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Found 6 results

  1. Welcome to the dev page of "Interstellar Consortium", a collection of ideas and agreements regarding the position of stars in KSP Modding This has the goal of making star planet packs compatible with each other with a simple patch (or no patch at all) at all time without any major problems what-so-ever. Interstellar Consortium (Github) - Explanation of the Plugin Link to the decided stars positions spread sheet Stellar Viewer Github & Stellar Viewer The Original Problem KSP wasn't designed to host star mods at all and it has multiple problems: Jus
  2. Hi Mates, GRS here... I'm working on this Planet Pack, I call it "Kronos Planet Pack", it'll envelope up to 20 Bodies in total. Red = Not started yet. Yellow = Working on it. Green = Finished. Underlined = Hard Worlds Bodies : Spade = A Ridiculously Inclined Eccentric Moon with mostly Green and Dark Gray. (6 Km, 0.002 Gees) Arkanus = A Super Mohonian that's Super Close to Kerbol/Sun.(400 Km, 1.7 Gees) Lotus = A far away Planet with the size of Minmus .(40 Km, 0.0385 Gees) Orbin = A Desert Super-Kerbinian world with Super Dense Atmospheric press
  3. I was wondering for planet creation how you make the path of your orbit invisible (To emulate a separate solar system) Do you have to code it in or is it part of the config file?
  4. Happy Eclipse Day!!!!! I spent the last month working on a planet-pack mod, and I figured that today would be a good time to release it. This planet pack removes all planets and moons expect for Minmus, The Mun, and Kerbin. It replaces the stock system with 2 Gas-Giants and 4 terrestrial planets. This mod also spawns in asteroids to mimic the asteroid belt, NEO's, and debris orbiting within the ocean moon Uulmo. The various planets were named after characters from J. R. R. Tolkien's Lord Of The Rings and The Silmarillion. As a reminder, this mod requires Kopernicus. Use the version o
  5. A while ago I've installed @GregroxMun's amazing mod called Revamped Stock Solar System (RevSSS for short). But recently I decided to play with stock solar system and go visit some easter eggs. The problem is, that deleting RevSSS broke my quicksave. Something that should probably be mentioned is, that I deleted the bodies it added to the game (currently just a few small Joolian moons). The rest of the mod is replacing the stock models/textures of the planets and moons. Anyways, when I try to load the latest quicksave, the clock resets and a bunch of vessels dissappear. Does anyone have the sa
  6. I've always wanted to write up some mission reports, and I feel since it's now summer (woohoo!) and seeing as I'm an unemployed student (awww) I might as well spend the time I'm wasting of my life doing this! To freshen up the Kerbal experience I'm using ResearchBodies as well as (as of right now) the Outer Planets Mod and my own Planet Collection (I've spent so much time making these planets, but never gotten to them legitimately). I am however going for a really stock feel with this. Most importantly, as a sort of personal challenge, I will not be quickloading or reverting flight
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