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  1. Salus: A J1407b Analogue [1.11] What does this mod add? Salus: A large gas giant out past Jool with the largest rings Kerbals have ever seen. It is thought that a close encounter with a rogue planet gave its orbit its inclination, as well as its current ring system. Visit soon, they're not expected to last for much longer. They've already begun collapsing into moons. Dauble: An icy world harboring a subsurface ocean, with plumes spraying out world-wide. Dauble is nested inside Salus's rings, providing quite the skyline. Dulus: A small moon orbiting rather close to Dauble. This flattened moon is collecting material from Salus's rings across its equator forming a massive equatorial ridge. Don't slip! Duran: A captured asteroid that orbits far from Salus, well past its rings. It's inclined orbit gives the best possible view of Salus. Be sure to bring your camera! Pictures Download Dependencies: Kopernicus https://spacedock.info/mod/2250/Salus - A J1407b Analogue All Rights Reserved
  2. As you know, KSP 2 is coming with a host of new planets and moons to explore. I think it would be cool to have a planet pack for KSP 1 with KSP 2 celestial bodies. The planets and moons in the pack obviously wouldn't be exact replicas, and proper credit would be given to Private Division and Take Two. Aside from super realistic terrain and volumetric rings, making KSP 2 planets in KSP 1 is entirely feasible (Rask and Rusk can orbit a barycenter). Any thoughts?
  3. The result of overworking myself. Heliocentric Presents: Flamed Out. What is flamed out? What planets does this add? Screenshots When will it be released? Discord servers to join for updates: https://discord.gg/Q6bpBARpXp (Personal modding server) https://discordapp.com/invite/XmVp23s (Kopernicus server, check #helio-mods for frequent updates)
  4. This is my second planet mod, this one adds a moon between minmus and the mun. It is a one stop shop for gravity assists and science farming, it has all levels of the stock shader integrated Its Icy blue texture and giant SOI make it a kerbal's choice for a challenge It has 0.2 gees of gravity, and a relatively high orbital velocity It has a size of 250 km THIS MOD REQUIRES KOPERNICUS Screenshots : More screenshots : (thanks to kramken) SPACEDOCK License :
  5. Kerbal Mythology I've always thought about how the Kerbals see deities and other religious/mythological figures, and there isn't really much to go by in the game other than Moho and Bop. I took it upon myself to make a chart of mythological figures that I think the Kerbals may have worshipped. (In a way, this is a continuation of this forum thread). This is by no means a "standard" for Kerbal mythology, as I don't really expect most people to care too much about it anyway, meaning that these names and definitions are open. However, I did think it would be cool to share my ideas in this forum post, so keep reading if you'd like to know what I came up with. You are free to use this "model" of Kerbal Mythology for anything you want, these are just cool ideas I have (e.g., naming your ships, your missions, Kopernicus planets, etc.). I decided to model the deities after Greek and Roman mythologicial figures (unoriginal, I know). Similar to our own solar system, I made sure that the names of the figures coincided with the celestial bodies in Kerbal Space Program that had real-world counterparts. Obviously, stock KSP has a reduced solar system, so I wouldn't be able to do it with names made only by Squad. I decided to use the names of celestial bodies found in OPM and MPE, two high-quality mods that add "kerbalized" equivalents of real-world celestial bodies into the game. The celestial bodies that these two mods add counterparts for are named after Greek and Roman gods, so I was able to match up each god with the "Kerbal" version of their name. Even after doing so, there were still a number of Greek and Roman gods that didn't have Kerbal counterparts, so I made my own names that try to maintain the same style. I ended up adding one additional god that wasn't present in any of these mods or ideas, which was Alternis, the god of change and difference, from Alternis Kerbol Rekerjiggered. I also added the Kraken. One last thing; several of the deities have purposes or roles different from their Greek and Roman counterparts do. This is because I wanted their roles to make sense in the in-game universe. Legend: Green = Names made by Squad, found in the stock game. Red = Names found in Outer Planets Mod. (Credits to @CaptRobau) Purple = Names found in Minor Planets Expansion. (Credits to @Exo's Lab) Black = Names made by me. Credits to @NovaSiliskofor "Alternis". Name Greek/Roman Equivalent Role Kebus Phoebus Apollo God of reparation and solar power Moho Hermes/Mercury God of voyages, lava, and fire Eve Aphrodite/Venus Goddess of passion and deceit Duna Ares/Mars God of combat and explosions Dres Demeter/Ceres Goddess of cycles and dullness Jool Zeus/Jupiter God of the clouds Sarnus Cronus/Saturn God of time warping and fate Urlum Uranus/Caelus God of atmospheres and empty space Neidon Poseidon/Neptune God of the oceans Plock Hades/Pluto God of death and currency Krova Hera/Juno Goddess of Kerbalinas and family Vant Hestia/Vesta Goddess of spacecraft Alnerva Pallas Athena/Minerva Goddess of wisdom and missions Kortana Artemis/Diana Goddess of the wilderness Vulko Hephaestus/Vulcan God of engineering and building Bakos Dionysus/Bacchus God of food and celebration Zore Psyche/Anima Goddess of the soul Edas Eros/Cupid God of obsession Ervo Eris/Discordia Goddess of confusion Alternis None/Janus God of change and difference The Kraken None God of chaos and destruction Ike Phobos/Pavor Personification of fear and panic Deke Deimos/Metus Personification of terror
  6. Hello Everyone! R3dst0ne_ here. I just set up an account because I have a dream to make a planet pack. There's one thing stopping this: None of the tutorials are up to date. And while there's probably a deep web kopernicus guide that is, the ones that aren't sketchy are all YEARS old. Aand... I'm too lazy to look for them. Which is why I came here in the first place. But despite my pointless babbling, I'm posting here to try and make a planet pack. and a halfway decent one at that. My idea is rather complicated, too. the name will be "Dawn." Dawn will take place earlier in the history of the universe's history. (and don't worry, when I do learn how to make the mod, I'll reconfigure this post for download) I have a few ideas for planets already, most of which are being modeled from rocks or marbles. The home planet will be a dying world, covered in a thick layer of ice. The HP will be a trojan of the Gas Giant, orbiting behind it but on about the same orbit and same orbital period. It'll have a thin atmosphere, breathable only a few kilometers above Sea level. It will have water underneath the ice, perhaps also a few large holes on the equator where a craft can explore the depths of the frozen seas. It will have two moons orbiting on the other side of the planet from the other. Moon one will be scarred and set ablaze, with lava oceans and bounties of riches for mining. (great refueling depot for long distance travel.) Moon two will be a rather flat and whitish in tint, would be good for racing and putting a rover on for science purposes. The stars in the middle will be a binary system- one a HUGE red giant, the other a sun-sized planet. The sun-sized planet will orbit the other from quite a distance away, and may have a few small planets. Gas Giants will be rare. I only plan on having 1 in the core system. This may change as time goes on. The Gas Giant will at most have 3 moons (an asteroid, a Tylo-like, and a Vall with an atmosphere), probably no ring, and likely a light blue or orange. Belt Planets, however, will orbit outside of the gas giant and will all be rather numerous. there will be an asteroid belt there, may also hold some comets (because why not?) BP1: (Yes I'm going to call them BP for Belt Planet until I name them.) Will be covered in impact craters. asteroids will be orbiting it closely, and it will have a debris ring. No atmosphere. BP2: a super flat planet with no atmosphere. It's also the largest (Neat thing, though, I'm not sure if I want any atmosphere at all for BP2, so YOU will have the choice to decide this!) BP3: red stained, irregular, and tiny. about twice/ three times the size of a giant comet in 1.10. PB4: Definitely atmospheric, though the atmosphere will be really thin; it will be on the outer side of the ring. Speakin' of rings, this planet will have two! also a moon, smaller than Gilly, acting as a shepherd for the inner ring. This will be a bit outside of the ring, though. It just kind of fits here. Inner Planets! Seems I skipped this part. There will be two, another really fiery one (like moon 1 of the Home Planet), and another which is burned dark, but no lava. Perhaps it has cooled since it was formed? Outer Planets will also be a thing, outside of the belt. I only plan on having 2. A gas giant could be a third and then bring another ring system in, idk. OP1: A Chloric and super toxic planet with a very thick atmosphere and a moon just like it. Have fun, it's the final challenge of the star system. OP2: Far away, pluto/eeloo like planet with two moons, an asteroid and a similar-sized moon, making it the only true binary system in the entire star system. POP3: gas giant of the opposite color of the other, perhaps red even, with a dark ring. One moon, laythe-like. Perhaps you could land on it? And remember, this is all just extremely early thinking. It all depends if I ever learn how to create planet packs in KSP. But hey, any suggestions are wonderful and breathes life into the community.
  7. orbit is far (link https://postimg.cc/sMDjZnmc) This is a very very very WIP mod, but this mod aims to add one absolute monstrosity of a planet, Xamion. This is a rocky ice planet much much bigger than Jool and on par with Kerbol. (Kerbol is 261 000 km and it is 20 000 km (sorry mis type) ). I plan to give it 4 moons, making a system of 5 celestial bodies. (I'm still think about the doppler shift). BTW I'm very new to planet modding and am not too good. Release Thread: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/201730-wip-ksp-111x-xamion-a-planet-far-beyond-eeloo/
  8. My second Planet Pack a lighter pack though This mod has 2 textures 4k and 8k map textures And this adds a relatively small body to the kerbin system between the mun and minmus I think there should be rings but idk so i just feel to give it a kerbal look by adding green rings The moon is blue and has a gravity of 0.2 gees This moon is supposed to be Career/science friendly and GRAVITY ASSIST FRIENDLY the ASL gravity is changed to 0.2 gees
  9. https://strawpoll.com/88sza83w FOR USE WITH SCATTERER, WILL UPDATE TO 1.4.3 WHEN SCATTERER IS LESS BUGGY First Release of the mod Hot Kerbin! It puts Kerbin in the beginnings of a runaway greenhouse effect, and The Mun being mined down to it's core, with an "Atmosphere" made from debris. Download Scatterer is basically a dependency, get it here Kopernicus IS a dependency, as it is with every planet pack, and you can get it here Want pictures? Well here you go! This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.
  10. Hello everyone! The KSP Forums have a wealth of great resources for how to develop your own planet pack. But despite these resources, planet making can still be a very confusing process. This page is for people who are new to or curious about Kopernicus and planet-making in KSP. Anyone can contribute questions regarding the subject matter, and other developers are welcome to help answer those questions. Before posting a question here, I highly recommend you check out the following page: I will try to help whenever I can. I might not know the answers to some things: I have been developing my first planet pack for 5 months now, but I still have much to learn
  11. FINAL DAWN CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 Final Dawn is the second and best mod I've published so far. The universe has met it's end, but life keeps struggling: as do the kerbals. As two of the blackest stars collided, heat was released and a system was born. Eager to finally have a place to live again, a desert world was terraformed in the greatest mission to terraform yet. All that's left to do, is to rediscover ancient technology, and to rediscover a system forgotten. Final Dawn, being set around a white dwarf, is very hard relative to other planet packs. Approach with caution. Stock screenshots: Screenshots with visual mods: Maps: Download on SpaceDock: https://spacedock.info/mod/2597/Final Dawn Compatible mods: Thanks for reading! I hope you'll have a lot of fun playing this mod -Caps
  12. Hello everyone! This is the new thread for my *HEAVILY* WIP Kopernicus mod: You're Hot 'N You're Cold This mod, as of this edit, has been COMPLETELY restructured. YHNYC aims to add in new and unique worlds to challenge your spaceflight technologies, reaching absurdly close AND far distances from Kerbol. There will not be an absurd amount of objects as originally planned, only a few overall. Object Concept List Below: ALERT! CRUDDY CONCEPT ART BELOW THIS LINE. --------------
  13. OUTERSPACE So what is Outer Space? Outer Space is my first Kopernicus planet pack, aiming to bring more challenge in the game. Nothing much at the moment. !WARNING! This mod is in it's early stages, bugs occur! If you experience weird glitches, PM me and i will try to fix it. When is this updated? Updates will happen, but sometimes things can block development time. I can't really tell. Who is in charge of this? @GenesisPlayz (Myself) The lead developer. I'm doing all the coding and stuff. @ModerndayLink Giving me tips in the beginnng and helping me out when i got confused. @SamBelanger For making the textures, i like them and it saves me alot of time (I'm a terrible artist when it comes to rocky plernerts). CHANGELOG KNOWN ISSUES: TO-DO LIST: DOWNLOAD VIA SPACEDOCK: If you want to take an early peek now: https://spacedock.info/mod/1435/''Outerspace'' KSP Planet Pack Eh, SpaceDock doesn't want to update the mod for some reason. Well, here is an alterative via MEGA: https://mega.nz/#!U3QBlKJT!vAExDvviY35GUhp6XoM61A2fuy30yJapyDujP2XZpz8 SPECIAL THANKS:
  14. DON'T BOTHER DOWNLOADING THIS THE LINK DOSEN'T WORK AND THE MOD IS BAD ANYWAYS CREDITS: Poodmund - OPM (based off of some OPM configs, and some textures. will change in the future) Caps Lock - help with heightmap and Mesa texture from their Free Texture Dump, WazWaz - EVE, Blackrack - Scatterer (if i forgot to mention you in the credits please tell me) COMPATABILITY - EVE/Scatterer POSSIBLE COMPATABILITY (SOON) : PlanetShine, Distant Object Enhancement UNTESTED COMPATABILITY (not sure if it works): OPM UNCOMPATIBLE: Any mod that replaces the stock system. (untested) Description: Serenity is a Gas giant beyond the reaches of Jool and sometimes Eeloo. 2 of its moons, Garden and Mesa are some very strange worlds not yet visited by Kerbalkind. Serenity - A pink and blue gas giant in the outskirts of the solar system, theorized to have been pushed to the edge of the solar system by Jool 4.5 billion years ago. Mesa - A desolate vacuum world, orbiting close to Serenity. Garden - A world most comparable to Laythe, with its oxygenated atmosphere and waters, though is too far from Kerbol to support Helmetless activity, though may be possible around Sea level due to unknown reasons (BUGS!) Kassie - A small asteroid sub-moon orbiting Garden. It is very hard to find due to its distance and size. Q/A: Is it lazy? Yes. Enjoy at your own risk of barfing. Is it challenging? Depends who you ask Is this my first planet pack? Yes! I'm excited to see what adventures you guys will have! DOWNLOADS: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/654322818921791497/797835704569954314/repost_if_fart.mp4 (i forgot to put scatterer in the dropbox, i will include it soon in the next update! sorry lol) Installation guide: PICTURES: https://imgur.com/a/LIlXtBg Have fun adventurers! (this is my first time making a planet pack, so please tell me about any bugs or things I messed up on.)
  15. Welcome to the Golder System, a extremely distant extrasolar system. This planet pack adds 4 ringed planets, and 4 interesting moons. Introducing the system's bodies (minor spoilers): Download Required mods: Kopernicus (most recent version) ModuleManager and ModularFlightIntegrator Recommended mods: BetterTimeWarp - Being a very distant solar system, without this mod, a mission to Golder may take forever! Any warp drive mod - to speed up the journey Enjoy the planet pack! (Future plans coming soon) I'm also open for planet/moon suggestions, so feel free to suggest planets to me!
  16. What is this? The first part of my Light Levels (LL/2L) series It's a planet/"star" pack that adds 3 brown dwarfs 7 planets and 3 moons. Bodies: Brün: A bright brown dwarf that would almost have been a red dwarf, but it wasn't that lucky and still fell into the L class Xing: The first planet of Brün, a cold non-habitable tidal locked water world. Yurff: The second planet of Brün, a Mun sized planet with some special rings and a hilly but cratered surface. Bäz: The third planet of Brün, way farther out there is Bäz. a gas giant half the size and mass of Jool with magnificent rings. Colgo: The icy inner moon of Bäz. Almost similar to Eeloo Æger: The outermost moon of Bäz, it shares similar characteristics with Duna, and it has an extraordinary name. Ømis: The fourth and outermost planet of Brün, Its an icy covered with cracks super Kerbin with a thin atomosphere. Its radius is 1,5 times greater than Kerbin Ve: A small Minmus sized moon orbiting around Ømis with weird surface features Tersa: Another L type brown dwarf, a bit cooler than Brün. Its binary with Iyo Kimau; The inner planet of Tersa. It's a little bit bigger than Kerbin but mostly similar despite the fact it runs on carbon instead of oxygen, with oceans of octane. Jyhe: The outermost planet of Tersa. Its a bit darker than Kimau and has a more Mun like surface with interesting cliffs Iyo: A T type brown dwarf binary with Tersa, its colder and gives off the least amount of light. Gren: A cold selena the size of the Mun, its surface is only visible when Tersa an Iyo are both in the sky. The series -3LR - you are looking at it right now -3LB - A pack with a binary white dwarf and magnetar neutron star, and a whole lot of planets to explore -B2L - A pack that adds in two blindingly bright stars. Download Github: https://github.com/RJVB09/Low-Light-Levels-Red/releases Dependencies Kopernicus: (optional) Kopernicus Expansion (footprints): https://github.com/StollD/KopernicusExpansion-Continued (optional) EVE: https://github.com/WazWaz/EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements/releases (optional) scatterer: https://spacedock.info/mod/141/scatterer Trailer/ Kottabos Review The trailer and the review are quite old, things might not be similar to the most recent version Screenshots Contact For development updates join my discord server! https://discord.gg/gHGupT8 Please report bugs here: https://github.com/RJVB09/Low-Light-Levels-Red/issues License https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/4.0/
  17. THE REACH: INTERSTELLAR Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License The Reach Interstellar is an interstellar based planet pack for more advanced players. The system sits at about two kerbal light years distance. The mod is meant to be compatible with several system replacer mods, and with any mod in the Interstellar Consortium. The system in question features 16 landable objects, and a red dwarf binary in the centre. Original mod: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/193279-181-the-reach-planet-pack/&tab=comments#comment-3773652 Screenshots (By RJVB09): Planet List: Dowload on spacedock: https://spacedock.info/mod/2488/The Reach: Interstellar Credits: @RJVB09 for converting the textures to a less performance-heavy format, making the aurorae @Thomas P. for maintaining Kopernicus up to the update of this mod, no planets without him
  18. This is Kerman's Nighmare, a continuation of Toshnika Star System. This planet pack offers two additional solar systems, Axiom, a brown dwarf with a singular planet, and Jebediah's Star, a yellow star with three planets, orbited by three moons. Changes since TSS 1.1 Images DOWNLOAD: https://github.com/toshnika/ToshnikaStarSystem Mod relationships REQUIRED COMPATIBLE RECOMMENDED Kopernicus Extrasolar KSP Interstellar Extended CTTP (bundled) Outer Planets THANKS TO: Squad, for KSP The Kopernicus Devs CTTP contributors AndyDraws, for the inspiration that came from Extrasolar. And all who play with this mod, thanks for the support!
  19. This is the official thread for the Kerbal Galactic Expansion mod. This mod adds new star systems to Kerbal Space Program Prerequisites: Most recent version of Kopernicus. Images: http://imgur.com/a/uEfmo Releases: Release v0.3 is now available on both sites. Changelog: v0.3 - Version: "How the heck does finalizeOrbit work?" Added the Kel system Added the Kernol system Added the Kiris binary system Added a new planet to the Kerbol system Added rings and a corona to Xurbol Moved Kerbol System closer to the Xurbol to minimize floating point errors and orbits shifting Cleaned up the file system Known Issues Xurbol's rings appear extremely dim in the tracking station Xurbol's rings can be seen through it when zoomed out Some planets are have low quality textures Planned Features More star sytems(like 1 or 2, 3 at most) Black hole gamma ray bursts More detailed rings on Xurbol Wormholes(most likely wont happen) SigmaBinary support Expand the Kel system(more planets and maybe binary) Biome maps -Brightness curves on the stars v0.2 - Version: "I guess this is an actual project I'm doing now" Added small asteroid like planet in the asteroid belt named Kre Re-did the Trappist-1 star to have a corona Smoothed out terrain Re-aligned some of the planets to be tidally locked Switched Trappist-1b and c SpaceDock: https://spacedock.info/mod/1232/Kerbal Galactic Expansion GitHub: https://github.com/RyderReed15/KerbalGalacticExpansion/releases If you have any comments or bugs please leave a reply on this thread or on the GitHub repository. License: MIT
  20. Note: If you had the original InterKalactic mod, this is separate and NOT compatible. This is a separate planet pack entirely, the original has been discontinued. For now, at least. InterKalactic 2 is a remake of InterKalactic; many of the bodies from the original pack are used, but now, there's some story and uniqueness behind InterKalactic 2. IK2 is based off of the premise that Kerbol is expanding into a red giant, and expanding your sights to the stars and planets beyond. I'm aware that in real life these events would take billions of years, but for the sake of this planet pack, we're pretending that these events all happen within a much shorter time frame. InterKalactic 2 has two 'dependencies': Kopernicus and Kerbol++. Kopernicus allows for planets to be modified in KSP, and Kerbol++ is my other planet mod which implements several semi-realism and challenge-based tweaks to planets that are inherited by this pack. Kerbol++ will modify the bodies of every planet except for Kerbol, Ike, Gilly and Eve accordingly. If you want to support this mod or my other projects, you can donate at the following bitcoin address: 15nhma9mEYqhBE5hyCHa4bGUyrAfnaUrxd or PayPal: https://www.paypal.me/clockwork13 You are also welcome to provide your own planet textures if you would like. The bodies in this modpack are currently mostly divided into 2 distinct regions: Kerbol and the InterKalactic Plain, as I have unofficially dubbed it. Kerbol consists of the Kerbol System, with only minor changes by InterKalactic, including an analogy for Planet 9. The InterKalactic Plain currently only consists of one incomplete star system: Sol. It also includes the black hole known as Hawking's Singularity. In between the IKP and Kerbol is another WIP star system, Aartee. While the rest of the Kerbol System remains fairly accessible, the IKP is a tremendously far distance away, and you'll need to be going very fast to reach it. However, once you do, the rest of the InterKalactic star systems become much more within reach, as they will all be much closer to eachother from this point onwards. While IK2 is optimized for KSP 1.3.1, I don't expect it to have any problems running on more recent versions of KSP. Latest Update (0.2): Multiplied Gilly's surface gravity by 10, to account for it's reduced SOI and to make landing a bit less of a headache (now it's 0.05g) Added a black hole named Hawking's Singularity to the InterKalactic Plain, in remembrance of Stephen Hawking. Known Issues: None currently Download on SpaceDock: https://spacedock.info/mod/1750/InterKalactic 2 Download K++ on SpaceDock: https://spacedock.info/mod/1732/Kerbol++ or visit its main thread: You can view the thread of the original InterKalactic here (note that it is not compatible with IK2 or K++): SCREENSHOTS: Sunset on Kerbin Gas planet size comparison; The big one is Korbur (Kerbal's name for Jupiter), the purple one is Korvin, and the green one is Jool Moho on the horizon All 3 of the currently implemented stars from a distance (from right to left: Sol, Kerbol, Aartee) Below, you will find a summary of how the planets have changed. (Changes from Kerbol++ are listed too) Kerbol (The Sun) Kerbol is now many times larger and brighter than before. In addition, it has acquired a reddish hue. Moho Moho is slowly being pulled into the Sun, and as such, it is tidally locked and orbits extremely quickly around the Sun. Moho now possesses Gilly as its moon. If you choose to visit this duo, don't forget radiators. Gilly After being flung through the Kerbol system, Gilly has found home orbiting close Moho. Eve Eve's orbit has been notably elongated. While still not too far from Kerbin, bring some extra fuel if you're going to Eve. Currently, Eve is technically moonless. VoronoiCraters A series of 4 temporary moons orbiting Eve. These are just temporary for testing purposes and will be removed later, so please don't settle them. Kerbin Kerbin has been more or less spared by Kerbol. While Kerbin has been saved from the worst of it, the planet still may experience occasional temperature swings as a result of its increasingly eccentric orbit which wreak havoc on the environment. Kerbin's orbit has slowly been spiraling out, and so it's relatively farther from Kerbol than it would have been otherwise. Mun The Mun orbits extra far from Kerbin now. Minmus The orbit of Minmus is now highly irregular, taking it both closer and farther from Kerbin than previously. Duna Duna has been pushed outwards from the Sun like Kerbin. The Dunian system remains mostly unaffected by the expanding sun otherwise, but has gained a brand new moon, mysteriously. Oogaloo This funnily named moon orbits in between Duna and Ike. It is rather small, just slightly bigger than Gilly. Ike Ike remains unchanged in this pack. Dres Dres has been pushed out a bit as well, but otherwise remains unchanged Jool Vall is now Jool's closest moon, followed by the other bodies in their previous orders. Jool also has a nice set of rings and is much, much bigger. Vall The shephard moon of Jool's rings. Laythe The second closest moon to Jool. Volcanically hyperactive and covered mostly with an ocean. Pol Pol is a distant, irregular moon of Jool. Bop Bop is also a distant, irregular moon of Jool. Eeloo Eeloo remains unchanged by this pack, besides for orbiting much farther from Kerbol. Korvin The elusive, recently discovered 'Planet 9'. Reaching this one is tricky as it has a fairly elliptical and distant orbit. It was discovered after Kerbal scientists studied anomalies found in the orbits of Eeloo and various asteroids. Korvin's two moons are Oceania and Kyel. Oceania This water world has no surface at all, and is heated up by its close proximity orbiting Korvin. Oceania has a fairly thick atmosphere notably similar to that of Kerbin. Kyel A relatively flat and cratered desert orbiting Korvin. Would be great for base building. Kyel has a thin, grey atmosphere. Aartee A high energy star distant from everything else. This is what lies between Kerbol and the InterKalactic Plain. Currently does not host any planets, but is great for solar energy. Sol A welcoming, yellow star, currently the only star in the InterKalactic Plain. Myecl A grey chunk of rock orbiting closest to Sol. Hosts no moons and has little value in colonization, besides for a relative abundance of ore. Alternis A red, ringed desert world orbiting Sol. Currently hosts no moons. A weak potential biological signature has been detected here. Korbur A massive gas giant orbiting farthest from Sol. Hosts just 4 known moons. Ie Korbur's nearest moon. It is very yellow and volcanically active. Contrary to popular belief, it is NOT made out of ice cream. Cryo Cryo consists of a large ocean, but locked under a massive global sheet of ice that is kilometers thick. Klaspen The third moon of Korbur. Heavily cratered. Kallisto Sometimes confused with Klaspen, Kallisto is also dark colored and heavily cratered Hawking's Singularity A black hole in remembrance of Stephen Hawking. Currently has no bodies orbiting it.
  21. CREDIT TO @daniel l. FOR THE ORIGINAL GEMENI ALSO CREDIT TO @Thomas P. AND HIS DEVELOPMENT CREW FOR KOPERNICUS Gemeni is a mod thought up by @daniel l., and he has let me continue this mod. Now, it changes the Kerbol system into a smaller, binary red dwarf system. List of Planets: Download from SpaceDock License: CC-BY-SA
  22. Hello All!!! I've been working on this mod on and off for about two months now, and I finally got myself to finish it. Dwarf Planets Plus is a mod that (absolutely definitely was not meant to shut up the vesta-lovers and) adds in five extra dwarf planets to the solar system! If you've ever felt that Eeloo and Dres didn't represent Centaur, KBO, and Asteroid Belt objects well, this mod is for you. DPP was meant to be a supplemental mod, meaning that it is designed to work with most planet packs created by the community (including my own mods). Note that the mod currently does not work if you are also using Kerbal Star Systems. If you have any suggestions for future updates, leave them here. Here are some shots of the five objects currently in the mod (more will be inserted in future updates). https://imgur.com/a/wMDVx https://imgur.com/a/9JHBT https://imgur.com/a/ubSlx https://imgur.com/a/Al31t https://imgur.com/a/Vxboc Here is the link to download: https://kerbal.curseforge.com/projects/dwarf-planets-plus Features for the next update: 1: Dwarf Moons (asteroid like moons) 2: Eris analog with 3: Improved Biome Maps 4: Compatibility improvements (to make the mod playable with GPP and KSS, for example) 5: Research Bodies support (maybe) eve support will come after update 2. don't ask for it.
  23. This really needs a better name. This mod is still a work in progress, this version is being released mainly for feedback. Anyway, this is a simple exoplanet mod, working in much the same way as Extrasolar, with a star orbiting Kerbol at great distance, making for reasonable computer resource usage, and a balanced and believable (to kerbal scale at least) distance. As a planet pack, this requires Kopernicus to work. Bodies: There are some known issues, such as the fact that terrain looks wrong from orbit. This is because I didn't add proper texturing for the scaled version, still working on that. Update listing Plans: More planets Make terrain look nicer Fix bugs Science messages OTHER MOD NOTES: Required: Kopernicus Recommended: Better Time Warp Continued KSP Interstellar Extender or another high-tech rocket mod. Compatible (Tested): Extrasolar OPM Download https://github.com/toshnika/ToshnikaStarSystem
  24. Dres Moons Mod (1.8.1) What Does this Mod Add? The Dres Moons Mod adds two moons to Dres. Pacito: A small, reddish brown moon that orbits near Dres. It is thought to contain a small amount of iron. Ceric: A small, bluish snowball with a bright orange crater and a very faint ring. Quite the curious world indeed, especially since it (like Eeloo) has no surface scatter. Pictures Download Dependencies: Kopernicus https://spacedock.info/mod/2328/The Dres Moons Mod?ga=+3102+'kerbal+space+program'> All Rights Reserved
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