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  1. A journey awaits. Kerbals have fled from their home system. The warping of the Exodus has made Kerbin fly out of its orbit, sending it into a cold dark hellscape. After thousands of years of cryogenic freezing, they awake on a new home. Now, their objective remains the same. Space. (For context, play Ahum 1 when its finished. This is a sequel to Ahum.) Frequently Asked Questions: (none) Current Version: Alpha 0.01 (distributed to testers only) Download: (none) Discord Server: https://discord.gg/MjrAwTfyN9 Overview: This mod seeks to triumph the style and polish of the original Ahum Planet Pack. It is the direct sequel and successor to the mod. Infrequent bugfixes will come to Ahum 1, though. The Kerbals find themselves now on The Alter Kerbin, a world visually very similar to Kerbin, but chemically vastly different. With the universe now in immediate peril to the means of the objectives to the Romulus SuperAI, the Kerbal race finds themselves on the edge. Whether it be sentient planets, sulfur belts, binary black holes, or what, the Kerbals know they will persevere. Compatibilities
  2. Wabi Sabi - Perfect Imperfection The Overview: Wabi-Sabi. A word that has held prevalence in Japanese culture for centuries. A word that holds so much meaning and depth, it lacks a proper translation into English. It means the acceptance of transience and imperfection, and appreciation of beauty that is imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete in nature. Wabi-Sabi holds an appreciation of both natural objects and forces of nature, appreciating austerity, modesty, intimacy, asymmetry and roughness. Our planets easily fit this brand. Instead of embracing perfect spheres, habitable planets, perfect and balanced solar systems, we have a different unique approach. Each of our bodies has something unique to offer. In this mod, you won't cheat orbit around each body, or just observe from afar in tracking station, but be motivated to say "I want to go there for myself", and furthermore, "I want to stay here and keep coming back". Planets are unique experiences. They shouldn't be one off screenshot generators, but full of worth, value, and creativity blended with realism. Everything from a super-kerbin with exotic ammonia based life, to a lonely vacuum planet should have a relatively similar amount of value and unique content. If you want solar systems crammed with content, uniquely hand crafted planets, with plenty of gameplay, offering new challenges and reasons to explore, then this is it. Quality > quantity. No filler. In-depth lore and story that will send you on an odyssey spanning the small cluster of stars you find yourself in, somewhere between galaxies. Coming soon™️. Incompatibility Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/HYZcvaK (Check back occasionally, I will be updating this! Also also, stuff is heavy WIP so it might not be great as of now, please be nice lol) @Bendy SnowballCo-Developer, PR work, Director, Management, etc. @ballisticfox0 EVE help @ShbibePlaytesting @bobjonesisthebest:D Sciencedefs @Caps Lock Sunflare The Kopernicus Discord Server - Being a great help to me. I can't list all the names individually, but thanks @TheOrios system help/making, concepting @KerbinSphere Part making/modelling @Jason Kerman Their pole spike fixing python script @R-T-B Maintaining Kopernicus @TheProtagonists While their textures are no longer in use, I just think they are cool @RJVB09 Lightcurve Calculator @OhioBobAtmosphere calculator @JadeOfMaar System maps Soon This mod is licensed under CC-BY-NC-ND. Any reuse of my/Wabi-Sabi team's assets is strictly forbidden. Contact me at smushanoob#4556 or the discord server if you have questions about the mod.
  3. Well, i guess we're stuck here now. What was supposed to be a mission to a star 100 lightyears from kerbin took the crew 5000 lightyears from home. Now, 25000 years into the future, stranded in deep space, they find a barely habitable world, which they now call home. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The difficulty early game isn't high but even though the planets are stock size the distances inbetween are larger. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Requirements: Kopernicus for 1.8.1 is required for the mod to work. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Download: https://spacedock.info/mod/2599/Far Out -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Notes: the science isn't very good visual mods aren't supported (maybe in the future) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Screenshots. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Planets Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International
  4. The Overview Homeworld Planet Pack is a mod, centered around a dying white dwarf star. It takes place 62.7 trillion years after the event of Kerbal Space Program. This is my best mod so far, and I hope this will be seen as a good mod, as I intend it to be. This system is not very scientifically accurate from what I know, so take it with a pinch of salt. THIS MOD IS NOT READY FOR REVIEW. Screenshots Dependencies Supported Special Thanks @ShbibeCurrently making a trailer The Kopernicus Discord Server @ballisticfox0 Testing the mod @R-T-B Maintaining Kopernicus @TheProtagonists Aurora textures, and (some) EVE textures specifically from the The World Beyond, going to be added in the full release of this mod. (The license has shifted to allow usage of assets.) @RJVB09 Lightcurve Calculator @OhioBobAtmosphere calculator @Caps Lock the sunflare from CKN (thx again lol) Downloads [Removed] Sorry, to prevent confusion old Homeworld has been taken down. Licensing CC-BY-ND-ND (except for some assets including but not limited to aurorae and the CKN sunflare which fall under their own licenses) My Discord Server for real-time updates https://discord.com/invite/ssWqYBuhwb
  5. So @Misguided Kerbal made the original Valor mod but it has died and he put the mod up for revival, after a while i decided to take it and revived it SpaceDock: https://spacedock.info/mod/2866/Valor Planet Pack Revived?ga=<Game+3102+'Kerbal+Space+Program'> No pic, no click, here you go Screenshot with scatterer System plan/system arrangement To do list Dependencies Kopernicus and its stuff Anyway lets go to the Q&A Q: Is Valor compatible with OPM? A: Yes! Q: Is Valor compatible with MPE? A: Yes! Minor Planet Expansion is compatible and recommended! Q: Is Valor compatible with (Insert Planet Pack Here that's not listed above) A: I don't know. Test it out yourself! Q: How can I help? A: Anything is appreciated! Q: Can we stop with the questions now? A: Um.... sure, I guess. Valor Revived is licensed with GPLv3 Change logs Special Thanks to: @Misguided Kerbal for creating the mod in the first place, @The Minmus Derp for fixing the OPM patch, @Kerbal Productions, making the scatter images
  6. The result of overworking myself. Heliocentric Presents: Flamed Out. What is flamed out? What planets does this add? Screenshots When will it be released? Discord servers to join for updates: https://discord.gg/Q6bpBARpXp (Personal modding server) https://discordapp.com/invite/XmVp23s (Kopernicus server, check #helio-mods for frequent updates)
  7. Crankyjedi's Planet Pack: What CPP does: CPP adds in to the game 2 celestial bodies with high resolution textures and ground textures. The 2 bodies that it adds is made up of a planet named Brainwash and its moon named Ren. Brainwash sits in-between Dres and Jool. The Future of CPP: I am currently working on making more planets and moons for this planet pack and plan to continually update it with new things being fixed, updated, or added every couple of weeks. The current body that I am working on will be a gas giant and will sit in the far edges of the Kerbol system. Screenshots: Download and Requirements: CPP: https://github.com/CrankyJedii/Crankyjedi-s-Planet-Pack Kopernicus (Make sure to install dependencies): https://github.com/Kopernicus/Kopernicus/releases/tag/release-38 Module Manager: https://github.com/sarbian/ModuleManager/releases/tag/v4.1.3 Visual Enhancements: CVP: https://github.com/CrankyJedii/Crankyjedis-Visual-Pack/releases/tag/1.0 EVE: https://github.com/WazWaz/EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements Scatterer: https://github.com/LGhassen/Scatterer/releases/tag/0.0770 |License: MIT| _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  8. How do you make a planet mod. I do not know where to begin and I need some help. Where do I start? How do I make a planet? How to I make it orbit? How do I texture a plant? A complete beginner here who needs help. And to note, I do not know how to understand d C++. How do you make a cfg file?
  9. The Reach 1.0 release Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License It finally fully released! The Reach is a solar system replacer mod, made with the aim to make a new and unique system with interesting planets and design challenges. All planets are unique in their own way without making it feel wrong. Screenshot album: Planet list: Changelog: Download on spacedock: Yes Interstellar edition: Credits: @RJVB09 for converting the textures to a less performance-heavy format, making the aurorae @Thomas P. for making Kopernicus, no planets without him
  10. A set of patches to add 1.8+ shaders and textures to stock bodies that are not revamped yet. It uses a workaround, removing and recreating them under the same name to avoid the checkerboard bug and to be as compatible with visual packs, science definitions and others as possible. Uses 100% stock assets. Licensed MIT. Compatibility confirmed with: Breaking ground Stock and BDB science definitions, experiments, EVA reports Corelian and any other planer packs not touching Jool system moons and Eeloo Spectra, AVP, Sci-FiVE, EVE and Scatterer Expect compatibility problems with any mod, touching the bodies above via Kopernicus, but patching will be pretty simple, all other Kop patches should be loaded after mine. Known issues - Pol spiked scatters(stalagmites) are missing. Installation - add the folders from the archive to your GameData folder, start a new game, and you need Kopernicus 1.10.1 Bleeding Edge. Download - Spacedock No pics - no clicks, yes. Thank you all for all the wonderful things you create, and report bugs!
  11. I was reading through the easter egg list for something, and i read this : "In a forum post from late 2013,Squad member Jeff C.(NovaSilisko) described an idea he had for connecting many easter eggs into a story concerning a civilization which predated the Kerbals. Experiments with interstellar travel resulted in the homeworld of this "precursor civilization" being flung out into an extremely distant orbit. Before they froze to death, they launched monoliths and other messages onto many planets and moons in hopes of seeding intelligent life. Instead, they created Kerbals, not-so-intelligent life. The planet would not show up in any map and would be too distant to be observed with a telescope, making locating it by chance nearly impossible. However, players would be able to find transmitters beaming out SSTV signals on various bodies, each one of which would provide part of the orbital parameters necessary to locate it. The planet would be a bit smaller than Kerbin, covered in ruined cities and frozen oceans, and perpetually in twilight due to being so far from Kerbol. The only element of this narrative which made it into the game is the SSTV transmitter on Duna, which transmits an image originally intended to depict 4 members of the precursor civilization standing on their homeworld, with the logo of their government. Had the narrative story been completed, it would also have contained part of the orbital parameters. Because the story was never implemented into the game, this explanation for the SSTV signal's imagery is arguably non-canon." Is there any mod that adds this frozen planet ?
  12. Hello there! In the last Months I've been trying to install Planet Packs, for example Kerbal Galaxy. I put the KG Folder into GameData where I already had the Kopernicus Folder. But when I booted up KSP, the new Planets didn't appear. Does somebody know how to install Planet Packs so that the Planets appear in the Game? I'm looking forward to receive Answers on that Question! Sincerely, Nathan's Space Center
  13. Not long ago I was looking to spice things up a bit and embrace some new challenges. I play purely stock, but I figured I could still play the game my way by just adding some new scenery. I was trying to decide between adding OPM or installing GPP when @Sigma88 and @Ultimate Steve suggested New Horizons. I had heard of it, but never really payed much attention. When @MinimalMinmus mentioned the difficulty of Ernus (which I've since discovered for myself: he was not kidding), I was intrigued. But it was @Geschosskopf's description of the mod that really convinced me to check it out. The thought of your home "planet" being a Kerbin-sized moon (with Kerbin atmosphere and gravity) of a gas giant just sounded like it could be really interesting. It's turned out to be an absolute blast. Not to mention freakin' beautiful. A lonely Kerbal stares up at his dual "home" worlds. Just sitting on the launchpad is captivating. The above pics were taken before I could figure out how to make Sonnah"s rings show up with color (they were translucent). Thanks to @Micro753 for the solution. Whenever Sonnah's visible, I can't seem to take my eyes off it. The most ordinary launches are beautiful to watch. Please excuse the ugliness and thrown-together quality of the ships I've been using. I don't think I was adequately prepared for the effect this arrangement of your homeworld would have on each launch. Not only do you have to reach orbit, but to go anywhere you first have to travel within the SOI of a gas giant. I guess about the best stock equivalent would be if your homeworld was Laythe. It doesn't sound so bad until you start launching and realize the task ahead of you to actually get anywhere. I always play career, and so I quickly realized that travel here was going to be expensive. I constantly feel like I'm spending too much, and I try to keep costs down however I can. And after a few launches, I realized my Kerbals weren't leveling up. I thought the mod was bugged at first, but then I realized that I wasn't really going anywhere. Even traveling within the system (and landing on every body) could only get me 2 stars. I was gonna need to go interplanetary sooner or later. Laythe seemed to be easily attainable, so I set my sights there. Well whataya know, Kerbin's "sister" world has a moon of its own. Ugly ship, but I fulfilled a bunch of contracts by landing this thing on Derso. It was my first landing outside the Sonnah system, so I was pretty happy about it. Wanted another nearby planet, so I aimed for Arin next. I was not fully prepared for it. This first mission was an absolute failure. The capture burns at all of these planets seem to be unusually high. My failure rate has been staggering. I play without info mods, so I'm always playing by "feel". I know the stock worlds so well by now that I almost never have a failure anymore (except on Eve, which is another story). I have now been transported back almost to square one. I have no idea what each planet and moon will need until I go there. It's a lot of fun, but it can be disheartening at times. I know I can just overbuild everything and succeed that way, but part of the fun is trying to get it just right. It's been really difficult, but I'm enjoying the challenge. And I never give up. Had to go back to Arin several times before I finally succeeded. i decided, since Arin has an atmosphere, why not use it? When back with an "Eve style" lander, and used it to aerocapture. This was not so easy either. Had to try several times. Finally found that, as long as I was under 6km/s, a Pe of about 20km would give me a direct (and safe) aerocapture. Again, a brutally ugly lander. Completed more contracts and made about 4,000,000 bucks. Had to get Kerbal and retract the landing legs for a minute, because one of the contracts specified that the station had to be on motorized wheels. It wouldn't pay until the wheels were on the ground. And those tiny rover wheels were the only ones I had at launch time. The return ship made it back to orbit; where it promptly ran out of fuel. I was still happy, though. Waiting for a window to send a refueler. And now that contracts are really paying off, I'm gonna splurge on a good lander to go along for the ride. Arin's 2 moons are tantalizingly close. I want to reach both of them next time. I'm no fan of probes, but I also bow to reality now and then. Some of these planets are so tough, I figure I could really give myself a safety net if I send drills along. So I sent out a few probes to scan for ore. The one below reached Moh, which has Moho for a moon. This will not be easy. These flybys left me hungry for more. I fully intend to conquer this system. It's gonna fight me every step of the way, though. I sent identical probes pretty much everywhere. I was excited to see the infamous Ernus. I never did. The probe was incinerated the moment I switched to it. I didn't think to check the heat tolerance of all the parts. It has a crappy probecore that blew up immediately. I haven't had to unlock the techtree in so long, I forgot what the lesser probes were capable of. In short, this system is a blast, and I feel like I did when I first bought the game. Except, thankfully, I'm not completely clueless anymore. Just partially. Sorry for all the pics, but I thought you guys might like 'em. I cannot recommend this mod highly enough if you're looking for something new. If GPP is like this, I've got a lot more to look forward to. I'm just really excited and having a lot of fun. Plus it's raining, so I've got the day off. With an empty house. Livin' the dream.
  14. Towards the end of last year, I decided to take up planet modding and started building. Eventually, this came out - The SyeWertz system - This simple mod adds 2 bodies - Sye, a large rocky, vacuum world, and Wertz, its companion moon. Sye is located between Eve and Moho, at a distance of about 7.7 Gigameters from the Sun. Screenshots! Features - Adds 2 bodies in orbit around Kerbol! Fully functioning Biome and Science Defs! Cursed Images! Now, SyeWerts was a result of me mucking around with ideas one afternoon, while working on my main planet pack. I made it, and was pleased by their appearances and left it at that. But after a while, I realised while the concept and execution is sound, it didn't fit well in the planet pack as a whole, so I decided that moving it into a separate pack would be for the best. So I hunkered down to work and got the biomes and science defs and whatnot, up and running in two days and put it out for release. This is just garbage why are you here Future stuff (Soontm) Compatibility with other stuff HazardousPlanet Visuals (What visuals would this have?) Download from Spacedock! Dependencies - Kopernicus and its Dependecies License - Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International Public License If you find any bugs or issues, please notify me - I'll try to fix it as soon as possible. i hope you enjoy my cursed handiwork
  15. Hello guys. I am working on a new mod that adds in a temperate gas-giant. The mod deletes Duna, but makes up for the loss of the planet with a gas-giant and four moons! I will release the mod soon. Currently, I have not added in Biomes or Science Defs, so the mod is complete if you cheat and play in sandbox mode. However, I need to finish painting up biome maps and making at least some custom science defs before I release the mod to the community. I appreciate your patience. Here are some shots of the planets: Bervin: Alru: Goval: Unox: Some shots of Cavran: Oh yeah, it has been out for a while, just forgot to post it here. https://kerbal.curseforge.com/projects/ksp-cavran-planet-pack
  16. A new Mod for KSP Planets Coming up! Help me choose a name if you would like to! Thanks c: P.S it is a mod about the kerbal system after it was destroyed and they have moved to a giant other start system
  17. This planet pack Adds 2 gas planets, 4 moons and 2 asteroids between duna and dres. this pack was originally made by @Thomas988 here: but eventually he stopped working on it. i saw this pack and asked him if it would break his copyright if i updated it, turns out he didn't know either. but i got permission and proceeded to update the pack to work with the latest version of Kopernicus, plus a few changes. Odysseus: This large gas planet was found in a nearly circular retrograde orbit in the asteroid belt by Kerbal astronomers. because of its orbit, they assumed it had been captured early in the systems history, and it seems it and Jools combined efforts created the asteroid belt between the two. Telemachus: The first moon of Odysseus, this dry moon was initially thought to be tidally locked. however, long time observations showed it is barely rotating faster than its orbit. Antinous: One of the last moons to be discovered, this small rock orbits in a heavily inclined orbit. it is known for its staggering cinematic views of its parent and the other moons. Because it appears similar to dres, astronomers assume it was captured by Odysseus. Penelope: Originally thought to be Duna, Kerbal astronomers quickly realized it was orange, and duna does not have a blue atmosphere. this world provides a rich oxygen atmosphere not unlike Laythe's, however it has half the gravity. Polyphemus: Another like Antinuos, this asteroid is smaller than gilly and is thought to be held together more by its tensile strength than its own gravity. It is spinning unusually fast, to the point where spacecraft will fly off the mountain peaks, however the valleys may prove to be more accepting. Eumaeus: Another like Telemachus, this object takes after eve colorwise. however, it lacks the soup Eve calls an atmosphere and has a much weaker gravity. It is thought to have stunning views of the rest of the system. Athena: This Blue ice giant was found after Kerbal astronomers noticed Odysseus wobbled, a lot. Athena won't quite orbit Odysseus, its more like they dance around one another majestically. Aeolus: This golden moon orbits Athena and compliments its blue nicely. Kerbal astronomers were amazed to find a moon orbiting a moon, but Athena's distance and gravity have kept it there for a long time. Downloads: SpaceDock Download button at the top of the page just copy whats in the game data folder from the download int ksp's game data folder Requires Kopernicus found here: 1.1.1 change log: Changed some orbit colors added DOE support added ResearchBodies support re added Planetshine support fixed sigmabinary config file 1.1 change log: Issues they'll be here soon, don't worry. Licensed under a creative commons attribution share alike 4.0 international license Attribution: @Thomas988
  18. Introduction The Kompressed Solar System Mod is a mod that takes the solar system, and compresses it down and rearranges it to add a new level of complexity to the stock game. It doesn't add any new planets, but it re-arranges the existing ones into a quite interesting configuration. I did not intended for this mod to be realistic. Rather, I wanted to give the solar system the classic sci-fi look, with planets hanging low and big in the night sky, and extremely short transit times between planets. The magic of the Kopernicus and Module Manager mods was able to make that happen. Huge shout out to those guys for making and maintaining those mods. The Mod This mod re-arranges the solar system as thus: Jool: orbits the Sun -Eve: orbits closest to Jool --Tylo: orbits Eve ---Dres: orbits closest to Tylo ---Eeloo: orbits farthest from Tylo ----Pol: orbits Eeloo -Kerbin: orbits second closest to Jool --Laythe: orbits Kerbin ---Vall: orbits closest to Laythe ---Mun: orbits farthest from Laythe ----Minmus: orbits Mun -Duna: orbits farthest from Jool --Moho: orbits Duna ---Bop: orbits closest to Moho ---Ike: orbits farthest from Moho ----Gilly: orbits Ike Photos No pics, no clicks. Here's a few photos to give an idea of what this mod is about. License Kompressed Solar System Mod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Downloads This Mod Requires Kopernicus Download Kopernicus Here: Kopernicus Download Download the Kompressed Solar System Mod from Curse: Kompressed Solar System Mod Simply download both mods, and unzip them into your KSP directory. Make sure the folders named Kopernicus and Kompressed are in the GameData folder. If they aren't, find them, and then move them into the GameData folder. Other Mods This mod should be compatible with most other mods. However, I would be wary of using other planet packs, as this pack changes the stock planet's orbits so much, the other packs will be useless. In this mod, I've found that on rare occasions, the craft will shake itself apart. I believe this is due to the high orbital speed of Kerbin's. Kerbal Joint Reinforcement is a mod that will solve this problem, if encountered. PlanetShine and Distant Object Enhancement are two good mods that add to the "feel" of the game. Both of these mods were used in the screenshots above, and I highly recommend them. Last Thoughts This is my first mod, so I hope you all like it! Let me know of any bugs or improvements wanted, and tell your friends if you really like it.
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