for your understanding. Apr 01, 2018 - Correcting the fuel/oxidizer mix in the K1 second stage. I hate to see really great mods languish, so I'm going to try to bring NovaPunch up to date. The original mod thread can be found here. I know, "No pics, No clicks". So here's one Launch Vehicle:
  24. I have decided to try a new type of animation for KSP - a PowerPoint style slideshow. Originally inspired by and made for the mod Kerbal Kommander. But I ended up using the parts in my save, so I thought some people would also like to have a standalone version. Here's how it turned out: DOWNLOAD from Dropbox DOWNLOAD from Spacedock Animating stuff was not the hardest part, the hardest part was coming up with ideas for the slides. I may create more screens, but I need help with ideas
  25. Once I recieved a tourism contract that required to build a space hotel capable of holding up to 50 kerbals... 50 KAAAARL! I started to try various superb station parts pack, but was not satisfied by any of them, as none contained parts that were capable of holding at least 25 kerbals in one part. And also none looked like "hotel" (of course, these are space station parts ). The only mod that looked close to what I wanted was "struggling to survive" Civilian Population. And eventhough Civilian Population is cool I personally wanted to have it's parts with stock only functionality. Th
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