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  1. Note: this is not yet downloadable, nor will it be until it or many others are complete. Yesterday morning I decided "Hey. Let's make planets!" After 7 long hard hours of analysing and doing my best to interpret the Kopernicus format, my first ever planet is nearly complete. The planet is called Olei (placeholder name, pronounced: "Oh Lie" or "Oh Lay") I've spent most of today ironing out the issues for it, and making the next two planets for a *possible* modpack! The next planet is called Dusk, because well... It looks like (dust?) Dusk! It's aimed at a smaller,
  2. I've recently begun developing a planet pack and I'm running into some texture issues so far, if someone could let me know what's wrong here, I'd appreciate it: Code for moon: The image below is the Color map (upper left), the Normal map (lower left), and the VertexColor (right) map. Once I launch the game, the in-game moon looks like this:
  3. Imagine if there was a planet with such high gravity and no atmosphere, it was begging to be used for gravity assists... But, there is a catch; it is nowhere near a flat planet, in fact, it's quite the opposite. 40 kilometer-high mountains, a ludicrously short day, combined with its low-orbiting moon (about the half the size, but twice the annoyingness as Ike) make exploiting its precious gravity a gamble. Yet, it's tantalizingly close orbit to Kerbin makes it such an irresistible option. Will you take this chance to reap the rewards? Requiring just a little more fuel to get to than M
  4. I've found this neat looking planet in space engine that I want to see modded into ksp, close to kerbin as a second habitable planet. But I have no experience in modding or programming.In this link I have a zip named the desired name for the planet once in game. I have included the bump, diff, norm, glow, and spec files exported from space engine in png and dds form. If you're up for the task, post the link to this thread when complete. Thank you! https://www.dropbox.com/sh/r1svrv28duczwzi/AAAIRviZHAX57eam1hmiXxXGa?dl=0
  5. So I've been trying to add planets using Kopernicus and everything appears to be going well. However, there are a few technical questions that remain, if anyone could answer would be super helpful! What is the correct or preferred format for Normal maps? I've been using .DDS, DXT5 format with so-so results. I tried using DXT5_NM but my planet vanished. I've also tried using a normal full color normal map (normally hued blueish) but that also causes my planet to vanish, so instead I use a gray scale. Also tried a .PNG format as some have suggested- but my planet also vanishes.
  6. This mod has since been integrated into my new pack Kerbal Visions. I've wanted a Sedna analog for my own sandbox saves for a while now, but no one has ever made one. I whipped this together with KittopiaTech in about an hour. This is basically just a slightly undersized Minmus that has been recolored and re-seeded. Since we don't know what Sedna looks like, I think that this is a pretty good approximation. Out in the Hills Cloud, Sedna is unlikely to suffer many impacts, especially large ones. NOTE: By default the mod is set for OPM. Open the Settings.cfg to enable stock orbits.
  7. Welcome to the Dres Plus Development Thread! Here I will post the latest updates for my Dres Plus mod that aims to make Dres feel loved. At the time of this post, this is what the mod will add: Changes to Dres: Dres is now 950 km in radius. (Was previously 138 km) Dres' surface gravity has been increased to 2.1 g. (Was previously 0.115 g) Dres has rings! Dres' inclination and eccentricity have been changed to be more similar to the other planets', making Dres easier to get to. Added Opaki: (Name may change) Ocean mo
  8. I edited Kerbin with Kopernicus mod and the wrong side of the planet is lit up, i have no idea how to fix it. And i have no idea how to remove oceans on Kerbin. To fix : Issue 1 - Convert the normal map to ".dds", Issue 2 - Add this to the config file : @Kopernicus:AFTER[Kopernicus] { @Body[Kerbin] { @Template { removeOcean = true } } }
  9. In your opinion, which planet is the best for a base? For me it would probably Minmus because it has really flat places.
  10. Is there a mod that lets you collide asteroids to make planets? (I know the "Kopernicus" mod)
  11. So, while @SAS123 and I were engaged in a PM thing about the orbits of Jupiter and the other planets (which was really informative, thank you) I thought of a good topic to discuss. Put anything related to planet for,action here!!!
  12. For the second round of the Kopernicus Creativity Marathon (KCM), I made a planet called Lentum. [Picture Coming Soon] Basic Info Lentum is a so-called "Super-Kerbin" that orbits between Dres and Jool. It is in a 3.3-1 resonance with Duna. I tried for a 3-1, but I didn't know about the specific equation involved. Also, I didn't have Universe Sandbox 2 yet. Anyways, Lentum orbits in a relatively crowded area of space. But its size (1.1 Kerbin Radii) and mass (1.4 Kerbin Mass) gave it a gravity of about 1.5 gees, enough to clear out its orbit. Scientific Backstory Lentum
  13. So my planet isn't loading in the game. Anybody knows what's wrong about the file? Yeah, it's just all testing. It's not a finished planet at all. Just testing what I can do with PQS textures. I've seen the tutorial of @The White Guardian. It helped, but still didn't load into the game. file: http://pastebin.com/rHVafCpJ
  14. [1.1.0] LibraCORE is a core for my different planet packs, such as... Sonne System Gliese-581 System 23 Librae System Download & Kerbalstuff (SpaceDock) http://spacedock.info/mod/609/LibraCORE?ga=%3CGame+3102+%27Kerbal+Space+Program%27%3E It makes a celcestial body (Technically a star) called Libra that all my systems will orbit. It is going to be a black-hole kind of world with a large spinning and colorful disk around it, emitting a lot of light. Libra: Add Libra. Add accretion disk. Add special fx (this one might be a bit harder to do.)
  15. I'm making planet pack in Kopernicus, and I'm trying to make an ocean world. Anyway, this happened. On the dark side of the planet: (Yes, I know the texture is from OPM's Slate, I'm gonna change that. I just needed a placeholder texture for testing) In map view: (It always looks this way in map view) Moving onto the light side: As I descend through the atmosphere: Glitchy Mountains: What do you know, It's water: Kopernicus config: @Kopernicus:AFTER[Kopernicus] { Body { name = Opaki Template { name = Layth
  16. So I have this problem where my custom-made star is shining too bright on my spaceship for my view. Is there a way to change the color/opacity a star gives on your spaceships? Like the ambient color that reflects on your spaceship when you create an atmosphere? The light of the star is not just TOO bright on my spaceship, but also on the planets orbiting around my custom star. My star file: http://pastebin.com/2bWZTkxC
  17. Im having problems with making planets in unity, its laggy when there is multiple planets in one scene. When i make them small, i cant get the particles proper size. When it is large it laggs and i cant get the collider to match the planets surface. In my case the planets are spheres. So i took a look at the KSP planets but i cant seem to make them like that in unity.
  18. You know, I've been thinking around, its so cool the main fact that you can visit any planet, land on it and take of all the way to home... yea thats the issue, what if I want to stay on a planet? there's nothing to do with it, I could make a base and that would be pointless, and I was thinking this while I was playing an other game when the light hit me, I don't have the time to create such a big mod, but it would fit into KSP thematic and it would be just thrilling and exciting to design a vessel the best you can and create a base, it would have sense, so here's the idea.... First of, t
  19. Hello, I was wondering if the old planet transfer guide made by Kosmo-not back when 0.22 was the latest version has been updated or got a sequel. If you don't know what guide I'm talking about then you haven't gone really far in the game but here's the link: http://ksp.olex.biz/ I would really want to see one come out adjusted to the new physics tweaks and since Scott Manley has previewed v1.1, I hope that someone will update or make a new guide to go along with the monster update to Unity engine V. I'm sorry if there's already a more recent one that exists as I have not seen an
  20. a little window or HUD (like KER) that shows the next launch window to planets or moons (a customizable list to only show Mars, Saturn, Titan...), so i don't miss my contracts deadline
  21. While there are many planet packs that you can download that will give new a whole new set of places to explore, my planet pack attempts to do that and provide some of the most unique planets ever while also staying true to stock naming style. Keep in mind that this mod is still in development and it will require Kopernicus. As of right now, I don't even have a beta version ready yet, but hopefully, that should change soon. When I get my first beta version ready to release, I will link it in this post! I don't have all the names finalized yet, so suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Feedb
  22. Ok, this is how the game will be played. Post a picture of any KSP planet, or moon, or whatever (but not asteroids). The idea is that you have to make it as hard as possible to see what place it actually is! You can use anything you like to make it as different as possible from what it actually is (NO photo editing), and the next answer has to guess where it is. It is recommended that when you post your picture you put your answer in a 'spoiler' thing. You can use planets from mods as long as you state which mod it is. At the moment it is just KSP planets, but later it could be expanded to oth
  23. *click* Is-is this the right place to ask "is there a mod like X"? Either that, or treat is as an idea for one. Is there a mod, that inputs into the game, a planetary ambient echo, while in close orbit or aiming antenna at a planet? Something like the video below.
  24. Ever wanted to have a rediculous amount of celestial bodies in the kerbol system? Well this thred aims to get that! Overview: Post all the kopernicus planet packs that are compatible with: Most recent kopernicus, Most recent KSP version, And hyper-edit. Why: Because I am a system-meser-uper kind of guy. I try to mess up the system with hyperedit, (hence it being listed), And i want as much system to mess up as possible! I also want to eventully start a modded carreer lets play once my voice stops sounding like a 5 year olds (seriusly, im 12 and i sound like im 5!) And I want the lets
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