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Found 1 result

  1. Hello everyone! Kerbal Space Program 1.4.3 and Making History 1.2 is live! This patch includes various improvements and bug fixes for both the base game and the Making History Expansion, as well as localization of the History Pack missions. Additionally, 3 brand new stock missions have been added for the Making History Expansion: Sally Hut 1, Acapello 13, and Ziggy Kerman and the Spiders from Duna. This patch also includes a brand new airfield and launchpad, which you’ll be able to use in all game modes as long as you have the expansion installed. For mission creators, we are adding the capability to place mobile launchpads on the surface of water bodies. Check out this patch's Changelog for further details: =================================== v1.4.3 ============================================================ +++ Improvements * Log messages improved on startup. * Tweak camera system to reduce the green line over water. * Clicking on Launchpad and Runway no longer check/clear them of vessels until you click launch on the vessel launch dialog. * Vessel ground positioning for landed vessels improved (Default is true). * Added kerbal animations when parachute is deployed. * Added ability to deploy parachute when kerbal is in command seat so that players can create paragliders. * Default terrain settings for low detail have been increased to reduce terrain and object issues using this setting. +++ Localization * Fix display name for Crater Bay biome on Laythe. +++ Parts * Gave the white fairing a good washing - it is now a brighter white and more consistent with other similar shaded parts. * Adjusted the node size on the “Dawn” Ion Engine. * Decouplers will now properly remove their icon after staging +++ Bugfixes * Fix an issue that was causing excessive drag in fairings. * Fix UI for Linux offset issues. * Fix Contracts parameter completion log and SMS App firing in all cases. * Fix suspension for wheels and legs when vessel coming off rails from bouncing. * Fix landing legs sometimes exploding on contact with ground. * Fix the context menu when single click on orbits lines allowing to set target. * Fix persistence of data when switching to unloaded vessel via map view. * Fix vessel MOI not being correct when control from here is not the root part of the vessel. * Fix reentry VFX being broken by parts which don’t have a scale of one. * Fix IVA overlay camera showing artifacts on high specular parts. * Eliminate possibility of having two tourist/recovery contracts with Kerbals with the same first name. * Fix for missions or saved games names containing invalid characters freezing the game. * Fix for music system to play tracks from the beginning when changing scenes. Music now also correctly pauses when game is paused. * Exclude parts with no crew capacity from recovery contracts. * Fix NRE on flagpole when SC buildings are destroyed. * Fix ground positioning on Tutorials and Scenarios that start with landed vessels. * Fix for KSC markers overlaying launch dialog on return from Astronaut Center. * Fix some Z-Fighting issues with the Rockomax 64 tank +++ Mods * Fix vessels disappearing from map view when procedural drag cubes are generated from root part. * Correct the order of text returned in ConfigNode.ToString. * Allow bypass of PatchedConics CheckEncounter log message for mods. * Add onWillBeCopied and onWasCopied to Part and PartModule class. * Improved difficulty settings scroll panel to accommodate many mod entries. Making History ChangeLog: ====================================== v1.2.0 - Requires KSP v1.4.3 =============================== +++ Improvements * Add Astronauts to the available avatars for dialog message nodes and starting briefing node and added more animations. * Add ability to set placeable launch pads in missions onto the water’s surface with auto-switchable model components. * Add Dessert Runway and Launch Site (available in any game mode with Making History (Installed). * Add ability to select The Sun and Jool on science experiment node. * Improve tutorial highlighters for better ease of use * Mission Difficulty is now more easily visualized with icons for each level * Addition of new ActionGroup node so you can control the action groups from inside a mission * Created an icon with a tooltip in the Missions App for additional information, such as timestamp on objective completion. * Addition of an Advanced Tutorial for the Mission Builder +++ Localization * Fix some translation issues for part failures in the PAW. * Fix localization of Woomerang mini-biome. +++ Parts * Corrected the model scale of the size 4 fairing * The textures on the various structural panels are now symmetric * Fixed the airlock camera, resolving an issue where some kerbals had a black portrait. * Fixed off-center thrust on the Wolfhound and Cheetah engines. * Corrected the node sizes on the 3.75m structural tube * Removed obsolete test command module from SM-25 - Plenty of space inside for player added equipment. +++ Bugfixes * Fix NRE when stay in editor is selected during mission vessel building and vessel has kerbals that were hired during mission play. * Fixed an NRE caused when a 2.5m service module was the only part on a vessel * Fix mission not progressing after stay in editor is selected during mission vessel building and the player leaves the mission and later returns and continues the mission. * Fix ladder on Woomerang Launch Site. * Fix mobile launch sites from not being cleaned up fully when quit to main menu from a mission. * Fix mobile launch sites orientation to match placement in the GAP. * Fix test orbits not being shown and spamming log when going from Mission Builder to Tracking Station. * Fix scroll view on Tracking Station Mission Objectives list. * Fix infinite loading screen if Tracking Station button is pressed in Mission Builder with default mission (not saved). * Fix Null Reference Error when placing part node in mission builder and active mission has no vessel nodes. * Fix warning on launchpad lights when not started. * Fix no revert save being saved when mission only has creator defined vessels on the start node. * Fix no revert save being saved when creator defined vessels spawn during the mission and are set to focus the view on these vessels. * Fix for localization keys appearing on the UI in many places in the mission editor and flight apps. * Fixed the impossibility of renaming new missions after a stock one had been open in the Mission Builder. * Corrected de-clutter message when debris is removed from non-KSC launch sites. * Fix Launch Site MapNodes in GAP being at the center of the planet. * Fix value clamping when large number entered in Int field in SAP. * Fix for handling corrupted zip files during mission import. * Fix Undo/Redo behaviour with text fields and Node deleting. * Fix for Mission Briefing saving changes when you press Cancel. * Fixes to change mission detection for the unsaved changes warnings. * Fix OrbitParameters node not updating all its information properly on the node text. * Fix to SpawnVessel node to use degrees instead of radians in its Mean Anomaly values. * Fix to the TakeKerbal node where it was getting triggered in the air for biomes and areas. * Fix check for vessel recovery enabled in mission when clicking the launchsite facilities. +++ Missions *All stock missions fully localized. *Adding Sally-Hut 1 mission. *Adding Acapello 13 mission. *Adding Ziggy Kerman and the Spiders from Duna mission. Munar 1 * Fix Gold Award cannot be earned. * Fix an incorrect fail condition. * Grammar and punctuation corrections. Acapello 15 * Fix Gold Award cannot be earned. * Fix mission can be completed without bringing Valentina back to Kerbin. * Changed vessel to any/active to avoid nodes not firing when undocking/docking. * Changed difficulty to intermediate. * Changed crew experience level. +++ Known Issues * During missions sometimes vessels and kerbals can suffer additional forces when a vessel is spawned in the middle of a mission Some of you may wonder why this release was delayed. During the testing phase we encountered an unexpected issue, which appeared to involve delicate features such as the Floating Point Origin, Krakensbane and PQSCities. Some veteran players who have followed KSP development closely may recognize these issues, which were patched a while back. Working on these features entails a risk and we’ve faced many challenges on our way to improve upon the complexities of KSP. Happy launchings!
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