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Found 12 results

  1. Let me just cut to the chase Kazal is a planet pack that replaces the home system of the kerbals to a custom made star system, fully designed and planned out by me. While this isn't complete and total peak peformance from me, i hope you, the viewer, would enjoy this planet pack. This planet pack is also not done so the carrer and science gamemode progression will be off for now Dowload Compatibility Pics Dependencies Q&A Changelog Licensing
  2. I am back again and I am pleased to announce a new Planet Pack, yet again. But this one is special, its a remake of my first Planet Pack, The New Crew. Now, you might have noticed, the mod's name is quite misleading, and that's why It is now renamed the Alpharia planet Pack(BTW there is no planet called Alpharaia, It's only called that as it was a remake of my first planet pack and just Alpha sounded boring) Download: https://spacedock.info/mod/2751/Alpharia Planet Pack (The New Crew Reloaded)?ga=<Game+3102+'Kerbal+Space+Program'> Compatible with KSP Version: 1.12.1, 1.11.1 Content(For now) 2 Planets(1 rocky world, 1 Gas giant) 1 Dwarf Planet 9 moons(1 around the Rocky planet,6 around the Gas giant, 2 around the Dwarf planet) Also if you are doing a review for this planet pack, the difficult to pronounce name will have pronunciations in the brackets in the info pannel( also in the pack the syllable "Cy" is pronounced as "Sai") Some Cool shots of the Pack Dependencies Kopernicus(along with everything else in the Kopernicus.zip file) MIT by Thomas P. Kittopia Tech MIT by Thomas P. Supported Mods/Visual mods Environmental Visual Enhancement (EVE) Scatterer Parallax All Visual mods come pre-bundled More content will be coming soonTM The plans for new content: More moons for Cytaria(planned 6) Now finished !!! add some dwarf planets Partially done!! Add an optional alternate homeworld(Cyz0122) License: MIT
  3. I downloaded all nedded mods. I create all files. and i got this eror :1 error related to Gamedata/EquentRevived/config/equent Help me pls here cfg file :
  4. This is a list of the top five planet packs in my opinion. 1: Kerbal Star Systems Kerbal Star Systems is a mod that turns the Kerbol system into a bigger, more realistic place. There are 125+ Stars Planets and Moons, each crammed with detail and effort. You can get it here 2: Galileo's Planet Pack Galileo's Planet Pack is an amazing mod adding several interesting planets, with a super-Kerbin and, as it deletes all original planets, your granted habitable moon. You can get this one here 3: After Kerbin After Kerbin puts the Kerbol System 4 billion years into the future, and Kerbol is a red giant. You can get this mod here 4: New Horizons New Horizons is a mod that makes the Kerbol system revived. It adds 19 extra bodies, including an object that Kerbin itself orbits. This special mod is downloaded here 5: Xenonclave's Planet Collection Xenonclave's Planet Collection, otherwise known as XPC, adds two planets and 5 moons around Stock planets. You can get this planet pack here
  5. How can I play on a realistically sized home world (same metrics as Earth and the solar system) but not RSS? Which planet packs should I use?
  6. Hi! So, my latest question is: What is the workflow that Planet Pack Makers prefer while making awesome planets and Solar systems?
  7. Hi, every solar system mod-maker out there, (especially ProtoJeb21) please can I request a new mod to be made (And to persuade KottabosGames to check it out when its done!)? No offense, it's just because I don't know how to make new solar systems. There are 5 new solar systems, but you can add them one by one. Thanks! Also, I'll submit the equatorial radius, to make things easier. Also, this mod is called Interstellar Defense planets rejiggered with moons, because the stars and planets are from a game called Interstellar Defence. I modified each one a bit , placed them with different stars and also added moons. I also modified the stars to be more realistic. Thanks for your consideration, and hope to see these enter KSP soon! The key: No hyphens: star 1 hyphen (-): planet 2 hyphens (--): moon 1. Alpha R24 system 2. Cygnus R10 system (Please add this one first) 3. Kepler R26 system 4. Europa R12 system 5. Fermi R25 system (please do this one after Cygnus R10) These are all the systems Interstellar Defense planets rejiggered with moons should add in! If you like the suggestions, you could start making this mod, and if you do, please let me know, thanks!
  8. I Have used a config file to remove planets but it is doing nothing to my game.I am using version 1.3.1.It says nothing about this file in the log. This is the config used: @Korpernicus:FOR[ANF] { !Body[Mun] {} !Body[Minmus] {} } The name of this file is: RemoveStockBodies.cfg
  9. So, what are your top 5 (or less) planet packs? Mine:
  10. do you ever have that problem where your stars from your Modpacks have SOIs larger than their SMAs? (hyperedit is a cause) well i have thought of a solution... what if you could choose which celestial bodies to Completely hide, out of reach and out of view. EDIT: i have figured out a far better way to do this. it could be and external program, to edit planet orbits outside of the game (and i don't mean editing configs directly) if someone could make a mod like this, i will greatly appreciate it.
  11. In this thread, I will evaluate multiple planet packs to determine to top 10 most popular mods of this category. What I will do is pick out the top 10 from different download sites in terms of downloads, and then find the most popular fan-wise. However, with the wide variety of planet adding and changing mods currently available, the definition of planet pack is a bit confusing. Here are my criteria for a mod to be called a planet pack: It must add in new celestial bodies. It must not depend on another planet pack. If made with RSS, it must have celestial bodies separate from our own solar system. It can change the look and orbits of the stock bodies, unless it creates a copy of our own solar system or something too similar to the stock system. It must depend on Kopernicus or RSS. With this in mind, RSS (Real Solar System) and its add-ons are NOT planet packs, so they won't be on this list. If they were, they probably would've smashed all competition. Things like Centauri Dreams and Uncharted Lands are planet packs, but KASE is not. Now, it is time for Round 1. Round 1: SpaceDock Popularity This round will determine the popularity of a planet pack by its downloads and followers. #10: Saru Planet Pack (957 downloads, 16 followers) #9: Kumar's Dwarf Stars (1,025 downloads, 13 followers) #8: Larinax Solar System (1,291 downloads, 21 followers) #7: Antares Solar System (1,504 downloads, 18 followers) #6: Kerbol Origins (1,594 downloads, 24 followers) #5: Other_Worlds - Cercani System (2,653 downloads, 50 followers) #4: Interstellar Adventure Revived (2,906 downloads, 27 followers) #3: Constellations - The RSS Star Pack (Formerly RSS Extrasolar) (4,518 downloads, 34 followers) #2: Extrasolar - Planets Beyond Kerbol (9,347 downloads, 63 followers) #1: Outer Planets Mod (33,452 downloads, 222 followers) Round 2 will take place next week, and will look at GitHub downloads.
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