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  1. I am continuing the mod, again. Most of the team quit and started a new mod. I'm not bashing anyone, okay? Below is the DD post, will be updated quite a bit. I miss @SamBelanger Logo! (Made by a very good and helpful friend!) A very nice header made from a very nice friend. Hello KSP players, here is an interesting mod that adds several star systems, some of which are binary pairs. You may find it unrealistic, but what isn't so in KSP? Pictures : DoubleDouble Album Landing! Hum nice picture
  2. The Homestead system will at one point be an entirely new solar system. Also, a mod created entirely by people under the age of 14! Credit to Mattdiction for the system idea
  3. I'm new to making ksp planets and I was wondering if I could turn a model and textures into a ksp planet thank you.
  4. Is there any way to Target a planet in camera tools (so I can zoom into it and take a nice shot) or, if not, is there a mod that can do it?
  5. Let me ask you - what do you think of the stock planets? If I was to answer my own question, I would (constructively, of course!) say that they're... Not exactly in tip top condition. There are many things that can be improved about them, such as the actual terrain, the detail or how Gilly and bop look like mud balls instead of asteroids. However this isn't just about Gilly or bop. This thread is about how badly the planets need a makeover. As some of you may know, I'm a planet modder. I make planets. Now put into perspective, I would like to compare Kerbin (and also d
  6. Reworked Stock System [v1.0] About Reworked Stock System is a modification that improves the stock system by changing by replacing terrain. Screenshots ( More screenshots in spoilers) Moho Eve Gilly Minmus Duna Ike Dres Laythe Vall Tylo Bop Pol Eeloo Changelog Coming soon... New biomes for reworked planets. New Duna terrain. Better surface textures. Install
  7. Hey people, I'm having a problem where when I orbit my own made planet, I explode immediately. When I zoom out I see I'm inside the planet. Does anybody know what could cause this? Or could anybody take a look at the config? Here is my config: @Kopernicus:AFTER[Kopernicus] { Body { name = Narai cacheFile = Systended/Cache/narai.bin Template { name = Gilly removePQSMods = PQSLandControl, VertexSimplexNoiseColor } Orbit { referenceBody = Sera inclination = -3 eccentricity = 0.1 semiMajorAxis = 17355380 longitudeOfAscendingNode = 0
  8. Hello people, I'm having yet again a problem with a planet I'm creating. For this planet I wanted to make a new planet in a binary orbit with Eeloo, thanks to the wonderful mod Sigma Binary, made by @Sigma88. Here are some pictures of my problem. Below this link, you can see an explanation. https://imgur.com/a/KCHSE So please take a look at the pictures and the description below them. I hope those pictures explain a bit what the problem is. I'm just going through the planet and I can't land on it. I suppose it has something to do with sphere of influences since
  9. Hello, I'm having trouble with a planet I'm making. Everything seems to work fine but when I come within a certain distance of the planet, it starts showing weird glitches. Here is a picture: https://ibb.co/dMWQLm You can see the picture on the left. Some weird things are sticking out of the planet. I don't know how else to describe it. Thank you for taking a look and let me know what I'm doing wrong please!
  10. Walan Planet Pack: Release Thread Pictures: Summary The Walan Planet Pack adds one planet, Walan, with four intriguing moons. Legend: (Not Started/Planning),(WIP),(Finished) Here's a list of objects: Walan: A large ice giant, known for the Great Typhoon in its southern hemisphere, it also has other points of interest, such as its Golden Region. It's around half of the size of Jool, and also comes with asteroid spawning around its rings. Dalom: An asteroid moon within Walan's vast ring system. It is around 3 and-a-half kilometers in radius, and ha
  11. Planet labs Hello fellow kerbanauts!! I would love to announce the development of The Official Planet Labs mod pack!! The company Gave me the go ahead and said they loved what im doing, so with that and with there permission, i bing you guys the OFFICIAL Planet Labs Mod Pack!!! the company designs and manufactures Triple-CubeSat miniature satellites called Doves that are then delivered into orbit as passengers on other missions. Each Dove Earth observation satellite continuously scans Earth, sending data once it passes over a ground station. Together, Doves form a satellite constellation
  12. Hello, Could someone please help me create planet textures?
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NEgAMREz0GY&feature=youtu.be I just completed my manned return from Niven in GPP 2.5x scale. It was a challenging mission due to the use of stock parts in a scaled-up save but with MOAR boosters and a good bit of Kerbucks it is doable.
  14. Hi all, The question is simple, how do I export SE (Space Engine) textures for the new mod I am making
  15. Hello, Can someone please help me make textures for my planet, 7 moons and asteroid
  16. Suthe System Image Album: http://imgur.com/a/bkKer Description: This mod replaces most of the stock KSP system and renames (only) the Sun. From closest to farthest from the Sun (Suthe), you will find: -Tylo, a scorched, but massive planet near Suthe. Its golden surfaces are not lava, although it may be tricky to tell that apart from a distance. Perhaps it is gold. (Model export bug) -Meathe, a tidally locked semi-ocean planet. Half of its surface is always staring at Suthe while the other half is a large ice cap which perpetually stares into the outer solar system
  17. I've decided to discontinue this mod. While I am perfectly capable of developing it, my PC specifically dislikes planet mods which of course means I am not able to test any new additions. If anybody would like to revive this mod then feel free to contact me. This is my second mod for KSP so again, do bear with me as I am still learning. A redo of this mod: The Original Kerbol Mysteries Presenting the re-imagined Kerbol Mysteries mod, the point of this mod is to add some interesting new stars, planets and moons. Let's dive in shall we? STARS PLANETS
  18. 1.) On Kerbalism, is there a way to widen the GUI? 2.) I have been looking at planet mods and I cant seem to find one. All of them revamp the current system into the real one. Im looking for planet mods that adds new planets and moons that doesn't change the existing ones. Is there a mod like that? Thanks.
  19. Welcome to the official forum thread for ASSO. This is the main mod for all of my mods and currently has on addon: Ace's Galactic Expansion Version 0.1 Changelog: Screenshots: Download: https://spacedock.info/mod/1288/Ace's Stock System Overhaul Link for AGE Add-on:
  20. Welcome to the release Thread for Ace's Galactic Expansion This is an interstellar planet pack for KSP Please post your screenshots below!! *Requires Kopernicus* Download: https://spacedock.info/mod/1258/Ace's Galactic Expansion?ga=%3CGame+3102+%27Kerbal+Space+Program%27%3E Requires Ace's Stock System Overhaul Thank you to @MeerkatMan25 - Co-developer (MeerkatMan handles all creative stuff like science defs) @Galileo for his brilliant advice @StarCrusher96 for his star Corona and great advice @The White Guardian for his great tutor
  21. I ran across this article from a current events program. CBC article link Yes, it would re-classify Pluto as a planet again, as well as add a lot more planets to the list. Knowing this is still a heated topic, please keep a calm head in the discussion. Have fun!
  23. Creating Procedural Planet Textures (Heightmap & Colour) using Adobe After Effects Abstract To create an Adobe After Effects template that will allow for the generation of Planet/Moon Heightmap and Colour Maps for use with KSP by utilizing fractal noise layering to allow for ease of use by those that may not understand noise generation or subsequently, PQSMods/libnoise functions. The Adobe After Effects project can be download and used from here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zss8ydp80zm6h7b/Planet Textures.aep?dl=0 ----- I recently rediscovered the power and effective
  24. Hello! I've put together an image of some planets I have spent the last 2 weeks making. I would like to ask you guys whether I should compile this and turn it into a mod for you to use. The only reason I am asking this is because the creation is still in its beta/early stages. There are only 5 planets, though they are mostly complete (still lacking biome maps for three of them). I'll add a poll and the images below so you can make a vote!
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