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Found 6 results

  1. Hi fellow forumer! Welcome to our little place, here we share art on solar system and beyond! ------------------- Introducing da squad: @cubinator! the most awesome human being in the observable universe, that was friendly enough to help me with this project! He was and is my friend, he still carries on his legendary art. Art style- pixel art Bio- The artist who was first to join da club, his works are mostly asteroid, they are very enjoyable because of the very nice colors he uses. - @AR3S_TGL! for also participating, he proved that you can be added t
  2. This is where you post a meme and someone else shall shame it. One rule keep it sfw.
  3. Post any pics you want just make sure they are edited in some way Like any filters or drawings N-joy ?
  4. A mission... from Kerbin, to Duna, then Jool, exploring a few moons, then off to Sarnus. Mission Duration: 10 to 15 years. Parameters: An intrepid crew of 8 kerbals, four veterans and four relative newbies. Playing in sandbox, trying not to cheat : ) But autosaves OK because nobodys perfect and some things need testing. I am not an accomplished writer so expect a lot of pics over dialoge : ) But I do have some interesting bits planned for near the end. Also, as it is summer, I may be a bit slow to post. Vacation and all that.
  5. This evening I landed my first space plane (sent it up last night). Ok, that's not a big deal to regular wing merchants, but for a dyed in the wool rocket jock, like yours truly, it was quite the experience. It took a few attempts to get a vehicle together that would actually make it into orbit (or even to the other side of the ocean), but once I had those wonderous Whiplashes strapped on, it was plane sailing. Well, I got into a 75km orbit with about 15% of fuel remaining and just about dragged it down to a landing on the Island runway. I overshot the KSC and was a little off
  6. The Pine Space Program! Inspired by a couple of users on this forum, I decided to start a new career save and keep a log of sorts for my progress and to be able to check stats. I'll use a bunch of mods and ingenuity to get kerbals everywhere in the universe! The Log so far is here! The Premise: My plan (for now) is to run a space program using a bunch of mods that enhance the carrer and end-game experience, so that by the end of it all I can finally say I finished a KSP career! That's right! I never even once finished the complete tech tree, nor did I explo
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