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Found 1 result

  1. SEAPLANE TO ORBIT - THE 1.3.X PARTY THREAD This challenge is a revised and updated version (with permission) of @Mikki's Seaplane to Orbit 1.05 challenge. UPDATES ****CHALLENGE CREATED 03.07.2017**** RULES - PLEASE READ THESE BEFORE ATTEMPTING THE CHALLENGE The Seaplane to Orbit challenge is inclusive and I'm usually willing to have rules stretched to the nth degree, so get creative and join the party board or gatecrash: 1. Stock and Modded are permitted (Modded is defined as using modded engines, lifting parts, fuel tanks etc). 2. The craft may not lose any parts in flight (unless the award category allows it) 3. The craft run must start from water, reach orbit (PE > 70km) and land intact on water or land. It is accepted that you load your craft on the runway. 4. You may not cheat in any way - Test my leniency sure, but no classic cheating please. 5. All missions require either an album showing each stage of the flight, or a video showing all stages of the flight. 6. Once you have completed a mission, please post your proof in this thread for my review including a breakdown of your score and some basic information about your craft including mods used. AWARDS - IF YOU DO SOMETHING WORTHY I WILL ADD A NEW AWARD CATEGORY AT MY DISCRETION Use modded parts - Nonconformist Use stock only parts - Purist Decouple landing gear after launch from runway - Footloose Submerge and become an submarine - Crashdive Park your seaplane in the KSC Pool - Poolguest - blame @WhiteKnuckle Transfer from water to land after orbit - Beached Use only Liquid fuel (Rocket) engines - Sponsored by Kerbodyne Use only SRB's - Light that candle Have an Engineer inspect your vessel by swimming - Wet Have an Engineer inspect your vessel by foot - Booty Smallest seaplane by weight - Minimalist Largest seaplane by weight - Maximalist Visit another bodies orbit - Traveler PARTYBOARD MK1 SEAPLANES MK2 SEAPLANES MK3 SEAPLANES GATECRASHERS Get your badge here
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