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Found 1 result

  1. The payload fraction challenges were a nice way to squeeze as much as possible out of the stock parts in KSP, but they've all fallen into inactivity. Recently I've been playing around with efficient single stage craft, and I've been having a lot of fun trying to maximize the payload capacity. Also, since new optimization techniques have been discovered, I'm curious to see what the players can come up with. Categories Categories are arranged in two axes: -Type of craft (single stage vs multi stage, rocket vs plane). All else equal I expect multi stage designs to have an advantage over single stage designs. -Techniques used to design the craft (aero optimization) In my mind I divide this axis into three parts: Purist, Technical, and Anarchy. Purist: The craft must be physically possible. In other words, no clipping, unless that clipping is incidental and doesn't affect the craft's aero properties. Fairings are allowed if they don't clip through anything. Technical: Clipping is allowed, as well as node occlusion and root fairings. These crafts are still bound by the physical properties of KSP's wings. Anarchy: Any aero glitches are allowed. Stacked cargo bays, magic wings, et cetera. However, you must still use an actual engine for thrust - no Kraken drives. Score is Payload Mass / Launch Mass. The payload cannot have wings or engines, and all resources must be full. (Clarification - the resources don't necessarily need to be full as long as you can prove that no resources were drained from the payload). The payload must be separated from the launch vehicle in a stable orbit (Pe > 70). Leaderboard: Single Stage Multi Stage Purist camacju - 0.614 (Plane - reusable) Sival - 0.416 (Plane - reusable) swjr-swis - 0.22 (Rocket - reusable) pedter - 0.191 (Rocket) Sival - 0.340 (Rocket) Technical camacju - 0.676 (Plane) camacju - 0.664 (Plane) zacspace - 0.405 (Plane) Anarchy If there are any suggestions for categories or rules, please let me know!
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