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Found 2 results

  1. Hello everyone! Kerbal Space Program 1.4.5 and Making History 1.4 is live! This patch includes various improvements and bug fixes for both the base game and the Making History Expansion, as well as a number of amends to the in-game integration of Steam Workshops and other Steam-related features! Check out this patch's Changelog for further details: =================================== v1.4.5 & MH 1.4============================================================ 1.4.5 Changelog - BaseGame ONLY (see below for MH changelog) +++ Improvements * Make mapnode behind body transparency configurable and improve behavior for pinned/hovered nodes (MAPNODE_BEHINDBODY_OPACITY in gamesettings). * Pop dialogs can now be closed/dismissed with ESC key. * Improvements to wheels/legs bouncing/sliding and oscillations. (Particularly when overloaded). * Removed pop-up which offers to delete incompatible saves and craft files and replaced with a pop-up which only warns of incompatibility when incompatible save/craft files are attempted to be opened. +++ Localization * Fix RnD Archives Biome Filter not showing spaces in biome names. +++ Parts +++ Bugfixes * Fix populating steam items into the wrong tabs in the craft browser/play missions dialog if the user switches tabs whilst waiting for responses from Steam. * Fix Steam Workshop Craft will not download if deleted when subscribed to then resubscribed to when in the VAB. * Fixed a bug where EVA facial animations were corrupted when the kerbal was mid-air and a quicksave was loaded. * Fix settings showing for expansion when expansion not installed. * Fix log message text for gathering subscribed Steam Workshop craft files. * Handle steam item lists with correct Steam Workshop status in craft browser. * Save craft file before exporting to steam to persist Steam Workshop Item Id into the craft file that is shared on steam. * Update Steam Workshop Item Steam Author automatically in UI dialogs. * Fix wheel explosions on docking landed vessels. * Fix vessels jumping when docking landed to a large mass vessel. * Fix Engineers report not taking variants into account for size dimensions. * Fix Engineers report not showing correct part/mass/size restrictions when swapping between different level VAB/SPH using the switch editor button. * Fix Kerbal on EVA occlusion inside all cargo bays as well as when the enter/leave command seats inside cargo bays. * Revised the initial state of the Exploring Gilly scenario, so that vessels don’t bounce off the surface out of control on start. * Fix vessels splashed inside another splashed vessel being removed when outside physics bubble. * Fix undo in VAB/SPH not working when you delete all but the root part. * Fix Reentry FX on Fairings. * Adjust SRB Engine FX and Sparks. * Fix NRE on PQSCity if transform has not been parented to a CelestialBody. * Fix Aero FX appearing in IVA mode inside the models. * Fix a localization issue that caused the Station One scenario to be corrupted in asian languages. +++ Mods * Added localScale param and behaviour to EffectDefinitions: PREFAB_PARTICLE, PREFAB_MULTI_PARTICLE, MODEL_MULTI_PARTICLE and MODEL_PARTICLE +++Miscellaneous * Add distinguishing titles between Steam Workshop Author and in-game user supplied Author in UI. * Add warning messages for craft browser craft UI Steam Workshop items. * Add cloud available space and file count checks when exporting craft and mission files to Steam Workshop. * Add Steam Workshop subscribe/unsubscribe button to craft browser VAB/SPH tabs. * Better handling of Steam Workshop items that are not in a valid state to be used in dialog UIs. * Add option to delete in progress mission files when deleting a mission. * Add Unity Analytics dialog and link to the players Unity Privacy Data page for personal data opt-out management. 1.4 Changelog - Making History DLC ONLY +++ Improvements * Allow minimum of 10m on fly through node. * Added checks for vessel compatibility when loading missions. +++ Localization +++ Parts * Added ModuleTestSubject for all of the MH Parts. +++ Bugfixes * Fixed Mission Builder exiting in some cases not closing the "Launch New Test" dialog. * Fix mission breaking and PauseMenu lockup when a node is deleted from end of mission path. * Fix nodes using Launch Sites as targets not detecting all Launch Sites. * Fix missing string for Snap to Grid tooltip in Builder. * Fix steam missions being out of sort order in mission lists. * Fix Asian fonts not showing in mission list for Steam Workshop Items. * Fix failure when going to the Tracking Station from the Mission Builder when there are no vessels. * Fix persistence for Ignoresurfacevelocity setting on nodes. * Fix Out of Range error when Vessel Explode action fires and disintegrates craft to separate vessels. * Fix where on the Mission App it was not displaying correctly the target Launch Site name with the nodes: Vessel Destroyed and Vessel Landed. * Some additional Loop protection in MEFlow Parser. * Fix SnapToGrid locking in Mission Builder. * Fix FlyThrough nodes waypoint being at surface and not the target location. * Fix Test Distance node throwing log spam when target vessel may not have spawned yet. * Fix slider percentage entries for part failure multipliers in Builder . * Fix canvas objects not scaling with the UIScale settings. * Fix DirectoryNotFound exception when playing a mission from Main Menu after previously testing a mission from the Mission Builder. * Removed Invalid “none” option on Resource Drain node creating KeyNotFound exceptions. * Fix when creating a new mission GAP size no longer resets to default. * Fix test Kerbal EVA node when assigning specific vessels to the node for EVA test. * Fix vessel landed node detection of launch sites. * Fix for GAP rendering in an incorrect scale for the Landed Vessel node +++ Missions +++Miscellaneous * Add Steam Workshop subscribe/unsubscribe button to Mission Play dialog on Community tab. Happy launchings!
  2. Hey um KSP developer's um could you fix this glitch on whenever i build a rocket, it highly relies on rocket fin's being on the center of mass and when I do that, it looks very very ugly, and if I don't the rocket just flips for no darn reason but if I go to say for example version 1.4.2, 1.4.3 or even 1.4.4 that won't happen. Say for example I put together this very simple basic rocket containing of the mk1/3 command pod from the new update 1.4 with the big orange tank and a mainsail with a decoupoler for the pod to land safely in the kerbin ocean with none other than a parachute to coast it down safely. But the twist is or more or less "Bug" is what i'm calling it, in the latest update 1.4.5 if I launch a simple rocket with no fin's and I do know that the pods are lifting surfaces BTW, The rocket flips out of control even with reaction wheels and also I did not add reaction wheels to the rocket and I do know that they make stuff in KSP more stable well because KSP logic, I felt like not adding one and even with them the rocket still flips out of control and i've only concurred this event on none other than this update which is a pain in the @$$ because it's annoying to fix every time I try to build a darn rocket that flips for no apparent reason, KSP developer's please fix this bug if you can and I do not have any log's or videos showing this and I am not lying to you for real, I have to add rocket fins inside of the darn fuel tank and it increases part count and my memory hates it! Oh also when I looked at the reentry particle effects with no mods installed, I do know that they added a new reentry effect in version 1.4 and when I go to 1.4.5 the effect goes to the old 1.3 one... can someone help me out here please?
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