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Found 2 results

  1. Hello everyone! I am currently working on a planet pack, and I am looking for ways to give my planets complex, interesting terrain to explore. I want to implement jagged terrain like Namm's from the Kargantua System planet pack. I have a basic understanding of the Kopernicus PQS Mods, but I am unable to create the desired terrain. How complicated should my PQS Mods' code be, and what PQS Mods should I be using? Thanks.
  2. I Have used a config file to remove planets but it is doing nothing to my game.I am using version 1.3.1.It says nothing about this file in the log. This is the config used: @Korpernicus:FOR[ANF] { !Body[Mun] {} !Body[Minmus] {} } The name of this file is: RemoveStockBodies.cfg
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