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Found 18 results

  1. Welcome everyone! I opened this thread for the freedom of uploading the pictures of and discussing the space shuttles that you have made. Stable space shuttles are hard to build, especially if the 'Vector" nozzles are being used. So I thought of creating this thread for you to upload the pictures of your space shuttles or even .craft files to let others see how your shuttles look like. You have the freedom to post your own space shuttle designs, or replicas, mods are allowed, it's just important that you upload shuttle pictures. Screenshots can be taken by using the F1 key on your keyboard whi
  2. Have a nice day, I would say first that English is not my native language, so if you don’t fully understand my writing, I ask for your understanding. Feel free to fix it if you have patience. Thanks. If you have any questions I will be happy to discuss the topic.I love the sci-fi genre and this will also be visible on the ships built. I am not an experienced professional KSP mod maker. I’m more of an avid amateur and I make little additions out of my own amusement.Ships are also featured, and so all the craziness I use in ksp. Here I am just presenting, explaining things, noth
  3. In a shock news release by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), it was revealed that rumours of man's exploration of the moon in the Apollo program, having been observed by alien beings, were in fact true. Pictures released today, show these alien creatures in close proximity to the astronauts of the Apollo missions, appearing to observe and even interact with them. More information on this late breaking story and additional pictures, as we get it.
  4. Chapter 1: Slipping the Surly Bonds Chapter 2: Ordained Destiny Chapter 3: Distant Voyager Chapter4: Voyages End Chapter 1: Slipping the Surly Bonds Since the dawn of kerbal kind, on the shores of a peninsular a few hundred kilometers from the KSC, kerbals had stared up at the night sky and wondered about those sparkles of light and the great river that ran through them. Kerbals had evolved from their primitive, even violent beginnings, to become the race a space-farers that had visited the closest of those points of light in the sky and dreamed of journeying even
  5. Welcome to Mission Complete where I post the missions I have done with pictures, tutorials and the craft I use for download. The way the forum works is the earliest missions are towards the start (eg pages 1, 2, and 3) and the missions done nearest to the time of reading are at the back (eg pages 25, 26, and 27). Happy Reading!
  6. The Tinfoil Times Everyone knows that you can't trust those "original" pictures that show how we spend literally thousands of dollars every year putting people in space just to grow crystals and stuffs. I mean they've gotta be doin other things! There's this guy I know, well he's a friend of a friend... of a friend, who has this special radio and a cool lookin antenna, well it's an umbrella covered in chewing gum wrappers and wire coat hanger sticking out the middle. Anyway... he says he has these secret pictures from space cos his uncle used to be an astronut or sumthin and he gave
  7. Hello everyone, I hope this is posted in the right place. I suppose it is a 'challenge', so here we go... Every tuesday I have the house to myself from 0810hrs until 2000hrs and I decided to make it "Test-Flight Tuesday". I get the chance to mess with all the amazing designs I have saved during the week. Some designs are too difficult for my poor skills, some are not for me, and some just fail my taste test. I enjoy it and wondered if anyone would like to join-in? All you have to do is show off what you are testing, who designed it (if it wasn't you), take some screen shots, and eva
  8. Hello guys! Ive been working on a project for two days now taking screenshots in KSP, editing them, and releasing them out to the public on the KSP reddit. This project was originally meant to stay on the KSP Reddit but I've decided to come along here to the KSP Forums. Heres what you need: - A screenshot while playing without the HUD showing - Has to have a subject - No need for Scatterer or EVE and such, just pure talent. - Kerbals Here are some examples - https://imgur.com/a/g7ZvL You may request an edit of the photo(s
  9. World War K A KSP Novel (By: DarkOwl57) 30 years after the Battle of Kerbin, tensions are again rising. Across the NSK, leaders spread rumor and propaganda of war and revolution, while to the East, the Eastern Empire fights among themselves for control. Now, the remains of the NSK must fight for everything, and leave nothing to chance. With all to play for and the stage set, this will be either Kerbin's finest hour.... Or it's final defeat. This is Table of Contents Chapter I: The Gathering Storm Chapter 1: Calling in the Cavalry Chapt
  10. Hey guys! I thought of a challenge for you guys; if I could draw a design or an artwork/paintings of anything (KSP related), See if you be able to make it and build it in ksp and post your pictures here. (sorry if there are similar challenges like this before in this forum, I did not have time to do a bit of searching) ok let me upload some drawings!!
  11. Part 1: Mun Orbit - Testing the Mun machines - Mun landing for real this time Part 2: A roving we will go - Early station building - A trip to the big cheese Part 3: Seeing Red - Open to the public - Everybody loves Dres Part 4: What's that burning - Far flung Eeloo - Learning the base hics Part 5: Anomalous readings Part 6: Bridge to nowhere Part 7: Monalitha Part 1 "I was never worried, not for one moment" - Jeb Kerman - 01 Mun Orbit This was the first manned flight beyond beyond LKO and carried Jeb Bob and Bill on a s
  12. If you have a ground base, either big or small, either running smoothly or insanely framerate breaking, either at ground level or high up, on land or water, and you think that it's worthy enough, then send me pics! Show the rest of the forums how good your basebuilding skills are! Show them how much skill and time it took you to construct it, and last of all, show them links to mods if you used them! To post, you will have to have at least one picture of your base, and a short description (function, goal, objective, etc.) of your creation. And, even though it's called "ground base", that doesn
  13. Just a place where I shall put my videos and pictures and streams and run on sentences. Enjoy, or don't. I dont care
  14. Post any pics you want just make sure they are edited in some way Like any filters or drawings N-joy ?
  15. It is a little known fact that Bill has an artistic side, specifically photography. With an unexpected end of budget surplus burning a hole in their pockets, the people at the KSC decided to spend all of it on supporting Bill in his artistic pursuits. With this financing he was able to achieve his long held dream of creating photographic composition series titled.. Day of Destruction The Beginning Clouds of Thunder Man on Fire Sunshine Battlefield Home Inspiration
  16. Welcome to JASA, the JebKeb Aeronautical & Space Administration. We commit a large amount of rocketry and aviation, and we know everyone likes fiery stuff so we are trying to set up a space tourism network. We are also exploring the Kerbol system and are trying to place a permanent settlement on Minimus. I have not posted the early days of the space program because it's boring, but we're now up to about the same level of progress as real life space agencies, so I decided to show you my take on mid career mode.
  17. I was looking at Scott Kelly's pictures of the recent snow storm to hit the east coast. While looking at it I was trying to understand the orientation of the picture and to see which cities were visible. After some time with Google Earth and Microsoft Paint I labeled what I could distinguish in the photo. Just wanted to share and maybe see if anyone can see if something is mislabeled. Scott Kelly's - https://twitter.com/StationCDRKelly/status/690865242327351296/photo/1?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw Labeled - http://i.imgur.com/6O7Kfv4.jpg
  18. Hi! I've been on the forums for a few days now and the time has come for me to post on the spacecraft exchange, but I can't work out how to post images. Do I need to use Imgur or can I post directly from my hard drive? Do I need an Imgur account? Can I do gifs? Please help!
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