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Found 4 results

  1. I installed these mods in ksp as the instructions told me to and they won't work. none of the planets show up and the only thing that happens is it removes the water and glitches the terrain. heres an image: Image
  2. Hello Everyone! R3dst0ne_ here. I just set up an account because I have a dream to make a planet pack. There's one thing stopping this: None of the tutorials are up to date. And while there's probably a deep web kopernicus guide that is, the ones that aren't sketchy are all YEARS old. Aand... I'm too lazy to look for them. Which is why I came here in the first place. But despite my pointless babbling, I'm posting here to try and make a planet pack. and a halfway decent one at that. My idea is rather complicated, too. the name will be "Dawn." Dawn will take place earlier in the history of the universe's history. (and don't worry, when I do learn how to make the mod, I'll reconfigure this post for download) I have a few ideas for planets already, most of which are being modeled from rocks or marbles. The home planet will be a dying world, covered in a thick layer of ice. The HP will be a trojan of the Gas Giant, orbiting behind it but on about the same orbit and same orbital period. It'll have a thin atmosphere, breathable only a few kilometers above Sea level. It will have water underneath the ice, perhaps also a few large holes on the equator where a craft can explore the depths of the frozen seas. It will have two moons orbiting on the other side of the planet from the other. Moon one will be scarred and set ablaze, with lava oceans and bounties of riches for mining. (great refueling depot for long distance travel.) Moon two will be a rather flat and whitish in tint, would be good for racing and putting a rover on for science purposes. The stars in the middle will be a binary system- one a HUGE red giant, the other a sun-sized planet. The sun-sized planet will orbit the other from quite a distance away, and may have a few small planets. Gas Giants will be rare. I only plan on having 1 in the core system. This may change as time goes on. The Gas Giant will at most have 3 moons (an asteroid, a Tylo-like, and a Vall with an atmosphere), probably no ring, and likely a light blue or orange. Belt Planets, however, will orbit outside of the gas giant and will all be rather numerous. there will be an asteroid belt there, may also hold some comets (because why not?) BP1: (Yes I'm going to call them BP for Belt Planet until I name them.) Will be covered in impact craters. asteroids will be orbiting it closely, and it will have a debris ring. No atmosphere. BP2: a super flat planet with no atmosphere. It's also the largest (Neat thing, though, I'm not sure if I want any atmosphere at all for BP2, so YOU will have the choice to decide this!) BP3: red stained, irregular, and tiny. about twice/ three times the size of a giant comet in 1.10. PB4: Definitely atmospheric, though the atmosphere will be really thin; it will be on the outer side of the ring. Speakin' of rings, this planet will have two! also a moon, smaller than Gilly, acting as a shepherd for the inner ring. This will be a bit outside of the ring, though. It just kind of fits here. Inner Planets! Seems I skipped this part. There will be two, another really fiery one (like moon 1 of the Home Planet), and another which is burned dark, but no lava. Perhaps it has cooled since it was formed? Outer Planets will also be a thing, outside of the belt. I only plan on having 2. A gas giant could be a third and then bring another ring system in, idk. OP1: A Chloric and super toxic planet with a very thick atmosphere and a moon just like it. Have fun, it's the final challenge of the star system. OP2: Far away, pluto/eeloo like planet with two moons, an asteroid and a similar-sized moon, making it the only true binary system in the entire star system. POP3: gas giant of the opposite color of the other, perhaps red even, with a dark ring. One moon, laythe-like. Perhaps you could land on it? And remember, this is all just extremely early thinking. It all depends if I ever learn how to create planet packs in KSP. But hey, any suggestions are wonderful and breathes life into the community.
  3. Oh hey, I'm a new to planet modding, And I want ideas on how to make better maps. This is currently the best planet I've made.
  4. Hello , in this thread i will make a tut to show how to make Kopernicus planets in the easiest way possible . First lets start out with the basic beginning a Star. Here is a config i use for my system Atario (Note: i have the debug option in the code , add that to export .bin files) @Kopernicus { Body { name = Atario flightGlobalsIndex = 492 Debug { exportBin = true } cacheFile = AtarioSystem/Cache/cach.bin Template { name = Sun } Properties { description = A Distaint star from kerbol, The kerbals found this star after they spilled coffee on the lenzs and saw a small spot on the teliscope but then reliesed that it was not a stain and as they pointed their scope at the spot , they found a new star and named it Atario! radius = 200000000 mass = 1.9000000000000 @mass *= 0.5 spereOfInfluence = 250e5 } ScaledVersion { SolarLightColor sunlightColor = RGBA(255, 232, 205, 255) scaledSunlightColor = RGBA( 255, 232, 205, 255) IVASunColor = RGBA( 255, 232, 205, 255) sunLensFlareColor = RGBA( 255, 232, 205, 255) sunAU = 13.58e9 @sunAU *= 0.6 brightnessCurve { key = -0.001802375 -0.001802375 key = 5.084181 3 -0.001802375 -0.001802375 key = 38.56295 1.65 0.0001713 0.0001713 } } Material { emitColor0 = RGBA(255, 210, 165, 255) emitColor1 = RGBA(192, 144, 96, 255) sunspotColor = RGBA(128, 104, 80, 255) rimColor = RGBA(192, 144, 96, 255) rimPower = 0 rimBlend = 3 } Coronas { Corona { rotation = 3 speed = 9 updateInterval = 5 scaleLimitX = 5 scaleLimitY = 5 scaleSpeed = 0.8 Material { texture = Kopernicus/Textures/biomeDefault inverseFade = 2.553731 } } } } Orbit { referenceBody = Sun color = 1,0.3,0.62,1 inclination = 0.200000000 eccentricity = 0.23 semiMajorAxis = 1.234 longitudeOfAscendingNode = 32 argumentOfPeriapsis = 349 meanAnomalyAtEpoch = 2 epoch = 2124 } SolarPowerCurve { key = 206000000000 0.024 key = 68773560320 0.024 key = 13599840256 0.6 key = 0 10 0 0 } } } Now , lets look at making a planet config : this is one from my old mod from last year (That i stopped development because i lost my account info). @Kopernicus { Body { name = Earth flightGlobalsIndex = 182 Template { name = Duna } Properties { description = Earth, a blue jewl in space small but mighty , it has oceans filled with life , the lands are covered in a diverse number of species , there is also this species called Humans they are the domonent species on this round blue dot . radius = 2145000 mass = 2.12e+23 geeASL = 0.314 rotationPeriod = 42500 ScienceValues { flyingLowDataValue = 14 flyingHighDataValue = 13.5 inSpaceLowDataValue = 13 inSpaceHighDataValue = 12.5 recoveryValue = 13 flyingAltitudeThreshold = 100000 spaceAltitudeThreshold = 1500000 } } Orbit { referenceBody = Sol color = 0.415686,0.352941,0.803922,1 inclination = 0 eccentricity = 0.0127566996362601 semiMajorAxis = 6459475388.98006 longitudeOfAscendingNode = 259 argumentOfPeriapsis = 0 meanAnomalyAtEpoch = 2.27167344093323 epoch = 0 } ScaledVersion { Material { texture = Sol/Textures/Earth_map normals = Sol/Textures/Earth_normal } } } Body { name = Moon flightGlobalsIndex = 182 Template { name = Eeloo } Properties { description = Moon, this round ball of grey dirt and shiny rocks is one of the only Celestial bodies that these humans have been to without robots . radius = 625800 mass = 2.12e+23 geeASL = 0.314 rotationPeriod = 42500 ScienceValues { flyingLowDataValue = 14 flyingHighDataValue = 13.5 inSpaceLowDataValue = 13 inSpaceHighDataValue = 12.5 recoveryValue = 13 flyingAltitudeThreshold = 100000 spaceAltitudeThreshold = 1500000 } } Orbit { referenceBody = Earth color = 0.415686,0.352941,0.803922,1 inclination = 10.6326560974121 eccentricity = 0.0127566996362601 semiMajorAxis = 40702368.2715686 longitudeOfAscendingNode = 243.589370727539 argumentOfPeriapsis = 0 meanAnomalyAtEpoch = 2.27167344093323 epoch = 0 } ScaledVersion { Material { texture = Sol/Textures/Moon_map normals = Sol/Textures/Moon_normal } } } } Notice how there is a second body for the moons , Do what i did and put moons in the same config as its parent planet , it will keep the mod folder cleaner and the code neater. The Textures must be named seperatly for each body , i recommend doing this (name)/(name)_map.png same with the normal's , note only use .png as the game cant recognize anything else for this mod as far as i know . Kopernicus link : http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/103277-105-kopernicus-beta-06-december-28/&page=1 Credits ~Augustus ~TheBlackDwarf (My Old Account)
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