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Found 8 results

  1. Guest

    The airplane picture thread.

    Hi. Just post pictures of airplanes. That's all. http:// http://
  2. Hello, I'm pretty new to the forums and I'd like to know how to take and post screenshots.
  3. I noticed this evening that I've reached the 1000 posts point on the forum. Actually that was probably a few days ago, as this is my 1010th one. So I decided to put together a collage of some of the KSP artwork I've made over the years. It comes in 4k size, for those with such monitors, and the desire to lose their icons on a noisy desktop.
  4. Some photos I recently acquired.I can recognize the first one quite easily, but not others... You know why this is in the fan-art category, right?
  5. So I wanted to start a discussion. On realistic designs and have a good collection of pics.centerd around station builds. And to add some challenge I want it to be completely in Stock KSP parts.
  6. The file sizes for the cover photo and profile picture are far too small. I can't even use a screenshot from KSP as a cover photo due to the size limit. Everything has to be shrunk so much it looks bad. Please, hear me out here and change this! You can see the distortion in my profile photo by the way. I had to remove the background for my profile cause it was too blurry.
  7. Hi, i thought it might be interresting to see what the enviroment others live in looks like. So heres a Picture taken from my Balcony Looking towards the City center of Hamburg, Germany: I Invite others to post the views out of their windows or from their balconys too.
  8. Sorry if picture is too big, scroll to the right. It's the first time I actually have made real artwork with GIMP!
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